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  1. When Webb played Science Hill this year, instead of playing out the 3rd set they played 3rd set tiebreaks.
  2. McCallie won Team Boys Hutchinson won Team Girls Fickey beat Schlabach 6-1, 7-6 in Boys Singles Finals
  3. Two young, quality players who don't just hit the tar out of the ball but have an all-court game. Fickey won 6-1 in the 3rd set yesterday vs him.
  4. USJ is not a powerhouse by any means. Yes Colton and McGhee? are contenders, but after that their team turns into a sorry excuse for competition. I agree Science Hill is good, but not the best team in the state. MUS, McCallie, MBA, and Webb (given another chance and a full 3rd set rule) would all beat Science Hill. Oh and I know you were talking about it earlier, Reid Walling also starts varsity basketball at Webb.
  5. I've never heard of them having a "rep" for that. Secondly, every team has a parent or parents that care a great deal about their kids playing, and do the utmost they can to try to help their kid win. It's a little outlandish to single out Webb because of an incident that no one seems to even know the facts about (and I dont know anything about it either). I guess we'll see who the real winners are come Wednesday.
  6. True. However every match 1-6 went to 3rd set tiebreak. Things could be different 2nd time around.
  7. never heard of the kid
  8. Oh okay, thanks for telling me Schabach's ACT score. I was really curious about that. Does anyone know the results of the McCallie/MBA match this past Thursday? I heard McCallie won 8-1 and I'm curious what the individual match scores were.
  9. I wouldn't worry. AAA is really weak this year. I think you'll win it.
  10. tennisplaya


    Oh the great Kyle Wishing...Siegel players worshiped him like a god
  11. tennisplaya


    Not sure how that would work out considering they would stop the match at 4-2 but whatever. I think Webb would fare well against MUS. MUS is good but not unbeatable (McCallie as some would say). Webb has a good shot if not the favorite in about 3 of the singles and still decent chances in the other two. I wouldnt count Webb out just yet, soccerpro.
  12. 11) is Patrick Maloney not Deloney But yea list looks good.
  13. Thank you. Ah guess hvillefootball is the ONLY one who feels i meant backups instead of starters. Trust me, I know that back-ups (meaning positions 6-?€?..yes infinity) are not that important and that the 5th position counts for as much as the 1st postition, so why would I say backups are important? Unlike you my main sport is tennis, for you it is probably football given your name, so stick to the boards where you actually know something.
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    Webb plays ECS next Wed. in Quarters for State. If anyone knows anything about ECS please post because we have no idea who they are and are curious.
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