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  1. i Hope Maryville can sure up their front 7. idk how Oaklands runs the ball THIS YEAR but i know that they are usually athletic and physical AF up front. Maybe its different this year and idk if they have as good as OL as DB. It was just a little odd seeing that from a Rebel Team
  2. Dev was a monster ln the wieght room as yoou know and he picked him up easily as you said lol
  3. i loved our LBs so lets get that out of the way, i loved how physical we were all year. Now to your point. We really only had 1 LD who could play pass coverage decent to really well and that was Jenkins. No offense to the other 2 but thats just not what they were good at. now idk why we didnt scheme to maybe play nickel or go softer coverage, but just My opinion
  4. i get that its really hard especially with how great of a guy your son was. I dont remember him ever having a problem with ANYONE.
  5. idk if you can tell this or not but your making yourself look even worse. Its getting pathetic at this point man. I think Waco is right and you need to start over with a new Screenname
  6. i hope its Stacy Carter. And it is too early, we have so much to replace starting with our Secondary and O line i have no idea what to expect next year. This will be like when 2012 ended and we basically have a Brand New team.
  7. there was video of a whole Mcminn county little section of fans cheering for maryville.
  8. RW dont pay this turnitaround guy any mind. Most real fans know that Maryville is an exceptional coached team and with that it means not to take any team for granted. And Christian made many complimenting remarks to the Rebels in the interview to the press but it was just his few daggers about alcoa that got highlighted. Maybe it helped maybe it didnt but with us coming from a blowout last year in the 3rd round to coming 2 hands away from on onside kick to tie. Cant argue with the improvement. IMO i think he was trying to send a message to his team that anyone can be beat. And with Maryville having 18 State titles the aura around the Maryville can be pretty strong
  9. Maryville knew they could pass anytime they wanted to because of the Science hill, Cleveland, Alcoa, and Farragut game. Waco is trashing the secondary coaching because its OBVIOUS. idk the maryville coach at all and im not gonna pretend to, but i would be willing to bet my life savings that he didnt know that because SOMEBODY on coacht said so. There was a cleveland poster who came on here and said that Cleveland couldn't stop the run AT ALL and he was right. Am i to believe that Christian only decided to run the ball because he said so? its rediculous. I would love for any fan base who has seen their team have pretty good- elite talent on their team like DB has had and for 10-15+ years watch year after year that same team have a bad secondary and not say anything about it.
  10. the whole mcminn county thing is just dumb, not even touching the remarks about RW or maryville. Who in there right mind thinks that the DB who came to play last night wouldnt have beat Mcminn county. they can say what they want about us "cheating" but all i know is that our 30 seniors wanted to play that last home game BADLY and there wasnt 1 single fan in the stands who wanted that game to be called, nobody wanted to win that way, its just sour grapes at this point
  11. if it was Clark it would be the greatest thing of all time
  12. im no expert and have only watched maryville play a few times this year, but GET #1 THE BALL MORE. i wanna see you guys win and that guy scared me every time he touched the ball tonight
  13. SO your not even from here and just became a DB fan and you question other peoples support and fanship to DB. You even told me to cheer for someone else...... this guy
  14. Good luck to Maryville, I hope your littull fellurs pull it off in Oakland!
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