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  1. Who won the Dobyns Bennett and Knox Fulton game?
  2. Dobyns-Bennett (Frosh) 9-0, have now gone 18-0 over the last two seasons.
  3. I am interested in the season finishes for various schools in greater Kingsport. I would like to know the final/current records and season achievements of the teams listed below: Dobyns-Bennett (Varsity) Dobyns-Bennett (JV) Dobyns-Bennett (Frosh) Robinson (8th Grade) Robinson (7th Grade) Sevier (8th Grade) Sevier (7th Grade) Sullivan South (Varsity) Sullivan South (JV) Sullivan South (Frosh) Sullivan (Combined 7th and 8th Grade) Colonial Heights (8th Grade) Colonial Heights (7th Grade) Sullivan North (Varsity) Sullivan North (JV) Sullivan North (Frosh) North (Combined 7th and 8th Grade) Obviously some of this information is readily available, but some is not. Any information is appreciated.
  4. Whomever wins the automatic bid from District 1 will be considered a #1 seed and will host a first round home game, regardless of their record. Atleast that is how I understand the playoff system. DB or SH, whomever wins, will not have to travel in the first round.
  5. The juveniles go to Borden Park, why fight in the wide open of a parking lot located along a six lane highway when you can brawl in the Eastman bogland of Borden Mill?
  6. Whats up Trisportsfan… it’s been a while. It sounds like you haven’t seen the Vikings this year either. We got a new paint job this year and it makes the Viking ship allot more aerodynamic…. get it… AERODYNAMIC. And we installed a secondary tester. Don’t get me wrong, Stubbs will still make you stop the run… but this year you will pay for being overzealous in the box (aka Watson Blitz Package). No, I haven't seen the Vikings play this year. I'm still taking in games in Kingsport and Bloomingdale most Friday nights. If the Vikings upgraded to a propeller based Destroyer, we must have relegated back to the hunter and gatherer days. I will say, though, we already pay for being aggressive on defense, every week. We're undersized but quick. Damage control is our best friend and, at times, is the name of the game. We'll be there in the fourth quarter, at that point it's up to the offenses. Will the invasion force and heat seaking missles beat out the basic ground attack and under ten rock throws? Who knows...the tortoise did beat the hare.
  7. If Tennessee High wins, it won't be a blow out. They may ball control and nickel and dime the Tribe to death, but ole Catfish will have something in line to give the Indian offense a chance in the end. The man may be old and on his last legs before retirement, but he knows what he's doing. Nobody questions him or his coaching decisions quite like they do Clark. I trust in Watson, every Friday night. Roll Tribe.
  8. Dobyns Bennett committed 10 penalties for 85 yards, committed 4 turnovers (2 fumbles/2 interceptions), total yards rushing were under 100 yards. The Tribe playoff outlook isn't looking good. Science Hill and Dobyns Bennett both sit at 1-1 in the standings, however the Indians have Sullivan South and Tennessee High waiting for them off their bye week.
  9. Any opponent of Science Hill has my support. Go Vikings.
  10. I don't know what the perfect optimistic opinion would be on the current state of the season. As we've seen, many of us have some different and some similar opinions. The meltdown we saw last Friday night was reminiscent of the meltdown against McMinn Co. last November. Sadly, both came on our own turf, literally. Although this week’s date with Daniel Boone somewhat worries me, as the Trailblazers are playing well of late, especially on defense, I feel this team is still struggling to find out what works on offense. I don’t feel the defense needs to be tweaked much. Though not an elite defense, Watson still has them playing on an above average level. Sadly they’ve spent too much time on the field in most games, as many players play both ways. Keep the mistakes to a minimum on offense, limit turnovers, and employ a smart game plan and I feel this offense can be successful. I trust the coaches and players will execute this week, and in weeks to come. Friday night, the stuff simply hit the fan and coated everybody on the home side. Let’s hope the stink doesn’t linger in weeks to come. The Indians go into the bye week 2-3 (2-0). Daniel Boone – 14 Dobyns Bennett – 28 Remember, we just have to finish with a better conference record than Science Hill to make the playoffs. If we finish with the same conference record, we must win the head to head. I'm to the point where I don't care how we get to the post-season, as long as we get there. I think many of you would agree.
  11. I'm not excited, at all, about the schedule this year. I'm used to Sullivan South and Tennessee High being the local filler games. I'll be in Knoxville Friday night, however, Mellow Mushroom in Farragut for pregame.
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