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  1. Farragut's gameplan vs top teams all year was to put service into the 18 and crash the goal. I am very surprised teams didnt park the bus in front of goal more often against them. Parking the bus is very common in higher levels of soccer and I respect the coach's decision to play this way. The players played it right, and they came up big. I am surprised to hear Farragut couldnt crack the code, but they never really game up against that style this year so I am assuming they were quite baffled as how to penetrate the back line. Cody would of definitely helped out their cause, such a shame him being out and all. I guess thats where experience comes in, I hope to see great things from him at Farragut in the future, great player. Congrats to Centennial and Farragut on a great year. p.s.- I have to comment on this "greatest TN HS soccer season ever" though. First off, I do not think this Farragut team is as good as say the Farragut/Bearden teams of 2000-2005 with all their accolades etc., but I do have to say that STAT wise it might of been the greatest TN HS soccer season ever if they had pulled it off. How many goals did Farragut let in this year? Like 5 or something? With 80+ goals? That is why it would of been a greater season. With all this said though, it didnt happen, so no use talking about it anymore.
  2. Nick Muth and Wayman need to be given a ton of credit. I think I saw them get beat once in the state tournament. ONE TIME..just one time they had to chase down a player or just block a shot. They SHUTDOWN the other team completely. If Wayman and Nick dont get All-State then it proves that the system is flawed. From Farragut there should be 4 or possibly 5 All-State Nominees. 1.Trevor Grieco 2.Ryan Stintion 3.Nick Muth 4.Wayman McClaughlin 5.either Sam Eddy or Brandon Klarnar All of these players absolutely dominated their competition in the tournament. Nick D'Salvatore or whatever his name is from Brentwood is so over-rated and would not stop talking trash the whole game. When down 2-0 he still would dis-respect the team. He needs to learn some class before he'll progress. Great year Farragut
  3. I definitely agree with your thoughts on Bearden being the only one to beat them, 4 times is very very tough to do.
  4. Yesterday...I didnt know the price of the admission...showed up to the gate...he said eight dollars to me....i pulled out my change drawer and started to count quarters when he handed me a ticket and said have a nice day..HAHA /roflol.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":roflol:" border="0" alt="roflol.gif" />
  5. State has been a little disappointing for me so far. I watched the Cleveland/Kingsbury game and was very shocked at the level of play on the field. I am not trying to put anyone down, but both teams resorted to kick ball within 20 minutes of the game starting. Kingsbury couldnt keep possession for more than one pass or a few feet of dribbling. Exception, the one player already mentioned in the forum. Cleveland had some good athletes that knew the game well but eventually the long ball game took over. As a neutral observer, throughout the game i started to pull for Kingsbury because they were not getting very many calls to go there way, beside the questionable PK that was awarded. Very poor game to watch, I expected lots more from a highly rated Cleveland team. Farragut vs Hendersonville. This was also another shocker to me. Farragut came out strong and pretty much dominated the first half. They scored off of what I thought was a great football smart play by both the distributer and scorer on the play. Play was live, both refs were supposed to be live, both plays see gap, threw ball played, great turn and finish by Sam. I was not in a great position to see the refs positioning but its not the players fault they werent doing their job. 1-0 Farragut. Farragut bombarded the goal mouth for 15 minutes after that missing two easy sitters in front of goal. Farragut also had two good chances from corners that narrowly missed. Both should of atleast hit frame from there postion. Should of been 3-0 4-0 going into half. Halftime. Hendersonville comes out with a high pressure oriented system. Sort of resorted to a long ball style game. Farragut adapted to the game and buckled down on defense and rarely let Hendersonville have a look on frame. Farragut keeper made maybe one competitive save the whole second half. Farragut almost picked up a goal with about 15 left when a Farragut player attempted a 30 yard chip on the keeper. Perfect chip but keeper makes great save at last second. Farragut had about two more attacks that should of been played back across front of goal to teamates for an easy finish but both players instead shot right to keeper. Should of easily had two goals there. Intense game, good tackling by both teams. I feel they both respected eachother and realized that it might of been the toughest game they would have in the tournament. Although intense, both teams lacked the finishing instinct. Farragut will have to learn to put the ball on frame if they wish to advance. Cleveland-Farragut Should be a good game. I hope that the ball is possessed a little more so we can see the true skill of the players come out. Based on what I saw yesterday, I see Farragut winning this one like 2-0 3-0 possibly. This only if they can find the frame with their shots. If they still cant finish, I could see a 0-0 game going into overtime. I just dont see Farraguts D getting beaten at all. Good luck to both teams.
