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  1. The Wildkatz changed classes to avoid MARYVILLE after their fans on here kept saying “Wait until MHS steps up to play the big boys”. Same think Farragut & Bearden said. None of them has beaten MHS while in the same class. The Oakland game was enough for this fan, who needs an out of state game just to prove something.
  2. Well can't get home tomorrow, so I'm gonna miss this one. Confident I'll see the Gold Ball Monday. Go Rebs! Blessings all drive safe.
  3. well what about 2017? Have a senior QB that will be well versed in "The GQ System". wouldn't make sence for a new man to change much in his 1st season. Hunt or Ellis wouldn't change a thing me thinks.
  4. First off, This fan is not even remotely intrested in Rankin. I hate it that the QG Era is over, but I understand life and everything comes to an end. I love what the guy did for the youth who filtered through the program under this fine man. My sons all played for GQ and are better men now because of it after football. I don't even have a guess who the next head coach is going to be but I don't it will be D Hunt. He's a bit young for a program of Maryville's stature but is a fine young man. I wouldn't be surprised if Coach Ellis retired. He could easly be the head guy but this might a good time for him to step away and I would hate that too. I wish Coach Quarles and his family the best at the next level. What has been accomplished here at Maryville has not been done anywhere and I doubt it will be done again anywhere. It's been a blessing to be apart of and a fan during GQ's era.
  5. MHS is going to have to be flawless and control the clock. Rebs by 10
  6. Good job Rebs. Had to leave early, nothing bad just unexpected.
  7. Glad I don't have to make the drive on this one. SH is not ready, even for this Rebel team. MHS will have the game in hand by the half, I just hope there are no injuries. As fare as classy fans go, Maryville fans are among the most gracious & humble.
  8. Sad news. Prayers for all involved.
  9. Good game by both teams, but with MHS winning all is right in the universe! Agree with Pepvol, #11 the big WR could be D1, if he's not already. The current job I have makes it hard to keep up these days. If GQ had that one Alcoa player, the game would have not been as close. The big kid could really go get it. The officials I thought missed several calls and hurt both teams. Worst crew I've seen in awhile. Anyway it was a good night for football and Alcoa should win out. Despite the continued poor coaching by Rankin. The coach is way overrated IMHO.
  10. Roll Rebs. 24-14 MHS. GOING to be hot & emotional.
  11. Alcoa generally has good RBs due to a quality OL. Of course getting a transfer ring hunter stud never hurts. Congrats tore-Nadeos & govs this season.
  12. Heard HHSs stud transferred to al ok a? Who was it? Another easy ring hunter?
  13. Great game Rebels another lead pipe stone cold beat down to one of them "Big Boys". As someone said above I remember when many were disrespectful of the Rebs when they were in the second largest class 4A several years ago. Guess that's not happening now!!!
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