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  1. Whitt, I didnt intend for this to be a battle of insults. My purpose was to get the answer to one question. I admire the fact you have alot of your former players back for events and such. I never questioned your bond with your former players. However just cause some young men 15 to 20 years old think that you're cool doesn't prove much. "My players are taught to compete and to play physical within the rules. I teach them not to give up their lunch money but to give everything they have. Not to play dirty." What you're saying is that you didn't teach them to play dirty, they just did it on their own. If this is so, and you dont stand for that type of play, why did it happen over and over? Why didnt you put a stop to it? It was a well known fact among players, coaches, fans, and the officials, that the tactics your teams employed were capable of causing serious harm to an opposing player. Thats my issue with all of this. I dont have a problem with physical play. The game of basketball is very physical. But there is a difference between playing hard, tough, and physical versus dirty and wreckless. Why would you think stats mean anything to me? What would give you that idea? I didnt realize I had even mentioned numbers. As far as my identity goes, why does it matter? And I did speak to you in the store that night. We had a small discussion, however I dont think it was the time nor the place to go into that. I could imagine what that would look like in the middle of a gas station.
  2. Coach Whittemore, Glad to see you here. And since you seem to be open to dialogue I have a few things to get your thoughts on. First I would like to say that I dont doubt you coaching skills. I have said that you are a good coach. However what I do question is some of your methods. Since you are no longer in coaching, maybe you could explain to those who share this opinion. Why you would instruct or otherwise allow your players to intentionally try and injure opposing players? And please dont insult us anymore by saying this never happened. We both know there are many incidents that support this. And by the way, some people believe that criticism is the first step towards improvement and when used constructively, it can be a powerful tool for growth. You are one of those who believe this correct? I'm sure all the criticism you have thrown towards the officials over the years was meant to be constructive and hopefully improve an area of the game that most everyone will agree, desperately needs it.
  3. Saw Whitt and his wife in a convienence store tonight. Left in a car with temporary South Carolina plates. Ive been quiet for a long time about this subject but alot of people saw this coming years ago. A few years back I was accused of making trouble for this man, however I think he proved that I was correct on about every point. Good luck to the Volunteer program. Mr. Barnett would make an excellent choice.
  4. I'll agree that this years Falcons do deserve to be looked at with fresh eyes. But I came away from the Unicoi game with the impression that this years group looks no different from the past few years. I kinda lost count, but it was something like 1 technical on Coach Whitt, and 2 flagrant fouls on the team.
  5. So bear hugging and wrapping both legs around the guy was just an accident? Must be a new shot blocking technique I don't yet know about.
  6. Don't think you'll hear much from the Volunteer faithful this year. After the incidents last year most of them are afraid to say anything in defense. They are afraid of looking foolish again.
  7. I'm interested in your definition of "great shooter". Not knocking anyone here, but I think the word great is used a bit to much. Lets make some comparisons here. Todd Halvorsen, Josh Odem, Clinton Freeman, Aaron Bennett just to name a few. Just on his own team you have Koree Deeb and Jordan Cross. All of these guys are already proven shooters.
  8. Are we trying to get some calls? lol. Sad, sad, sad ,sad.
  9. I've seen Bentley a few times. Just get the young man the ball on the high post and you will either get 15 foot jump shots from him, or open threes from the wings, or layups when the defense helps up. Getting him the ball there will create alot of options and oppurtunities for his teamates to score.
  10. You bring up a very good point for discussion. However I think a better solution would be to have it at a neutral site. King College would be a great choice, Freedom Hall another. Just as long as its not on anyone's home floor.
  11. I thought Coach Whitt taught his boys to wrap up better than that. lol Congrats to the Hilltoppers and the Patriots for advancing to the next round.
  12. Congrats to the Indians and the Vikings for their wins last night and a berth in the Region Tournament. The other two spots will be decided tonight. Good luck to all!!!
  13. I have to say that I agree with alot of what you said here. I for one think that the officiating has been pretty good this year and want to commend the officials for taking the time to talk over calls in order to get them right. I have seen high school games in Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, Kentucky, and Georgia just to name a few places and the officiating here is far from being the worst. With that said, I do wish that officials were more like they used to be, I think it would go a long way in how they are percieved by all. For example, why not talk to the players a little more. I can remember hearing "watch the hands", "cut out the bumping" etc. Then when you got called for something, it was usually briefly explained to you what you did and what you could do different not to get called. Players just want to know what they can and cannot do. Also, I would like to see the officials take control of the game from the very beginning. I completely agree that the players and coaches should decide the game, not the officials. However if you set the tone early, and get control early, then you're not having to restore order later in the game by calling T's and touch fouls that you haven't called all night. In defense of the refs, the game has changed alot and with todays pressure defense and fast pace style offense. You have an offensive guy pushing to get position on the block, you have a defensive guy pushing to keep his spot on the block. You have an defensive guy bumping and swatting at the ball, you have the offensive guy pushing to get some space to make a pass or to be able to put the ball on the floor. What do you call? As far as people in the stands getting on the refs, come on, this has been going on forever. Officials have to have a tough skin and ignore it. Now I if someone is making personal or derogatory remarks, then they should be removed. But as far as telling a ref he missed that one, or to call it both ways, or the crowd booing a call, you have to not let it bother you. You can't start staring in the stands at people that are yelling. You can't start calling against a team or a certain player for it. Thats taking away the coaches and players abilty to decide the game on the floor. But again, in the defense of the officials, there have been instances of parents following refs out of the gym after the game and things getting out of hand. But thats not the players fault, don't take it out on them. And 99% of the officials don't. As far as critisizing refs on here, is that really any worse than a coach critisizing them in the paper?
  14. Looks like things have pretty much taken shape. 8. South vs. 9. Crockett 1. D-B vs. winner of 8 & 9 game 2. Science Hill vs. 7. Daniel Boone 3. Sullivan East vs. 6. Volunteer 4. TN High vs. 5. Central Volunteer can overtake Central, but will need to win at East and will need need Boone to defeat Central to set up a showdown on Feb. 7th. This is how I think the bracket will look like. Stokomo I hope will update us once everything is in concrete. How does everyone see the awards playing out?
  15. In what order would you rank coaches in the Big 9 from top to bottom? And who do you think is the best coach in the area?
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