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  1. I use to have a bunch of seats in the top left corner.One night it was raining and I took a tarp from the light pole over to the end for my wife and kids to sit under.The new upperdeck messed up my seats with a set of stairs up that side.
  2. There are a lot of fine coaches in the history of Tennessee high school football.Hands down ,I don't know if any coach could be put in the same sentence with George Quarles ,atleast from the last several decades.I might have missed a couple quickly reading through this but in case they were not brought up ,I'll speak about a few coaches that like Batman,have some Greeneville history.Coach Bill Horton was there when I played and went on to become a very good head coach at Rhea county. Coach Caine ballard done an awesome job taking the Devils to uncharted territory with the state championships.Another is a throw back to a long time ago. Not just a coach but one of UT's toughest players ever under General Neyland.Leonard Coffman.Believe me,even as an old man, nobody messed with him and that's why I'll throw his name in there.
  3. Blazer it's nearly impossible to mention anything about Covid and it not have political views expressed. I will try to keep my GOP out of it ,ha.I seen part of it when switching channels and read part of it. I guess we will see on sports , schools ,church and everything else going forward and what exactly this means.I just don't see a lot of big families around the state caring what is said about limited Christmas gatherings and having to make decisions like who is going to be left out . I think most of us are smart enough to weigh the risk and do the right thing. Especially when it comes to older folks or those that can't afford to get Covid, a cold, the flu, or anything .
  4. Back in the early to mid 1900's,men had to grow up fast and many went to work instead of school.A lot of my family were dairy farmers and there wasn't a need for a PhD to do that.Those guys would laugh at us playing on coacht when there was a real mans job to be done for 12 to 16 hours a day.BUT,like one of my educated kids told me the other day,work smarter not harder.
  5. A younger less patient Batman would have been anywhere in a couple of hours for such a challenge.Been there done that many times,inside and outside of martial arts .Batman was lucky no bullets landed, my advice is grow up before your not as lucky as young Batman was.
  6. Thanks for the quick edit coach because I wasn't going to edit it.
  7. Nice post. I'm happy we had the season we did as well. It was huge for the many players that got to play and sad for those that got left behind. As you say,there is also absolutely nothing wrong with being smart either. We all know kids will be kids and some older people wouldn't give a tinkers Fort Patrick Henry Dam if wearing a mask or anything else,helped you or themselves,they still wouldn't do it. That said,as someone who has dealt with it in my own batcave,anyone who has family or friends that are just not in position to live through Covid, should take every precaution and atleast respect their lives.
  8. It looked early like Summit was going to blow it open.I still think they will win,yep, pick six.
  9. I don't know what the record for penalties is but I bet this will be a top five .
  10. Yep, very nice game and another great year for you guys.It never gets old seeing Alcoa bring back the gold.
  11. That QB for Summit is tough.OR better find an answer for him quick.
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