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  1. Been shacked up in the Hut for so long I thinking of changing my name to Puff Daddy.....! No need to write while I can still read.....! I been stirring pots for so long I'm a dang gourmet chef by now. This game is gonna go 2 ways.....Greenback is going to score more than 21 and win or be held to less than 21 and get beat. I think the Indian O is operating much better now and may be able to control the clock some. If I was in Vegas and money was passing hands, I would put it on a Tribal Team. See what I did there.....didn't give up my crew but operating on logic at the same time. I sincerely encourage Lambo to throw the sink at them....you can't could his teams out ever. Kazamorito
  2. I don't actually recall what year I started out but there isn't a name out there that I have yet to not recognize. I guess that just means I am a heck of a lot older than I would like to be. All the chatter back then was new and interesting.....seems like the seasons just folded into one another. Not hard to be a local and support the boys, I guess just like any thing else ones interest just kind of fades into the years. I also know most of us that are still kicking "check in" every once in a while, to see if the "shop" is still humming. If my boys ever make it back before I croak.....your gonna get an earful from the JuJu Hut/Peace Pipe Smoking/Spirit Lord himself......Kazam37......
  3. You know....before I sign off 2.....there is just enough here to warrant obviously a look at the impropriety. Without any clear validation to support my assumption.....this is NOT an act pulled off by just three guys holding three poles on one play. Location....location....location. Good luck South Greene Football Players....sucks that a bunch of grown ups sullied your representation. Kaz
  4. Still missed it Imthayeti.......Key Words: Cheated Kids Kazzy
  5. The rules are to allow equality. One team had to gain 12 yards and the other just had to go 10. Another pic shows clearly the ruled interception was in fact a incomplete pass. (of course that is human error and not a "tactical" move.) You know I am not even lobbying about that particular play.....just indicating that there is a huge difference in normal human perception and INTENTIONAL human perception. The crew intentionally moved those chains to avert the possibility that Oneida legally obtained a first down. The ref's perception was that the DB had the ball all the way to the ground when that actually did not happen. The difference is the ref was calling what he thought had occurred in that split second. The chain crew conspired to create an unequal and unfair challenge for the visiting team. What part of WRONG are you morons having a hard time understanding? Kazalino
  6. The boys were playing.....the adults, well they were not. The Morons in this case are the ones trying to justify (with their pants around their ankles) the actions of men that in this case, is complete and visual act of cheating. Someone merits punishment (again I am not saying the kids) at South Greene....the TSSAA does nothing here then they are obviously not going to be perceived as a very effective governing body. Fact remains, there is visual proof which should easily hold up in a courtroom or executive board. Kaz
  7. Typical for the guilty to paint a picture the way they wish it could be viewed. I wasn't there, but if you show me a picture of a duck....I'm going to say that is a duck. The men on that chain gang are blantant cheaters and having been on a sideline before there is no earthly way that a coach is not, at least aware of down and distance EVERY SINGLE PLAY. (Both sides) I say this to point out the obvious.....Oneida and South Greene coaches had to have some indication of inappropriate behavior involving the yardage markers. I am certain that Oneida Coaches (present and former) would have kicked any chain gang crew to high heaven if they had observed what is in that video. The rolling tape in the middle of the game is as factual now as it was in real time. TSSAA has documented proof of cheating....they should fine the school or punish them for their disregard to sportsmanship. Hear me correctly....I am not saying change the score or results, but what they did was wrong, and when we do something wrong in society it gets punished. Why should it be different in this case. Kaz
  8. I thought I had someone snooping around in the Hut....! Hard to see through all the smoke. Then again so many pass through the Hut, they just tend to think it is a corridor through the Great Smoky Mountains. I gonna say OHS wins this game by 6....and everyone will be on pins and needles for the entire four quarters. The Devils better pay attention because we can throw it again,,,,,the pass offense is starting to take shape. If we hit a couple of shots, they could win by more than 6....just feel like this group can explode on you when you least expect it. That GP game was a real eye opener. Kazzy
  9. So.....I went to the game. What......the Jet fired up, so I flew to the mountains. I can't help it if I tend to mimic The Nature Boy from time to time. Plus I needed some herbal plants for work back at the JuJu Hut.....you can only get them in a place called the Dagger's Point. Another story, another time. GP was big and looked the part in the pre-game. One of them strapping lads passed me and I swear the earth shook a little. However, Lambo had his troops tuned in from the moment they left the bus. GP has a nice little villa in the hills, and if you look around you can easily get caught up with all the nice things. That isn't a poke the bear comment either, I am sure the kids up there are quite proud of their facilities. Just saying the place can be quite intimidating....! Run....pass....we can argue how it was utilized all evening, but the bottom line is the Tribe did what was most effective at that moment. #5 was running the heck out of it and so was every other RB we tried. Even idiots realize if it is working don't fool with it.....and I am certain we can throw better this year. I have already seen bits and pieces of it, we had a dropped TD that was put right where it should have been. It was a nice test, and I'm sure Coach Lambert will enjoy the weekend then high tail it back to the bunker to get ready for Wartburg. Good game boys....! Kazzanity
  10. Good Luck to the Indians and Coach Lambert as they get ready for two road trips. Better make sure we get this one, since everyone seems to think GP is the stiffer test. IMO, they are all tough or you wouldn't even line up. No one enters thinking they don't have a chance when the score starts dead even. Kazanity
  11. GP is probably a no, but if anything changes I might drive up. The Juju Hut is particular busy this go round. I guess I'll have to wait and let the smoke clear before I assess things with football. Kaz
  12. Kazowwee.........another season....!!!!! GBO. Oneida wins. Lock horns with GP next week. Call it 27-6 Kaz
  13. kazam37

    Post Season

    AD......I got off the laptop and didn't really get back to it until today. Very good Alcoa side....I found no surprises at the game, your team is very organized and very deliberate with the ball. We had no answer for the speed you possess on the parameter....unfortunately the two fastest guys on our squad were in an arm sling and on crutches. I am glad our kids pushed to this point, they just had little left and a good team (which you guys are) will often confirm that assessment. I think you all will do well in M'boro and would be no surprise if you equal your girl's team accomplishment. Anyways, I just wanted to wish you luck and keep this site updated so I will know how you do. Best of luck....! Kazanity
  14. kazam37

    Post Season

    Well, looks like we are headed to Tornado Alley. I won't lie.....the Oneida team Alcoa is facing is a very beat up group and injuries continue to pile up. With 19 players on the team, the depth is getting razor thin. To date, the Indians have suffered broken foot, broken collarbone, broken foot, blown knee, heat exhaustion (since returned), intestinal injury, and player left the team. Those are not exaggerations or excuses....we will definitely show up and play Saturday. The boys that are still fit to play have shown a ton of heart. CG can tell you we just keep at it and we won't quit. I look forward to standing with the boys....they should be admired for their resolve. Win or lose won't crack the intensity of this team's play. Have all the respect in the world for Alcoa....they have always been a respected program. Kazano
  15. kazam37

    Post Season

    Replying to BigG and Boog......yes, I have returned verbally but I have never really left. I figured it was just best that I listen and learn....as things unfold out there. Love the Rip Van Kaz.....man, your wit is getting close to par with mine. Perhaps some day we'll open up a comedy club and give the masses more....! G, always checking in on your posts.....information tends to stick to you like Velcro. Heck, I'm just honored you two noticed. Kazalito
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