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  1. Amenities are important these days for the recruits! Lol. I'm not knocking Western at all, I just think there are gonna be some schools show interest that may have not been there before. I'm a firm believer that kids getting the opportunity to play at the next level is awesome whether juco or D-1. At the end of the day an education should be the goal.
  2. I'm betting a dollar to a doughnut that changes now that the state tournament is over. She'll probably have a monster summer and Western could possibly lose the commitment from Levy.
  3. +1 They should have a great run next year!!
  4. This is straight from Insell's mouth.. I am not worried about her. I will get her block to block. Kara has performed for her AAU team vs the highest level of competition around the country and performed well. That's why MTSU, La Tech, Kansas State, Ole Miss and many others offered her a scholarship. Also, remember that she is only 5 moths out from a knee brace after reconstruction of her knee after suffering an ACL the beginning of her Junior season. She will look completely different come this fall. That's a guarantee providing she stays healthy.
  5. Lamb is a great player but Meadows is too.. and deserved that and any award she won.
  6. Meadows is Miss Basketball and she deserves it. No one in Tennessee can stop her.
  7. South Greene is a complete team. Good job and Congratulations!! Clarkrange had a great year and there are lots of teams wishing they hoisted Silver. No shame on that!!
  8. And I'm in no way taking away from the SG coach (he's got a great program and SG is a regular at the state tournament) but Rogers will bring the best game plan IMO. Now execution from the players will be another thing.
  9. I obviously have a particular interest, but I'm a realist. I believe Kara is the best offensive post player to come from this area in a long time and she may be the best offensive post player in any classification. The other players will be the deciding factor for Clarkrange. They are very good when they are on. The Bush girls are pretty solid game in and out that I have saw. Garrett, a TTU commitment, in my opinion has to have a huge game. I really like her game but she is passive sometimes but she is a great athlete and has really stepped up her game this week. And Crabtree is a good athlete as well and played great yesterday. This is why basketball is a team sport. One player can not win. So, good luck to the Lady Buffaloes today and hope all stays injury free.
  10. Clarkrange has a chance but they are going to have to play flawless basketball to win. South Greene is very disciplined and very good.
  11. Not by me you won't.. you're right on point.
  12. Obviously a team game, but she showed up and out the second half. Tomorrow they are a big underdog..
  13. Seriously? You wanna poke but nothingbsaod back? Nice mr or miss maturity!! Go Clarkrange!!
  14. Clarkrange will need another performance tomorrow from the whole team like today to stay successful. They are a handful for anyone when Hannah, Charity, Gracie and Breanna contribute like today. They were outstanding!! Kara was solid too but as a team they are better when the scoring is ditributed around. Reece gave good minutes too.
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