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  1. joe_cool

    IMAC Outlook

    I am glad to see Blaine pick up the win. I had the opportunity to coach Blaine for 3 years. He is a good kid with talent.
  2. joe_cool

    West Greene High School

    If they have their head coach why don't they make it official. They are just going to hurt the program and the boys who are playing.
  3. joe_cool

    Coach Bowles @ West Greene HS

    Coach Bowles is a good guy to be the baseball coach. It is hard to continually win especially when you do not have that many boys try out for baseball. In my opinion, it is hard to keep a winning record if you do not have the athletes or numbers. In time you may realize that Coach Bowles has them going in the right direction.
  4. joe_cool

    New Coaches

    Did he go to ETSU?
  5. joe_cool

    Wartburg @ UH

    Woodacre is a great kid. I had the opportunity to coach him during middle school and you could tell he was going to be a great ball player. He respects his coaches as well as his teammates. Plain and simple he is a player to look out for.
  6. joe_cool

    IMAC Outlook

    I do believe Morristown west will pull it out, but i do believe Cocke county may surprise some people. Cherokee won't be bad either.
  7. joe_cool

    Cloudland at University High

    I agree it will be a tough one but I believe UH will win it by a few points.
  8. joe_cool

    2007 EAGLES

    They better be lifting their butts off or they will feel the wrath of Joe Cool. Cosby graduated a few good linemen but have a few coming back next year that can help produce another winning season.
  9. joe_cool

    West Greene's next coach,who will it be?

    I believe it will be Greenlee or someone outside the system. They have the potential to be pretty good with Jordan anchoring that offense.