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  1. just curious but how many starters will each of these teams have returning.
  2. No excuses on why Howard lost 3 out of 4 times to Tyner, they were all close games. But I have heard it from many coaches mouth that the refs in chattanooga love tyner and their coach. They all feel that they have a better chance beating tyner in the regions, which Howard has done. But I actually was in the house when Pearl beat tyner and I knew that no chatt team was going to state then
  3. Easy...Howard missed 12 free throws ad lost by 2
  4. I said that no chattanooga team would make it to the boro. I was surprised Howard only lost by 2. But in no way should York had beat Tyner, they have to much talent on that team. Tyner and Red bank all i have to say is wow. Then Brainerd returned 5 key players including 5 starters from last years team, and picks up a big man from East Hamilton smh is all I can do
  5. I am not impressed with Chattanooga this year. Tyner struggled with Howard and lost to Brainerd. I for one didnt expect much from HOward this year because they lost 4 seniors. Red Bank is beautiful eye candy because they have the best team on paper and has for 2 years now but they lost both games to tyner and howard and one to Brainerd. Inconsistent district this year. And next year will be even worse.
  6. I dont think Howard or Brainerd are as good as last year.
  7. So Brainerd beats Tyner and then gets blown out by Red Bank. 1-4 in this district can win on any night. in fact Red Bank may have more talent than any team and they are the 4 seed.
  8. Wow! I wonder when the last time these two private schools loss to publics in the area
  9. However I am happy that we are relevant again for 2 years in a row. Team is young 2
  10. im hearing they wont....and that the organizers are going to move the tournament to brainerd
  11. Im still trying to figure out why Howard didnt play in the Bowles Tournament. The didnt have games scheduled during that time but they played in the chatt town classic. The games at the Bowles tournament would have had more people there if Howard would have played
  12. Its crazy how you say no discipline but at the playoff game with the game over yall took a knee and howard thinking you were just going to run the clock out yall snap the ball and run and hit players that were just standing.....did you think they were just gonna stand there and take that on the chin?
  13. They should be a 2a school. The enrollment is increasing because of the newcomers program. Those students will never be eligible to play because they are mostly almost adults that are still freshmen and in the country they are from most didn't have to attend school
  14. Crazy thing is no 1 gave them a chance last year and they almost won......this is a team that has no reason being in 4a but doesnt complain and competes with the big boys
  15. loudon claimed that Brainerd played ineligible players last year. I think Brainerd will be good this year
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