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  1. Haywood better be glad the don't start running clock until second half..I was hoping for a good game but if Haywood doesn't change something this game is already over
  2. DBturning..as a DB fan myself, you are embarrassing me..all these posters are saying kids did a great job tonight..no one putting down kids.you get your butthurt because someone says the coaches are losing the game for us?..as a DB fan you should have some respect for the players who put it on the line every Friday night and be a little miffed the coaching failed them. So when you tell me I don't matter,look in the mirror
  3. Watch out King..the participation trophy crowd will get mad at you talking about making mistakes
  4. Why do we pass on 2 and 3 rd down inside the 20...our coaches have no understanding on how to win big games...
  5. Coach Christian has the worst clock management to end the half than any other coach by a mile..under 2 minutes before half and DB is at the 50 yard line and we stay in huddle til 10 seconds left on play clock..this game isn't hard..for DB it's just run run run and for Maryville is just pass pass pass.. Maryville is smart enough to understand that, DB coaches aren't
  6. What do you mean it takes a while to contract trace. We were told they contact traced earlier in the week last week. Doing the trace on Monday doesn't help anything on last Friday night
  7. Just a guess but maybe they had no papers to give to the TSSAA
  8. Band cards as well... going to Dublin for St Patrick's day parade, I'm sure there will be plenty of hotel rooms available at a good price
  9. Maybe the Mcminn health department didn't have the paperwork the TSSAA asked for because it was never done in the first place..just wondering out loud
  10. Probably be didn't get the info for Mcminn health department
  11. Come on guys..give the Mcminn County Health Department a break on their timing issue...it takes some time to forge documents.
  12. TSSAA just asked Maryville who they would like to play..new rumor.
  13. Meanwhile at TSSSA twitter doesn't want us to miss a girls and boys basketball game between Franklin road and Lighthouse somethingorother(no offense,just to lazy to look back on website).. probably a good game but could we at least get an update on what we are all waiting for?
  14. Okay last thing I'm going to say..if the TSSAA decides that DB can't go on on the playoffs for any reason, it will be a travesty..DB has done nothing wrong in this situation..they were warming up on the field ready to play with no covid positive tests when they found out other team got a call that a player tested positive. Then the government offices get involved and all heck breaks loose. Seems to me that it wouldn't take too long for whatever paperwork the TSSAA needed could of got done Saturday morning and if it was Mcminn had done nothing wrong the game could've been played Saturday night. Don't tell me it could not of been done Saturday morning if they really wanted it to. If TSSAA rules Db can't advance then Bernard Children's needs to come himself to tell them why they can't advance even though done nothing wrong
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