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  1. coachchannell

    Open game Tuesday Nov 20th

    Due to unexpected circumstances, there is an opening slot in the Oliver Springs Thanksgiving Classic on Tuesday November 20th. If available, please contact Boys basketball coach Brian Channell. [email protected]
  2. coachchannell

    Oliver Springs vs. Madison Magnet

    And what a great player / person she is. Hope all is going well! The truth about west , middle and east tn basketball is that it is nearly all the same. When these teams get together during the summer at Shelbyville team camp for example.... you could toss them all in a hat and mix them up and nobody would ever be able to tell a difference. Good players are good players and their zip code has nothing to do with it. For those of us that really love basketball we love the challenge of stepping up and competing. Sometimes your the bug and sometimes your the windshield but the fun is in the experience.
  3. coachchannell

    Oliver Springs vs. Madison Magnet

    Coach Christopher is a real class act. Oliver Springs is lucky to have her. I am especially proud of this years team and their coach. A tradition of getting to the state tournament is difficult to establish and even harder to keep alive and this years team was no dissappointment. Thanks for a fun season.
  4. coachchannell

    Oak Ridge vs. Oliver Springs

    Thanks for all the compliments on the schedule... I really worked hard on it. But so that all of you might have something more to talk about than how T. Wright watered down the schedule.... This years schedule was made with the boys team in mind. We discussed the schedule a lot and Coach Wright made many concessions and agreed to play lesser teams so that the boys might be more competitive. He does not run from a challenge... he would seek it out if he had a chance. High school sports tend to cycle. Oliver Spirings girls are on a high - unmatched in school history (while their boys are on a low). Oak Ridge girls are on a low by their standards. This year would have been a great year for them to play. But let's look at history... the OS vs OR match-up would not be pretty year in and year out. It has not been good for Alcoa's girls (who by the way is even smaller then OS) but the game has a lot of history and is very competitive for the boy's. It just goes to show that scheduling is a lot more difficult than any fan could ever imagine. Congradulations to OS on their high ranking... it is an honor but it is otherwise meaningless. Games are won and lost on the court... players play, coaches coach and sometimes the media recognizes a team for the recent and past success. We have great kids at OS and I am really proud of them.... both the girls and our boys basketball teams. thumb
  5. coachchannell

    Kingston vs OS

    5 OT will help the Bobcats but 6'5" in the paint is a challenge. The cats can win this game but they must play together and execute. If the game becomes a hot shot competition the cats could be in trouble. Coach Ingram will be back on the bench tonight after serving a two game suspension for a bogus ejection during the Roane County Classic. He will have a game plan but it will be the players responcibility to get the job done. Good luck, boys. thumb
  6. coachchannell

    OS, Anderson County and Loudon

    Just a few comments.... #1 Thanks for the bulletin board material!!! #2 Why in the world would you think that AC could beat OS in Oliver Springs when they could not get the job done on their own court. If anybody has an advantage on the small court it has to be the team that plays there everyday. #3 Rod is a good player but she is not the best player in the district. She could be listed in the top 5 but I feel the district really has no best player right now but has several pretty darn good ones. #4 AC is much improved from a year ago and learing to win is very difficult even if you have new players... add to that the fact that the new players are not accustomed to winning either and there is no reasonable expectation that the new players will help you over the hump. They are better but like other teams in their situation... learning to win is hard. #5 Has AC played Loudon yet? Talk about a team that has had a major change in philosophy with new players... WOW, they are going to be good. If there is a team that could challenge OS for the top spot in the district... I would give the nod to Loudon right now. That is not to say that others are not potential upsets in the making but from what I have seen... Loudon has my respect. Great Job Coach Collins!!!!!
  7. coachchannell

    Oliver Springs 64 Oneida 60

    I just have a few comments... First, it is not the coaching. I was not impressed with the ability of the Indian players. They had one kid that could really score but they did not defend with any intensity at all. I also thought that OS could have blown this game open early if there was more pressure because the Indians turned it over like crazy and a little pressure just made it worse. Just a few observations from an outsider. This is the only time I have seen them play and maybe my first impression is way off but from what I saw... I would get rid of the players not the coach.
  8. coachchannell

    Is Division II allowed on this board?

