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  1. In defense of the fellow yelling "Snap their necks!": I was also at the game and am not from either school, not even from a school in the same division. This was actually my first Division II game to watch all season; I consider myself to be objective, though don't we all...? Anyway, my assistant coach and I both heard the yells of the fellow you're speaking of, and were sitting quite close to him. He was yelling "Snap that net!" -- encouraging his team to score a goal. My friend and I then listened carefully because we'd never heard scoring a goal spoken of in that fashion (and thought it was really humorous); but it was clear that is what he was saying. He cheered his team on throughout the entire game (rarely using what I would call common soccer lingo). I also noted that this man only encouraged his own team's players. He never spoke a bad word about the referees or other team's players. There were some that did so, but nothing remotely close to "snap their necks."
  2. BigG, I appreciate both your attitude and encouragement. I want you to know that I have noticed the manner in which you treat others -- with respect and love. It is a pleasure to have you as a fellow coach. On the subject, I have to go with CAK 3 Hume Fogg 1. I believe Hume Fogg has fought hard to be where they are, and certainly deserve to be there. I also know they have as good a chance as anyone to take advantage of mistakes and/or mismatches. But having seen both teams play several matches (and coached against one of them), I have to take CAK as a heavy favorite.
  3. $7 should be for entry w/ the parking free. Siegel Complex does not allow groups using their fields to charge for parking. And I believe entry works the same as in the past, where once you're in, you can stay for the remainder of that day's games. I haven't seen fields 5 and 10, etc, but we played our District and Regional finals on the Championship Field. It was in pretty good shape, though probably not as green as last year. I think the cold spells hurt us all on that -- everyone but Columbia Academy anyway. I think the Murfreesboro Soccer Club uses all the numbered fields pretty heavily...
  4. The Daily News Journal (Murfreesboro) came to our (MTCS) regional championship and sectional / sub-state match. Throughout the season, though, we'd have our opponents' local papers even at our home games, interviewing afterwards and the like -- never the DNJ. MTCS has never before this year won even their first round of the district tournament, and this year the guys advanced to the round of 16; they also more than doubled the school's record for soccer wins in a season. The DNJ did do one really good write-up during our season (at the point where we were 9-0), but rarely did much with individual games. I am surprised at how little attention is paid to soccer in both the DNJ and in The Tennessean.
  5. Would it help any if we let A play separate from AA? That would create more meaningful competition for the A teams at least...
  6. I'll be there for most of the A/AA matches and for nearly everything on Saturday...
  7. It was 3-1 on the PKs.
  8. I believe the newspaper said 4-2 - Notre Dame over Boyd-Buchanan.
  9. So how'd the game go? How were the goals scored?
  10. MTCS (2) Stefan Arnold (1) Brad Dye Dylan Hagewood (1) Justin Sims Jonathan Sims
  11. Spring Hill is the District 11 A/AA Champion. 0-0 in regulation, the game went to PKs. Spring Hill 3 MTCS 2 Congratulations and good luck to both teams.
  12. Spring Hill won in PKs. The score was 0-0 at the end of regulation and all the overtimes. It was a great game. I thought both teams played really well -- definitely high tension. They do not pay us enough to go through nights like tonight...
  13. Semi-Finals Tuesday, May 8 MTCS 4 Forrest 1 Spring Hill 4 Page 2 Championship (@ Siegel Complex, M'boro) Thursday, May 10 6:30 MTCS vs. Spring Hill
  14. We haven't played on it yet, but I went out two weeks ago to look at it (when I signed the contract). All the cold spells have not been good for it, but it still looked pretty good. My guess is that after the recent rain and warm weather, though, it is probably greatly improved. I think it'll be in really great shape by Spring Fling.
  15. Semi-Finals (@ Siegel Complex, M'boro) Tuesday, May 8 5:30 MTCS vs. Forrest 7:30 Page vs. Spring Hill Championship (@ Siegel Complex, M'boro) Thursday, May 10 6:30
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