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  1. Good luck to Omar at Georgetown. He chose a great program and university. Would've liked to have seen him in a Seahawk jersey instead since I'm a UNCW graduate but he can't go wrong with Georgetown.
  2. Heard this from a friend in Johnson City today. Is this true?
  3. Is this post a joke? Greeneville has nothing on Science Hill. Greeneville will have a hard time playing with the Toppers. This will be no contest.
  4. This goes out to all the Sullivan Central fans. Quit crying! It's getting old. Science Hill played two hard-fought games against two great teams. The fact is SH played better and came out on top. I get sick of seeing other schools whine because their schools can't make it past the first round. You come and play hard and you have as good a shot as advancing as the Hill. Plain and simple, put up or shut up.
  5. Twin Springs is horrible. BA is awesome.
  6. Nothing was "handed" to SH. They played a very hard-fought game with a good team from VA. SH played a great second half and made it to the second round. Is anyone else tired of hearing other schools cry because SH plays hard and wins? I know I am.
  7. Who's the kid from DB that transferred to wrestle at Science Hill?
  8. Science Hill won. I heard the score was 73-63
  9. Weatherford may be a good 3 pt shooter, but Omar is a much better all-around player. If these two played a game 1 on 1 Omar would dominate.
  10. Does anyone know anything about this year's team? I know Emmanuelle Reid movied to Virginia over the summer. He was a good player so that's a tough loss. SH still has Wattad, who is a big threat, but who else is good? I really don't know much about this year's team.
  11. A lot of people counted SH out early in the season because they're a very young team(I think most of them are sophmores or juniors). I think a lot of people are finally taking notice and realize they have a solid group of girls that can compete with anybody.
  12. I thought I already proved this when I told my story about a DB/SH game 3 years ago when DB parents started cheering after one of their girls took a swing(she missed of course)at a SH player. It's always nice to have some backup in proving my points though. Anyways nice win Greeneville!
  13. They're DB fans, excuse is their middle name. They get it from their coach I guess. From what I've heard Greeneville has a very good team. It should be a good game and the better team will come out on top. All of this talking will be settled on the field.
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