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  1. How are CJ's grades? Will he have to worry about that or is he taking care of business. That was what kept Montrelle from signing with UT or Memphis.
  2. Why do some associations have a rating system and others do not? I know that I have worked in Knox South, Knox Ridge, Athens, and now the Chattanooga association and I have never rated an official. I would love to see how this works. If you scratch an official can you get him for road games? I sure would hate to scratch an official and he know that I scratched him and then get him on the road. I know it seems as if I am anti-referee, but I am really not. Like I said in an earlier post, there are good ones and bad ones, just like coaches. I for one would just like to reward the good ones. I know with no child left behind and all the accountability in the education world these days, accountability for officials would be a good thing.
  3. Why don't the TSSAA just put each official online in a data base. After each game the home and visiting coaches can get on line and grade each official. It would have to be based on a set criteria. No opportunity for comments. The only evaluations to be accepted would be ones where both coaches submitted. If both coaches submitted favorable evaluations the ref did a good job. If both coaches submitted negative evaluations the ref did a bad job. It would force all coaches to learn the officials names and it could actually be something positive for the officials. For example. All officials start on the appropriate level. The ones that the supervisor deems necessary would be a level 3, level 2, and a level 1. With each level comes pay increases. If you get so many positive evaluations you get promoted. This level of accountability would change the game completely. I know I wouldn't mind paying a level 3 official $100 a level 2 Official $75 and a level 1 official $60 a night. You could also be demoted from level 3 to level 2. This would keep officials from getting complacent. There is not an official in the game that wouldn't try to do a better job if they had something specific to work for. If ebay can do it, why not TSSAA. Am I the only one who thinks this could help the game?
  4. As a coach, my biggest concern is that we have absolutely no say in the whole process. We are the ones who invest our lives in this stuff. We are the ones that sacrifice so much to impact the lives of young people, yet we can't provide any evaluations for officials. Officials and the TSSAA have all the power. The sad part about it is this. I make about $4000 a year. If a ref works 60 nights in a season they make $4500. They make more than me and invest a third the time. They can T me up and throw me out of the game when I get out of line, but when they make a mistake I can't do or say anything about it. After all, the host schools have to pay the officials. At our school this money comes out of the basketball account. I would like to know that if I am going to pay for a service that I could at least be able to do a quality assurance evaluation. If there is one thing that I have learned its this, if you want to get at the TSSAA you have to attack them where it hurts the most. In their pocket book. [b]All coaches throughout the state should not play any hall of fame games until we can evaluate officials. If we take action then they will take notice.[/b] I will guarantee that if nobody played a Hall of Fame next year and the TSSAA knew it was because we want to evaluate officials, within one year, we would have a process in place to provide feedback. We have to come together though, tell your coach. I will do my part in East Tennessee. Before I go. I want to say that I think their are good officials and their are bad officials. I would just like to be able to have a voice in it
  5. I was pretty close in my prediction that the game would be in the low 60's. It would have been without the two overtimes. I had a feeling about a month ago that these two teams would tango for a chance to win it all. I talked to Butch in January and he asked me who the best in the East was and I told him Fulton. He asked me if I thought they could play with DC and if they could handle the Choctaw press and I said yes. As FLMS stated earlier. This is the first Jody Wright coached team that can really shoot, to go along with the lock down defense. Go Fulton. Keep at least one Gold Ball this side of the Tennessee River. Congratulations Dyer County on another great run.
  6. By the way. I am not a Temple fan or supporter. I am just a coach who has had the opportunity to see him play 3 or 4 times.
  7. I never said Sexton was better than Elliott Williams. I only mentioned his name because he was not listed in the hundred or so names that beave posted. I would say he is a top three player in the junior class and on any given night the best of his class. His name is worth mentioning as one of the top players in the state. Very seldom can one say. This player or that player is hands down the best. Elliott Williams is probably the exception to that statement.
  8. I'm trying to rebuild the Rhea County program. We struggled to score this year, but we havn't worked hard enough to deserve anything but struggling. We will get there though.
  9. Not yet, but I think you played with the Poindexter, Corey Smith teams. You may be one of them.
  10. I've seen him play 4 or 5 times and it seems as if he always scores around 30 and almost never misses. You think he is not doing much and look up and he has 30. To me that is a sign of a tremendously great player.
  11. I was an Assistant with Butch's first state tournament team.
  12. Beavo5, I'm not going to get into an East/West debate. I used to coach Dyer County for crying out loud. I know there is more talent in the West. But, you have to give credit where credit is due. He is the best player that nobody knows about. 6'3 and can do it all. He scored 30 on Union City and he does it against everybody. He is not the best player in the state and I never said he was. He is however, one of the top Juniors. How many other players this year scored 30 on 11-16 shooting against Union City? The funny thing is... Is that he is all Temple really has, so you know Cisco had a game plan designed to stop him...
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