    The answer is simple. The girls and fans from private schools have other things to do than sit - reading and posting threads on a board covering high school sports. Don't take this the wrong way... they have true fans that are interested in their athletic programs but the fans from public schools are much more likely to have a greater interest. Because of this... they (we) tend to spend time reading and posting on sites like CoachT.com. I hope I have not insulted anybody.
  9. coachchannell

    Brooke Johnson

    Lauderdale... you were at the Loretto game and did not find me??? I am disappointed in you!!! Awesome post by the way - what is this about you not being a basketball coach? I seem to remember that as being a part of your resume. Thank you for keeping "my girls" in line for me. As should have been expected some people that maybe out of ignorance or just jealousy feel the need to run their mouth and create problems where there should be none. I am glad that Brooke is a strong person and will not let what idiots say effect her. I only wish I had her strength or character!!! But I am churlish and cannot help myself. If you can form an opinion about a player after only one game - you are better than the best recruiters in the country. I seem to remember that Seymour was in serious foul trouble in that game... Johnson had 4 in the first half if I remember correctly - that will effect how a player plays the game. I think she is a pretty darn good ball handler and passer - that is why I played her at the point guard position some when she was a freshman and sophomore. The fact that she shoots about 40% or so for a career from the 3 pt line would indicate that she is a fair shooter. The fact that she has scored over 2600 pts would indicate that she is a great scorer with very unselfish teammates. What makes Brooke the best player I have ever coached... 1. great hands 2. humility - she continues to work hard 3. good teamates Carson Newman got a steal. I am proud of Brooke and the rest of the Lady Eagles. I miss my girls but am proud of what they accomplished. Congradulations to Randy Moore and the rest of the Seymour Community. Lauderdale - don't be a stranger.
  10. coachchannell

    Who will be in the 'Boro? OS or Betsy

    Does anybody else see the irony of the Lady Bobcats from OZ playing the Cyclones. It may just be the fact that I have a 5 year old daughter and we watch too much TV or we just might have to look behind the curtain tonight and see who the wizzard really is. I wonder if we we will see the horse of a different color or maybe the munchins????
  11. coachchannell

    Predict Class AA, Region 2 Winner!

    There are many things in life that need to just be ignored... the comment by OS91 is one of them. OS palys Alcoa next - the biggest game of the year. Seymour plays Kingston next - in their biggest game of the year. Wednesday night excitement in Oliver Springs gym #2. Good luck to all of the participants.
  12. coachchannell

    Is AC is as good as eveyone says they are?

    I guess I can jump on the band wagon now. I have already written myself a note to buy some butter on my way home... just in case there is another one of those rolls that everybody seems to like so much. As far as Sliger goes... he is awesome - free throws were not his department. That responsibility fell directly on the head coach. If he would have done a better job of preparing his kids then we would not have lost. I guess the wednesday night game will be a western with the redskins chasing the herd. Be careful don't get scalped... it hurts.
  13. coachchannell

    Is AC is as good as eveyone says they are?

    Chill..... get a life. The only people on coach T this early in the morning are those thar are celebrating their teams victory and the rest of us drowing in our sorrow!!! Shouldn't you be doing something productive right about now like...... teaching or something???
  14. coachchannell

    What is the best team with the worst record?

    People that think that a good record is the measure of a quality team obviously know nothing about competition. I guess the year the Lady Vols lost more than 10 games and won the national championship... they stunk?!! Foolish people do not realized that in an honest high school program - there will be cycles of success. There will be years where there is no talent or the best players may be freshman. It is those situations that bring out the best in coaches. Anybody can coach talented teams... good coaches can make weak teams competitive. Usually ignorant "fans" or a parent of a upperclassman that gets passed by that cannot realize when a coach is doing a great job making a team competitive. People that are not biased know better. Coaches do there best to avoid these teams come tournament time because they are playing with fire and could likely get burned.
  15. coachchannell

    Seymour53, Heritage 50

    I have been to a few games at Seymour and can tell you without a doubt it is not the environment but the players that made the difference. Seymour is a player friendly gym... plenty of space, not to loud, etc. Seymour at Heritage more than likely was mental. Confidence breeds success and success breeds confidence. Congradulations to the Lady Eagles for making a huge step... continue to dream and work to achieve.