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  1. I've seen both ND and Greenville up close this year and this should be a barn burner. I'll be under the tent for this one. Lets hope the weather is kind to us.
  2. I noticed in AAA Walker Valley is playing Lincoln Co. in sub state....fresh blood coming to the state tourney. Question, Lincoln County???? Walker Valley??? The times they are a Changin.....
  3. What stands out in these scores is Knox Grace.....I saw them last year and I know they were very young, but to beat Catholic like that, Whoa. Can someone fill in some details about these two teams.
  4. MVM

    District Results

    I've seen CPA, Page, ND, and CCS. All four are very good teams. JMO, Anyone of these teams could beat each on any given day.
  5. Booger your late, I had Walker Valley in my poll before they played EHHS.
  6. Now that I've seen most of the teams in the area this is what Ive got... 1) Gps 2) McMinn Co. 3) ND 4) EHHS 5) Walker Valley 6) Signal 7) Grace 8) CCS 9) Baylor
  7. Thats a good win for McMinn, But remember the season doesn't really start until the post season.
  8. MVM

    What Say You

    Thanks Booger....This expand this a bit 9-16 ND vs East Hamilton... Signal Mtn vs CCS Brentwood vs Franklin Knox Catholic Vs CAK 9-18 Boyd vs CSAS Clev vs Bradley Seq. vs Marion Baylor vs CCS
  9. I think this was a dig at the Fighting Lepercauns. But let me add this. I have a lot of respect for Richard, Patrick and Jim S. all three are excellent coaches and make the game better. But just for you Booger the next time I see them I'll ask what their favorite salad dressing is.
  10. Drop DB and Hendersonville move Seagul and Farragut down insert McMinn Co. and East Hamilton and I think you would be close.
  11. This post is all over the place. Tarp Coacht has an un-written rule. Don't drink and post.
  12. MVM

    What Say You

    I thought all you private school parents were great in math, since you have so much money to count.
  13. MVM

    What Say You

    Week of 9/9 You pick'em Bradley vs Walker GPS vs ND Hixson vs Sweetwater McMinn County vs EHHS Clev. vs Soddy Tie Breaker is.. Rhea vs Warren Booger your in charge of keeping a running total.
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