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  1. DB should take care of business this week.If however the team ever starts reading about how great they are { and big time when it's the playoffs }They need to watch the 2008 first round game film of the number one and undefeated Dobyns Bennett team playing a 6-4 McMinn team.
  2. Well,as and old Greene Devil who had a couple of sons that went to DB,I'll have to say this. Most of the time I've tried to write on here giving Dobyns Bennett a chance to win every game.When my middle son was a senior at DB ,they were 5-5 and getting ready to travel down to play Maryville in the first round.Two of their best offensive linemen were either hurt or out for the game.Their bread and butter on offense was a running back " Chris S " and he was out for the game,so DB had a 9th grader making his first start at that position.Maryville wasn't a bad team either,they would go to the state finals that year { shocking }.SO, I still wrote in a positive way before the game was played just for the players.I'm not going to lie however.When I watched my son walk off the practice field the day before that game with Big Ty,I knew there was no way in hail I would ever see him play another high school game after Maryville. I think it was 40-0 and that was only because of everything else to do with Maryville football,they are just a class program and didn't run up the score. As a football parent ,I know it made a lot of parents and fans mad to see band parents and supporters get up after halftime and walk out..Well,I liked it a lot of times myself because it gave me a better view and if they didn't care no more then that,I didn't want them sitting around me anyway.Yes,I cleaned up the last line before I finished writing it.
  3. Where I couldn't find the words for one of my favorite Indians over the last couple of days,my oldest Indian put it perfectly.I hope everyone that knew number 71 { from the DB team 10 years ago } gets to either hear or read what number 70 wrote for him.Beautiful tribute .
  4. I have not seen Bearden but know that they have played two very tough teams so far.This would be a real nice start for DB to get a big road win tonight.
  5. I'll say this .Yes I think the rankings ,polls,whatever they want to be called are a waste of time during the regular season and my great great great grandma could do just as good as some of those guys.HOWEVER.Let's say DB were to beat everyone on their schedule until the last game and so did Alcoa { big test for both teams }then,both they and Alcoa really wanted to see who the best team was and DB won that game as well. After that,I would say I really don't know if DB is good enough to beat the very best 6A teams in middle or west Tennessee this year but I think you have to consider them one of the top ten teams in the state.For some local guy to pick them in the top five right now,I'll say he is just trying to kiss azz .
  6. You are correct .I'm by no means thinking past anyone.Just saying DB is better and some teams are weaker.To really know what you have,it's got to be against a quality team .If you don't take care of the other teams and make it to the playoffs,then there will be no worry.When that's done,we all know where the biggest test will be for DB or any 6A team to go west.So true that only an idiot coach would ever look past any team...……..…
  7. Just noticed my ''h'' in Elizabethton turned into an extra t when I wrote my last post.Honest mistake,only makes about 40,000 for Batman in spelling on coacht.Anyway,I look forward to seeing Maupin do well all year long for Betsy.
  8. Probably have to cancel the game unless they can figure something out for that "dirt" endline
  9. I seen the best of times and the worst of times as a parent with athletes in the Kingsport school system.Two of my boys went to Robinson and then DB.I've never had anything bad to say about Jeff and those guys at Robinson in different sports.There were several coaches at DB in different sports back then as there are now that I liked very well and if turned loose,I thought a couple could have helped the football program much more.
  10. Good story RR.Alcoa is something special,they can step on the field with most teams nomatter who they are.If they were 6A,you would probably see national championships on top of state championships.
  11. First ,there have been a lot of very good athletes come through DB and that's not the problem.Just take last years team that was made up of two middle schools that both beat my Devils when they were in the 8th grade and together couldn't beat the same players last year.That's not an athlete problem.Most years the strongest kids do exactly what those three you wrote about done.Yes it's a cluster and a shame that DB doesn't have what my school has at Greeneville.Simple answer for the strength part,was to hire someone that could train not only football players but all the athletes and they were supposed to do that a couple years ago.The problem with everything at DB, is everyone wants to help their own family and friends but can't see that little Johnny might not be the right person for some jobs.Now as a former parent that seen some coaches had their hands tied and had to do what they were told, including the weight training.I took it on myself to help my kids and they in turn helped several more along the way even when they were no longer playing.No, it wasn't near enough but I'll say this for the 1000th time.If the school isn't going to do it,more parents and kids will have to take it upon themselves.If you don't have the money for a private gym then atleast do some of the things my kids done when they were not weight training.At 12 years old,one of mine done atleast 1000 situps , 700 pushups ,plus ran a hill countless times every week.When I started his weight training program at home,he continued those things on his own time.Now when he got over to DB,we just worked around what training he got there and used DB for warmups and he got his big training in at night and weekends most of the time.So players and dads,thats something to think about going forward along with the training you get at school.
  12. I've heard a few things but not about the meeting.Every player and every parent has to weigh out what is best for them.Db is a great place to get a quality education.No it's not perfect but show me a school that is.When you have a kid playing football or coming up and you see something is a cluster,it's hard not to say what you think.I got a double dose of the way things are done in Kingsport over the years.I had one son that was the strongest on the team and a athlete during the spring of his 9th grade year .He was disrespected and that has to be one of the dumbest things ever by a coach but it is what it is and my son in no way was going to play from that point on but at the same time wasn't going to leave his friends or school.I had another son who loved most of the coaches and was treated with respect and had a great football career at DB.All was good until he was a threat to actually come back and help this weak azz program around the same time.Then he to was disrespected and it is what it is once again.
  13. I'll bring back the colors for this one.Seniors,it's not been the season you wanted but if these are your last two games,how do you want to go out ? Win or lose,you want to look back and say you gave it everything and played every last play as hard as you could.I know as a former Dobyns Bennett dad,one of my most proud moments was when one of my sons played his last game and it was against Maryville.He played his heart out and never hung his head .I'll never forget telling my wife during the game that even though we are getting beat,our son is having a hail of a game. He went out as a warrior and gave 100% until that last second ticked off the clock.Underclassmen,your time will be here before you can turn around,send your senior leaders out as winners and maybe the bunch behind you will do the same in a year or two.Roll Tribe !!
  14. I've seen them leave in games that we're not decided until the very end
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