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  1. To be honest ,it is a pain if someone pops up an umbrella in front of you and blocks your view of the game.I had that happen in JC one year.I ask the lady if she wouldn't care to atleast hold it down a little bit and she apparently was from another country that didn't speak English.The second time I ask the man with her and he must have been an English professor,because the umbrella was taken down and never came back out.A lot was going on at DB this week and they really had to take every precaution for the fans and everyone at the stadium.
  2. Good bunch for sure.Matter of fact,RR came up to me in the ticket line behind the baseball stadium and introduced himself.I do understand what Waco is saying because when someone walks up and says "BATMAN" out of the blue,my first instinct is to look for a punch and be on defense .Can't tell you the times someone I've never met has called me Batman. In a Batman movie,I wonder how long Bruce Wayne would have lasted if everyone new he was Batman.probably been a five minute movie and renamed it the " Joker"
  3. There are a lot of storms coming with Elizabethton and Alcoa over the next couple of weeks.Both of you bring one back !!
  4. Elizabethton has a very fine team this year.Last year should have opened everyone's eyes to what was coming.Greeneville had a team that was capable of beating anyone in the state and Elizabethton was a tough game.Im really also glad you got a DB boy that I actually have talked to his dad at JFred when both his sons were playing for the Tribe.Had several other DB boys went to North like they thought about a few years ago, Kingsport would have had a legitimate shot at a title a couple of years back.
  5. You would have liked meeting them but I 100% understand what your saying.You can sit with most anyone down town or at a game and they don't have a clue that your Waco .I was never that smart,pretty surprised I've lived as long as I have when it comes to those type of things on coacht or not.
  6. Congratulations Maryville.Best of luck next week and have a safe trip back home tonight .
  7. If your 55,you get a senior discount
  8. Good old song but multiple Illegal procedure calls by the guy dancing was a little much,ha
  9. It's terrorism .More security at all of our schools and everywhere is needed.We spend billions all over the world and what's more important then our own kids as well as family members that work in these schools ? These punks have to be stopped and our kids and family members have to feel safe at school or anywhere they go.If we move the game time or location,it will give them even more power .I don't have the answer but our government from local up to DC needs to get on board with what really matters .
  10. You would think that the price for seats in the upper deck would be closer to the same price.I wouldn't have traded the lower deck seats I had for years " five for one". I had several seats together along the top row in the far corner.With the extra space where they had taken out a row of seats ,I could rig up a hillbilly set of box seats with a tarp during the game if it rained.The new upperdeck took care of that with a row of steps up that side .I always thought they should have built a new home side with the sun at our backs and just make a new baseball stadium on the other side of center street along with the walkover they also never built.So it would be safe for students coming to and from school as well as student athletes who compete over there in different sports.
  11. What a day at DB today. Special thanks to all of our guys in blue.
  12. Good stuff RR.For folks that haven't seen that before,one of the coaches blows water into the air there at the end and it fires the players up.My son use to say ,just make sure your not looking up !
  13. Preseason scrimmages and preseason state rankings .Wonder which one is more important this week ?
  14. Fort Patrick Henry Dam shame. I told my family you have to take everything very serious this day and time.Kids can't go to school ,movies or anywhere without something like this being in the back of their minds.I remember being at the Kingsport mall watching a movie a few years ago and somebody had a laser shining a red dot from behind us during the show.I just shot them a bird and continued to watch the movie .Now you never know if that laser is sitting on a weapon.Thinking back ,that one could have been as well.Myself,I'm glad the info was let out about the note because parents and staff should always be on alert but more so in this case.Now,find the fool that wrote it and make sure they understand these things are very serious and not a joke " if it was one "............
  15. I'd say that sounds about like a vast majority of the Maryville scores in games they are a favorite to win.Its not because they couldn't win some of them by probably a 100, it's because Maryville is a class program .At this point of the playoffs,every team is dangerous and especially if the weather is crap like their calling for friday. Nobody is going to overlook another team and that most definitely includes this Maryville staff . This is the best overall staff DB has had in my years of watching them and that's not saying there hasn't been some fine coaches like Watson,Holt and a few more,but this is a very good group of coaches.Nobody has the overall coaching staff and players that Maryville has in East Tennessee but if DB can get similar talent that they have had over the years going forward,I like their chances of becoming much more like this great Maryville program on a yearly basis.Big goals but as at my old school in Greeneville,it can be done in NET, at least on a scale that is very nice and brings pride back to the whole area.Elizabethton is already knocking on the same door,so maybe the Tribe can get there as well .
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