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  1. Lol Like anyone is going to take the time to make three names and actually reply to their own posts. Doesn't make a lot of sense now does it?
  2. I believe I basically stated the football part myself, when I said we could use their bball players. And your going to come at me with that when I bascially told him they got lucky against you all.
  3. No I think we could use them a whole lot more than THS lol, but come on, you know you all just had the best night of your life and They more than likely had the worst, but then again they always do good in regular season then choke in the playoffs except for a few years ago.
  4. They are all listed in the newspaper today
  5. This is by far the dumbest stuff I have ever heard. Who cares what happened in the past? Also who cares what is said on here anyway, everyone has their own opinion and people that might not like someone will post bad things, but who really cares about taking the time to take someone to court over it? thats just ridiculous. I would say that if you have so much legal experience, either you have been in jail alot or your a lawyer, so I would think you would be a little more mature than threatening to take people to court.
  6. Watch a game. Dunleavy, Duhon and Battier are all major contributors.
  7. Well there is Chris duhon, Carlos Boozer, Mike Dunleavy, Sheldon Williams, Redick, Want anymore?
  8. Well you really cant judge Donavan on the past two years, I mean look at the players he had. Buzz Peterson could have went to Florida and won with those players. We will really find out how good he is this year with all those guys gone, he really has to coach now.
  9. Yeah i know That would cool though if there were that many good players on a team. Seems to me like the teams are getting weaker each year. Each team has one or two good players if that now. If everyone would put as much effort into the game as the players use to then we could see a change, maybe a team from the big 9 could compete in the state tournament. Seems to me like most of the players today, not just basketball, but the other sports as well, only seem to be interested in what they are doing after the games. Interested in hanging out and partying instead of hitting the gym and working to get better. Just my opinion
  10. Thats crazy. Any school can hang with either of these teams. The style a ball that the other teams play is what keeps them in the game. Why do you think Tn High is in every game, because they play a slow paced game. Why do you think no one tries to run and gun with the Hill? because they know they will get pounded. Your comment about the enrollment is just dumb. What your saying is if you take 7 big time players and put them in a small school like Unaka, then the Hill and DB should still pound them although these guys are big time players.
  11. Well who should be mentioned? I dont see anyone really hangin with the Hill or DB
  12. I like the Analysis. If East has worked hard in the off season on their defense, they could be a good contender, but they never have a true big man down low so I think that will be their setback. As for Science Hill and DB they are at the top as always.
  13. You must not pay attention to the games because Omar didnt play as big a role last year as he did his junior year. The other players on the team got a lot of experience last year, so Science Hill will be ready to go as usual
  14. Well tell us balla, who is the Ace thats throwing tonight? Its not going to matter because DB is going to run all over a inexperienced Viking team.
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