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  1. rockwood has to get by morristown west before they win the tournament. not sure if they are ready for that.
  2. i agree that west will be number one. they have 7 strong seniors back this year that have a lot of expierience together as well as tough games so that will give them an advantage.
  3. how can morristown east or greeneville defend the conference when they didn't win it last year. last time i checked the trojans were number one and cocke county finished number two. so i find it hard for a team to defend a team that they didn't win last year. and yes the trojans are talked about a lot, but why shouldn't they be because they always seem to finish at the top every single year.
  4. the west high trojans should be pretty tough this year. i look for them to be goin pretty deep.
  5. heard don woods of morristown west was leavin. an anybody confirm?
  6. i believe that how south did give west a fit at the begining of the game, west came out the second half and gave south a fit with a near comeback. when east did score 21 south went on to score 41 straight. so they couldn't have gave them much of a challenge the whole time
  7. yes there were four unsportsmanlike penalties during the south game. and no they were not all by the same person. this is a statement made by someone who just jumped to conclusion becuase i know that they don't state the number of a player during high school games so how do you know who exactly they were on?
  8. i wish there was a way for both teams to lose this one. greeneville has done something this year that suprised us all. greenway finally stayed out of trouble and showed what he can do if he finishes a season seeing as how he couldn't through football or baseball last year. and curt phillips is a talented athlete problem is he knows it and doesn't fall short of tellin ya. everyone talked about him getting punched in the west game, and maybe with his attitude the way it is a punch is just what he needed and maybe deserved a couple more.
  9. i have heard a few things saying that don woods of west will be stepping down.
  10. i hope south doyle beats db, because of the way db acts when they win. they are very unsportsman like and try to show off. south doyle does both takes defeat and wins well. they don't try to make it seem like you don't belong on the field with them. i think that this reflects on the coaches and in this case south doyle coachs are teaching there players more then the db coaches are.
  11. the hands are considered part of the bat, this has happened to me before with being hit in the hands, the ump yelled foul ball and we continued the bat. the batters box is for the batter, interference cannot be called. this again happened to be, a runner from my team ran to third and i was in the box and made no attempt to move. the cather threw the ball away and the coach of the team said i was in the way. the umps met and discussed that there's no rule about the batter having to leave the box seeing as how it is the spot he is supposed to stay. after a dropped third strike a batter can be called out if he leaves the baseline. no part of the batter can be out of the box when he makes contact, if noticed the batter is out. on a ball thrown out a play the runner gets one baseball and if he is on his way to one he gets that one plus another. the runners may advance on a infield fly, this rule only is there for the fielders. the only one out of an infield fly is the batter, so therefore if the ball is not caught the runners may advance. a pitch that bounces may be hit. there is no rule saying it is dead. the batter can swing and hit any ball that is thrown. the pitcher does not have to come set the pick off, the only time he has to come set is before he goes to the plate.
  12. i have been told by numerous amounts of people that, that was what happened to him. i wasn't just going out and telling facts i heard at school. most the people at my school don't even know who he is. so don't say i'm spreadin stuff that i don't know what i'm talking about when so many people have said that it was what happened. not matter how sad it maybe.
  13. chase was a heck of an athlete and it was sad that this is the news that everyone has to hear about him. i just hope people that are close to him realize what drugs and alcohol will do to you and stay away from him. because i know the family would hate to lose another
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