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  1. Keith loves to prove me right, "Keith Cradic 5 9-11 21" almost half his points were from the free throw line, he must've had fun flopping everywhere
  2. Is that why he scored four in the Tennessee High game and five in the DB game? With half the points from the free throw line.
  3. The only reason Ron Bliss shows up is because Curt Phillips does not play basketball. If Curt was still on the hardwood, Tricitiessports.com would fully endorse the Sullivan South athletic program and send a team of reporters to each game.
  4. He tried to flop and draw a foul like he always does, but fell the wrong way. I'm surprised he hurt himself doing this though because he has practiced it for years.
  5. Actually Cradic probably flopped to the floor with little contact, as his usual routine is falling and picking up a shooting foul so he can head to the free throw line.
  6. Actually he had the luck of being in the first two rows when a certain DB fan caused the ref to eject the rows out of the game, but this student managed to climb up rows and didn't even get thrown out. But also he keeps the score books now , so no he wasn't with us. And when a coach gets a technical foul in a game, is he a bad teacher too? Because coaches have to teach.
  7. You're right on the mark. DB's students sat in the lower bleachers and THS' AD came over to us and tried to make us move to the other side of the court. He said if we stood up, he would make us move to the other side. We told him we would not stand up but he insisted on us to move. He then came over to us numerous times during the game complaining about people being in the aisles and nonsene of this sort. He just needs to chill. /thumb[1].gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":thumb:" border="0" alt="thumb[1].gif" />
  8. maybe we should stick to games instead of players
  9. Because a fan and one of the officials were talking back and forth, the official was making fun of the fan and laughing at him, then he gets him kicked out
  10. I'm sorry but if you even come near Keith Cradic he will put up a crazy shot, miss the shot, fall backwards on the floor, and have a facial expression that looks like he had just been stabbed. Most of Cradic's points come from the free throw line because of this, and you can't defend someone on the line.
  11. Uh actually the Freshman Acedemy is where are the struggling kids are.....so yeah i was referring how you struggled to use the right word
  12. Looks like someone is in the Freshman Academy.....you would be insulted right now if you were enrolled at DB
  13. That's right you're just a big meanie at heart!!
  14. I hear the bash brothers are going to be back in business on Friday(Roop and Will Clark). It's good to see full motion in Roop's neck. And I hear Al Hinson is coming back too
  15. And that pass to #10 was a pass interference call, what is your problem? I can't imagine how you acted when our team lost three straight games because all you do is complain when we win. Why would we move our best reciever to QB when our QB has been producing like crazy?
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