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  1. Looks like Fathima would be happy to use Dobyns-Bennett Frenchie Fries as our new mascot..guess that is better than using Dobyns-Bennett Peachie Teas.
  2. Game is on the Knoxville area Rivalry Thursday..and of course DB streams their home games
  3. Probably won't be trying any field goals but I was pleasantly surprised to see our sophomore kicker make all 8 of his extra points..
  4. Not hard to wonder why DB plays with no discipline when their head coach doesn't have any discipline.. ridiculous
  5. Someone please tell me there is a way to ignore people on these message boards..this has turned into a kindergarten slap fight
  6. Hard to pick a score for this when you don't know anything about this years Bearden team..but I definitely understand the wariness of DB's history on these type of games..all that being said,Im hoping this team keeps it's foot on the pedal all night. DB 38 Bearden 10
  7. Just horrible to see this on news.All my family's prayers to Robinson family and the Whitehaven community.
  8. Seems to me there was something strange about the 2006 DB/South game...can't put my finger on it..oh now I remember...44-0...wonder if Waco remembers that score.
  9. I'm really happy game got postponed..this game needs to be played with no interference from mother nature..I got a feeling this is going to be a great game. DB 28. OR 27
  10. Is there any chance Oak Ridge livestreams their games?
  11. Just bought my season tickets at DB activities office. I was quite surprised when they told me they are allowing 5000 people inside J Fred this season. I doubt that many will show up on game day due to Covid but at least I will make to every game at home..however long this season lasts
  12. Just went to go buy my tickets at DB...had a conversation with the AD and his exact words was game "will probably be livestreamed"...take that for what it's worth...
  13. Whenever these two teams play you can throw records out the window..DB can't look forward to Alcoa next week..if they can stop silly penalties they can easily win this game but you are what you are this late into the season...game will prob be close because of this..the only reason DB is undefeated is because of its defense..having coach Gaines has really helped our secondary and defense stops the run..with that being said I'm looking at a 28-7 kinda DB win...
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