  6. I know I know, but what the heck, im still calling it. No one on these boards has real conversations regarding the games or future games anymore. Its all about bashing and score predictions with no real material behind the pick. I use to love getting on here and talking soccer with tons of knowledgeable people. Now, I can hardly find a topic worth posting on. When the boards go back to the old way (knowledgeable discussions)...I will start to take them seriously again. Yes, being on top puts an inordinate amount of pressure on you, but at the same time it gives you a good level of confidence. Having confidence and being cocky are so different. I know that I, and all my team-mates at Farragut never underestimated anyone and took every game seriously. We were confident but not cocky. I for one, know that this years class and next years senior classes are just the same. They may have the pressure on them, but I believe they can handle it. One thing people never give credit to Wally for is that he is always able to remain calm and collected during the most intense games. I believe that has rubbed off on the Farragut program and all of its athletes. This may sound cocky to some, but I just believe that this is what makes Farragut, Farragut. If it were different, I believe I would see more people picking other teams in big contests. I may be going out on a limb with that prediction, but hey..maybe it will start some decent discussion. By the way, will I have the pleasure of meeting you today?
  7. I am glad I can make your day MVM. If you come I'll bring you a La-Z-Boy to sit in right beside me. Not only that, ill bring a copy of the Iliad and Odyssey we can dive into before and after the game. Im sure that would brighten your day even more!
  8. /roflol.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":roflol:" border="0" alt="roflol.gif" /> Eurosport Scoreboard /roflol.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":roflol:" border="0" alt="roflol.gif" />
  9. I hate to see it, but I think BigG is bringing home another title. BigG not saying that because I have anything against you, im just one of those guys who likes to see the trophies spread around. You have definitely earned it though, dont get me wrong. Your team works their butt off every game and I hope to see that tradition continue at CAK. CAK for the A/AA State Championship game. I hate to see it, but I think BigG is bringing home another title. BigG not saying that because I have anything against you, im just one of those guys who likes to see the trophies spread around. You have definitely earned it though, dont get me wrong. Your team works their butt off every game and I hope to see that tradition continue at CAK. CAK for the A/AA State Championship game.
  10. Farragut 2 Hendersonville 0 Farragut will avenge last years teams early exit, Farragut for the State Championship. And I will make a bold statement again this year as I did last year. I will predict a state tournament win next year for Farragut. I dont see anyone at all troubling Farragut next year. Sorry, but the core of that team is just wayyyy wayy to strong. I said the same thing last summer about Farragut this year and I hope it comes true. Good Luck to all!
  11. Dins my friend, I respect your statement that this team is better than last year, skilled coaches and students of the game standing in the stands are usually a better source for the level of the team than the players. Although I will never admit to any of the players playing now that they are better!! /roflol.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":roflol:" border="0" alt="roflol.gif" /> You got one thing spot on though, CBHS vs Farragut is a tremendous match-up, I wish that you could of seen that match-up last year. I know that everyone on the team last year will admit its probably the most intense game we played last year. Im pretty sure that CB would say the same. This year would be no different.
  12. I will be watching the tournament for the first time from the stands this year. I tried not to expose myself last year while playing, but it would be great to meet some other CoachT'ers now that im out. I will most likely try to go to everygame I can while there. Ill be wearing an Aston Villa jersey the first day, dont be afraid to say hi.
  13. Hey Ucsoccer are you boone? cause im really really good friends with all the 88 Stars team and I believe that they got second in state the year your talking about. if so man, let me know. my best friend is Ben Lawson so im sure you would know him
  14. If I am reading this correctly, you are about to go where you do not want to go. Ill end this now so there is no further discussion regarding this post. Just STOP..NOW..and this forum will remain pleasant. I am not one to jump on other people, but do NOT go there. To change the subject for the better, can some one please post the dates of the games leading up to the AAA state final( regionals, sub-state, and state tournament. That would be a great help to me.
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