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  1. Why dont you call Coach Quarles at Maryville and see how many times they scrimmage in the spring the only time was when Jeff Co. and Maryville scrimmaged at carson-newman in 2008 in feburary so why does a scrimmage matter in spring? It doesn't, a lot of teams that go out early do not scrimmage and a lot of teams that go out late doesn't scrimmage.
  2. Why are you on the coaches so bad, oh my bad I forgot that coaches can cause turnovers and blown coverages. It is Coach Anderson's fault that he turned the ball over three times in the first five minutes of the second half at William Blount (So FIRE HIM). It is his fault he turned it over seven times at Sevier County. (So FIRE HIM) It is is fault he turned the ball over against bearden ( SO Fire Him). Man grow up!!!!, Get a Life. Go and put the time and effort in that he does, you will not find another man that loves the patriot football team more than him. I have know Justin for years since college, He was probably the most un athletic person I know and he was an All American He worked harder than anyone I know, I know for a fact that he works hard coaching. 0-4 to 5-5 I think the players did a great job staying focused, but I also think the coaches deserve some credit yeah granted the schedule got weaker but it still takes a lot to turn a season around like Jefferson county did this year. As far as the quarterback I don't know the goins kid but he is a athlete and any coach would put there best player at quarterback, Why do you think coach Brimer talked coach Anderson into putting Mcfall at quarterback. Give goins a chance and give this team a chance the players read this message board and most of them are responded to the things that are being said. I am guilty for being negative towards coaches and I haved realized how childish this really is this is HULK123 last post GOOD LUCK COACH ANDERSON AND THE PATRIOTS.
  3. No disrespect intended I just want Coach Anderson to know that I am proud of him and I did not mean anything towards Coach Hollingshead good luck patriots. When and were are Region duals?
  4. Justin Anderson has done a great job with the wrestling program at Jeff Co. Hats off to the team Coach Hollingshead (IF WRONG NAME SORRY) find something to do besides wrestling nothing personal. Anderson works his butt off and gets no credit. Anderson is not going to say anything because he is that type of guy. He does it for the kids nothing else. What happened to Watkins was has he quit helping I saw him sitting in the stands, why was he not coaching? Good luck Patriots
  5. Is Justin Anderson at Jeff Co. the head coach or is he the assistant?
  6. Lets hear this year's pre season top teams. Duals Science Hill - Loaded DB - Coach Mann does a great job M- West - A couple of good kids Jeff Co - Anderson is a Price Trained Athlete they will have a full line-up M-East - Not going to be very good Crockett - Will Fill Line-up and win Matches Boone? Tn High? SE - Will have good soild kids Vol - Want do very good So I will go with The Hill vs Jeff Co in region finals
  7. For what its worth coach Anderson has done a great job this year as the head football coach. Things happened on the team that he had to deal with, he made decisions with his heart not with what people say or what they will say. He is a good man and football coach if people will leave him alone he will make this team excel to be a great football team. I hear people all the time say that he is coaching for the kids not for anything else, I believe he cares for his team and the players. The people on this thread talking bad about Jeff Co football get over yourself and grow some nuts if you have a problem go see the coach dont hide behind some little screen name.
  8. Does Jeff Co have a chance to make playoffs if they beat South Doyle? How much of a chance? I hope so because they are playing hard right now and that gives them a chance to win every week! Go Patriots!!!!!!
  9. The way I hear it Jeff Co. will win about 5 games i have never heard Coach Anderson say they would win a state title this year.
  10. Talked to Coach and he said that a player has transfered to west because of things that have happened away from football, something to do with a class.
  11. Justin Anderson - HC- Jefferson County Todd Mounts - assistant - Jeff County Chip Watkins - Assistant - Jeff county
  12. Jeff Co. Scrimmages Science Hill May, 8 2009 @ Science Hill, I talked to Anderson about a month ago and he said they were scrimmaging Knox Central, Heritage, and Farragut in the fall. Jeff Co and South just could not come together on a date. So this is a confirmation that NO South and Jeff Co scrimmage.
  13. Anderson is finally taken contol of his football team. Things are going to be a lot different with the patriot football team this season. Anderson is doing what should of happened two years ago. Best of luck to the coaches that are not going to be coaching at Jefferson County next year.
  14. Has Rick Sinard been named the new JCHS Lady Patriots Head Basketball Coach yet. If not then when is it going to happen. Leave the boys coach alone and let him try. Coach Sinard start looking for a head job because Kisabeth is not going to do it to his boy Bo. I don'd understand one thing why did they make Scott a intrem and not Lewis. They did not open the Job up for Baseball, Girls Basketball, Softball, wrestling, so why should they open boys job. Anderson is the only head coach at JCHS that had to go through the interview process and he has done things the right way.
  15. The program should of been on the rise this year with the players that were on the girls team. If Rick Sinard was the head coach you would see a big difference they would be coached instead on the players doing the coaching. Sinard is a like Bruce Pearl full of engery. Rick if you don't get a chance find you a new school to coach at.
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