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  1. Jcsfan06

    Young studs from jackson 1a?

    i agree that huntington and jcs are very good teams but jcs beat adamsville 11-1 and 17-1..adamsville didnt play good agaisnt jcs but i would not count them out bc they never give up
  2. Jcsfan06

    Young studs from jackson 1a?

    Adamsville? Jcs? Huntington?...etc?
  3. Jcsfan06

    2007 Lipscomb Mustangs

    No, Lipscomb will contend for another Championship beacuse they are so well coached and beacuse they play very well as a team.
  4. Jcsfan06

    2007 Class 3A

    Lipscomb will probably go to the state championship again. Not because they have incredible players, but becuase they play as a team. Also, they have a great coaching staff. Good Luck in 2007 Lipscomb!!
  5. Jcsfan06

    Moments from 2006!

    Lake co. vs Jcs when Clay Fowler hooke up with Rashad Rayner with 23 seconds left on 4th and 13 for a touchdown...that win took us to play mt. pleasant in the semis and ultimatly friendship in the state championship.
  6. Jcsfan06


    Jcs is going up to 2-a so im gonna have to go with trinity..they have improved so much from last year and we only beat them by 1 point. They work very hard and have there goals set high for next year.
  7. Jcsfan06

    milan 2007

    Milan is losing 18 seniors..that will hurt them very badly, but i think they will recover and have an average season.
  8. Jcsfan06

    Jcs in 2a next year

    They will make it to the playoffs
  9. Jcsfan06

    Top Recruits For Junior Class

    Matt Hudson for jcs
  10. Jcsfan06

    Jcs in 2a next year

    It will be fun to watch them next year in better competion.
  11. Jcsfan06

    2007 2A Favorites

    it will be alcoa vs. jcs in the state championship
  12. Jcsfan06

    FCS vs JCS

    I have a lot of resepect for friendship football and their fans but there is always one person that likes to say stuff about the other team that is not very classy...dont get friendship a bad reputation.
  13. Jcsfan06

    FCS vs JCS

    we put God into our game..and im not sayin that we will win our fcs will win but i am saying with God all things are possible Phillipians 4:13