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  1. If we win the Prediction is: Oneida - 24 Meigs Co - 18
  2. So I am going to say that intelligence would be to say that Meigs wins this one with ease. I have never been one to be the brightest bulb in the room. The kids will need to play flawless to get things done. I was surprised at some of our success last time except we didn't get to the finish line very well. Prediction: Meigs Co - 20 Oneida - 10 Kazeeto
  3. Certainly the edge is with Meigs Co., but Lambo will show up with his boys ready to play. The paper victory has already been decided....but at least they still play the one on the field. There, anything can happen.....!! I would be surprised if the Tribe isn't ready to play. Kazzy
  4. Certainly the edge is with Meigs Co., but Lambo will show up with his boys ready to play. The paper victory has already been decided....but at least they still play the one on the field. There, anything can happen.....!! I would be surprised if the Tribe isn't ready to play. Kazzy
  5. As usual it seems a lot of us are leading with our heart instead of our head when it comes to game predictions. It really is a virtual toss up because they seem to be carbon copies of each other. (at least physically) IDK who is going to win but I still think it will come down to either teams kicking game. If one team finds yardage in the air, it will make for a great advantage. Kosmo
  6. I have to say this game is going to boil down to one or two things. Look this statistic number up at the end of the game.....passing yardage and special teams points (field goal, P/KO return for TD, maybe even the extra point). The team that is most productive in these two areas will win this game. From the film I have seen....the two prefer to punch relentlessly at the other teams defense with those big backs until it wears them down. They sprinkle in pass plays to try and keep the D on the other side from loading up on them, but without sacrificing their identity.....the team that should win is the one that can find success outside of their wheelhouse. It is no secret they have good backs and solid line play.....what is the factor that separates the two? Could be the ability to throw successfully. Kazantity
  7. I do not believe the temp or weather will be much of a factor Friday. Both of these teams have seen more than their share of games in this environment. Both are probably well equipped to be "mudders". It can be colder than a witches #### and neither one of these teams will be too effected by it. Kaz
  8. Some would say the forward pass would constitute a trick play in Lambo's book....! Of course, now I am going to have to retire to the JuJu Hut to keep him from killing me for making that joke. Seriously, in a game of this magnitude....you should consider anything you think will work. I wouldn't think Lambert will keep anything in his pocket if he thinks it will give his team an edge. In a perfect world for him they will jump on them like they did on North and milk out some clock. Kaloon
  9. Crow...….I haven't seen a soul yet that you can't hold your own with....If you are out in a sea of trouble....I will throw a life buoy at ya....! Katatori
  10. Yeah, in fact studying film isn't necessarily going to make you a genius against the Tribe. I have seen four different versions of this group. I have seen the power running, the open offense with a passing game, special teams deciding the outcome, and whatever in the heck that Coalfield thing was (they are rarely that careless with the ball) Hampton could see any version of the four, although I am betting the Indians won't turn it over 7 times. Then again, film don't lie.....! Kazooooooo
  11. Hello Guv.....just chiming in from the JuJu Hut....! How is all the Flair-aholics. I have had an extended stay on Space Mountain and the Rocket Ride to the top has been psychedelic...! Glad to see all the Kings....Royalty (Pujo)….Uknowit…..and the rest of you old farts are still riding the mule. Can say a little about the game, but other than my orange bleeding heart, don't really have too much investment tied to the kids. Looks like points are going to be hard to get than a date with me in the JuJu hut. That wacky smoke is holy ground for the Transcontinental Space Travelers. Oh yeah, back to the game. Hampton will have to stop Thunder Boy and Lightning. Oneida will need to continue to lean on their defense as well. I gonna go out on a limb and say the outcome might be decided by special team play or whichever team has the most success passing. Look at these two stats at the end of the game.....passing yardage or special team points. Call it a hunch....? Kazalooloo
  12. I think: Alcoa Greenville Brentwood Still impressed with Maryville....the started playing really well. I think they were considered to be rebuilding somewhat and they are ahead of schedule. Greenville has been fairly consistent over time, you will be good to beat them. Alcoa is a gritty team....they probably the biggest surprise, but they have worn the bully suit well. Good luck to all
  13. Who going to win the title games. I think the East teams are strong. Alcoa is playing with house money....can they get the pay off against Signal? Maryville and Science Hill were pretty stout in the East as well. How is it going to go tomorrow? Kazzy
  14. Been shacked up in the Hut for so long I thinking of changing my name to Puff Daddy.....! No need to write while I can still read.....! I been stirring pots for so long I'm a dang gourmet chef by now. This game is gonna go 2 ways.....Greenback is going to score more than 21 and win or be held to less than 21 and get beat. I think the Indian O is operating much better now and may be able to control the clock some. If I was in Vegas and money was passing hands, I would put it on a Tribal Team. See what I did there.....didn't give up my crew but operating on logic at the same time. I sincerely encourage Lambo to throw the sink at them....you can't could his teams out ever. Kazamorito
  15. I don't actually recall what year I started out but there isn't a name out there that I have yet to not recognize. I guess that just means I am a heck of a lot older than I would like to be. All the chatter back then was new and interesting.....seems like the seasons just folded into one another. Not hard to be a local and support the boys, I guess just like any thing else ones interest just kind of fades into the years. I also know most of us that are still kicking "check in" every once in a while, to see if the "shop" is still humming. If my boys ever make it back before I croak.....your gonna get an earful from the JuJu Hut/Peace Pipe Smoking/Spirit Lord himself......Kazam37......
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