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  1. That was a pretty good game. Shots were close to same etc. Can't believe Lipscomb missed the PK but it helped out UT-C. AK was for sure keeping Lipscomb occupied on the outside. Great shot from the middle and man she was wide open. Glad we went to watch the game.
  2. I wasn't aware he was a legend either.! I know I have shook Joe's hand a few times.!! I have also met Booger and shook his hand but of course I think he may have got kicked out of the Notre Dame HS game I was at also. : ) So I am feeling pretty fortunate at this time knowing that I have been in the presence of two legends.! At the rate I am going I think it is very likely I have met PlayersCoach and don't even know it.
  3. A long time ago i knew the Anderson's, good folks. I watched AK play CB for WPSL and come up and play some forward as well. My crew may be able to make it to the UTC vs Lipscomb game thats in Chatt this season. We want to see both sides play and it works out schedule wise for us so hopefully we can catch one UTC game.
  4. LoL Ok sounds reasonable. I am looking at 3 schedules wondering how we can best divide and conquer.! So I doubt I make any UTC games. I can't wait for the first College games to start for my girls this weekend. HS has already worked in a couple Scrimmages but the real stuff starts next week.
  5. That doesn't sound like a Booger comment for some reason. Something missing.
  6. Any news on scrimmages being played or coming up ? Scrimmages in my opinion allow coaches to not worry so much and try out different options so I don't put much stock in it, but none the less its still starts the hype for the fall.!
  7. If PC is juggling 3 schedules this fall with 2 college and one HS. I feel for you PC..
  8. I have two playing college soccer this fall and one in HS. : ) LU grad finishing masters at BC and last year of eligibility. BC, Ky freshman, and one Sophmore in HS and a 3 year old
  9. Ha ha.. better send that to Mountain Vol I jumped in. Who was the TTU player? I try to keep up with everyone but you always end up paying more attention to a handful of the universities and who they are recruiting. I am not sure I know one player that plays for TTU amazingly enough.
  10. I know this was meant for Mountain Vol but, I had the pleasure of watching AK this summer during a game. Very good presence on the field on defense or in the attack. I have watched her play at different games over the years since she was a youth player since I have daughters that span an 11 year range of soccer I get to watch a LOT of soccer. UT-C got a good one with her. Good kid to top it all off.
  11. Yes and that Soddy Coach always seems to get the most out of who he has year after year. I would never want to play him twice if I were coaching against him. I think MCHS and Soddy meet at Region and a big game between East Hamilton and McMinn Central is inevitable. Baylor graduated a few Senior girls right? GPS seems to have a strong group returning from the competitive girls I have seen in the off season and the coach is very good at maximizing his available girls as well. Chatt should have some exciting soccer Fall I agree.
  12. mucilage does have a defensible position making the statement Just sayin.. : )
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