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    Mercy Rule

    4 more years left for me on an 11 consecutive year run of being in the HS parents section. Will be in Chatt for a game vs Baylor Tues. Should be a fun game. I noticed ND not on our schedule that’s a shame.

    Mercy Rule

    You are still keeping up with soccer.! Didn't want to start a new thread but hear ND and CCS was a good game.

    Three classes for soccer!

    I am assuming this conversation ended somewhere after this. You know what builds a good program.? A feeder program, a club team, start one. Instead of trying to level everyone up, I think enrollment is good by the way. Start a club, educate your coaches, work your way up. No one said it is easy, there are countless examples of schools that evolved from recreational player heavy teams to Club player teams. It doesn't happen overnight, it takes planning, pooling resources, having people willing to work to finally get things in order. It is possible but everyone else until you do will continue to dominate. That's life.

    Brackets are up!

    Ahh I remember when I first met Booger, hard to track down. ðŸ˜
  5. Irish r looking good from what I seen. Man I missed the pre-game Maybe next time. I was trying to watch my oldest on my phone and watch my middle on the field. Didn't have much time to look around. Good overall team quickness. As always a coach that gets it done.

    Big Preseason Matches and Scores

    Just making sure u were paying attention BucNick.! A+

    Big Preseason Matches and Scores

    McMinn County lost to Clarksville.

    Big Preseason Matches and Scores

    Anyone want to report the scores? I know its preseason but it makes things a little more interesting when u see the score.

    Preseason Predictions?

    I think GPS is in a good position for another title great coach and only lost a few Sr's. Baylor is supposed to be up, but that has yet to be seen but its Baylor. Irish always seem to be at the top and again great coaching. Would like to hear some of their thoughts. I don't think AAA has a state contender out of Chatt but East Hamilton will be strong with McMinn striving to prove themselves early in their very tough schedule. Soddy will be more of a factor this season with a few key players being older as well and a coach that recently has impressed me.

    Preseason Predictions?

    Irish good coach, GPS good coach, and Baylor good coach and should be strong this year with some help from McMinn CCS has a strong freshman class to compliment the girls that didn't graduate. Grace has a great coach that can play soccer, what! Just watch for flying water bottles. Had to say it. McMinn reloads (yes I said reloads) with good freshman class of 11 competitive players with many upperclassmen that are ready to show what they can do that were hidden by the 8 Sr players that graduated.

    can u believe GPS won state (young bunch?)

    McMinn County school board has a policy in place that requires the coach to be from the mcMinn County school system. I don't know how many school districts have this rule.

    can u believe GPS won state (young bunch?)

    Congrats to all chatt teams. Next year will be another strong year I expect. ND loses some strong seniors from the back and CCS loses some senior top players while GPS loses a few also but the future looks bright. McMinn Reloads (not rebuilds) next year with a lot of young talent already in place just temporarily overshadowed by the big sr class. Also have a lot of strong incoming freshman.! Good luck to everyone in the competitive season I will be back on the sideline next year when my AA daughter moves up.

    can u believe GPS won state (young bunch?)

    Well I guess I am the only one that was excited to see a Chatt area team bring home the state championship..!! I was a little slow making this post. I had to absorb our defeat and then look to see who all the winners were. GREAT JOB GPS..!! Young team, bright future, great leadership Sr's and obviously the coach had to do something right..
  14. What's your opinion as to how such a young bunch pulled that off?

    Best Grass soccer surface in TN

    I am going to throw McMinns field in the list. The Club and HS have done an excellent job preserving the field. Grass has looked great all year every year. When some have wanted to reduce funding for field maintenance the majority have remained strong and the field looks great.