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  1. Many of our area girls and boys are Super..! Super sophmores, Freshman, Junior, and seniors from various schools in and around the McMinn area.
  2. Awesome.! The Frog bball was actually confusing me I thought you were referring to Frog Soccer : ) Onto HS BBall now.! Will give you a shout this season.
  3. Ohhhhh ...! LoL I had several friends help hone the refs skills in bball and soccer : ) But it sounds like you were the grand daddy of all the yellers.! Perhaps a grand daughter that i might know from my oldest daughters era. Is that little trailer i sold you still holding up?
  4. LoL, yes you would think I could have made a better prediction since the game was over Congrats to all the winners.! Another great season in the books and 2 more High School seasons left for AAA on the girls side.
  5. We for sure let em know when we disagreed back in the day. Still waiting for your daughter to show up at our practice in the spring.! Its never to late.!
  6. AAA's AAA pick was right!!!! Team that gets beat by another team that many times just gets harder and harder to beat and then a few odd things happen and all of a sudden its a different game. I bet that was an amazing game.! Great job for both teams.!
  7. AAA's picks. Alcoa Greenville Ravenwood
  8. Just figured it out, took a while You seem to be quite Froggy about basketball. Only a few parents could hang with me at showing support and cheering on all the great referees in the area.! The final key was in your name blitzinbuc.!
  9. AAA's AAA Pick for State Champion..! Ravenwood beats Brentwood (Just because its hard to beat a team that many times)
  10. I knew where you was going with this comment. The video that we will never get to see.....
  11. Wait its coming in clearer now. Brentwood picked to win for sure..! Tough break for Maryville, but hey look where you ended.! Amazing.!
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