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  1. Its crazy how you say no discipline but at the playoff game with the game over yall took a knee and howard thinking you were just going to run the clock out yall snap the ball and run and hit players that were just standing.....did you think they were just gonna stand there and take that on the chin?
  2. They should be a 2a school. The enrollment is increasing because of the newcomers program. Those students will never be eligible to play because they are mostly almost adults that are still freshmen and in the country they are from most didn't have to attend school
  3. Crazy thing is no 1 gave them a chance last year and they almost won......this is a team that has no reason being in 4a but doesnt complain and competes with the big boys
  4. loudon claimed that Brainerd played ineligible players last year. I think Brainerd will be good this year
  5. With all the recruiting going on in Chattanooga this may not be a good job to take if winning is your end goal.
  6. This was my first time at the state tournament in years. Am I the only one who noticed how the one ref decided the Howard vs East game on his own?
  7. What are the criteria for winning Coach of the Year? East Ridge had a overall record of 15-12, and 8-6 in the district... How is it possible for Their coach to win Coach of the year When you have 4 schools with a better record and better stories. Brainerd winning 1st place , Howard winning 20 games for the first time in forever, And Tyner winning 20. How does he win???
  8. whats going on over there RamFan? this is the wrong time to not be clicking
  9. yes!!! its all about 6AA because that is all that really matters... But Howard beat E. Hamilton at their home that has to speak volumes....How did the game go?
  10. how does the tournament play out...what seeds play who?
  11. I think 1-5 can win this tournament easily.... Tyner, Brainerd, Howard, Red Bank, Eastridge are all contenders
  12. Hello Ram Fan.....I seriously doubt that people had howard as the #1 seed especially with them not really having a winning season in I don't know how long...and hiring a head coach that basically would be a good head football coach for someone. as far as rankings I think the top 3 are still up for grabs. Howard cant get to 1 but with a Brainerd loss to East Ridge or Tyner they can creep to number 2. they would both have 4 losses but howard won head to head by more points. Now if Brainerd wins out they will jump tyner for the #1 spot. I think I am correct but I could be wrong. If east ridge beats brainerd I think they get the 3 seed...we wont know till its all said and done,
  13. On the Coach facebook page he made a status and said that the tech wasn't called on him but his assistant because he said you know you saw him. The community knows this guy well and they say he is the total opposite of the old coach. He never gets rattled and barely shows emotions so I cant see him being incensed. But I will make sure I am at this game vs red bank and from here on out because it seems we even have our rude fans back lol
  14. The whole city is talking about the Ref from the Howard vs Tyner game. Does he really have a son that plays for Tyner? What was his reasoning for calling a Tech on the howard coach with under a minute left in the game with howard up by 4 with the ball?
  15. I didnt buy them being good this year....they have most of the same players from last year but they have a big hype now....I heard on the radio a kid hit 12 3pointers
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