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  1. District tournament at Gibson Co, Regional tournament at UTM.
  2. Howard is a great player who has been allowed to play her true position for 4 yrs, which has allowed her to amass tremendous stats. In contrast Alexander is a great kid who was offered by the same schools at the same 2/3 position, while having to mostly play in the post for Riverdale. Still able to achieve almost 1,800 Pts and 800 rebs. Both will make tremendous impacts(Howard at Kentucky)&(Alexander at Vanderbilt). They'll compete against each other for the next 4 yrs and it should be fun watching! Don't be surprised if both make the SEC all freshman team!
  3. Mitchell is always good! Not sure why people would even say otherwise! SMH!
  4. I'll be there! I live in the boro! I have no issues with Middleton, matter of fact I've talked to Coach Burkley prior to a couple of his girls playing for me on my summer team. My last and only point is you keep saying the refs gave us the game, but we're up 10 with 3 min left, but started taking crazy shots, making crazy passes instead of milking the clock. You're talking about 1 FT that cost yall the game, but IMO and others can look and give their opinion. I feel like the Middleton player should have been called for a charge! He missed 1st FT long, the 2nd was long and as you can tell in the video, he left the FT line before the ball touched the rim. Have a good day! https://youtu.be/5k25sF1M5ts
  5. 12thmanGCA, I just followed you and Tyler on twitter! See you guys next week in the boro!
  6. Dude I'm 47 yrs old! A Humboldt win or loss doesn't pay my bills, so it's not that serious for me! I don't have to just say that! It was a lane violation at a horrible time for yall! Great time for Humboldt, but bad for yall! My point is you're saying the ref's gave Humboldt the game, my point is Humboldt's play the last 3 minutes caused the OT! That's it! Nothing more, nothing less! Look at the write up from the Jackson sun. Up 10, you run clock, you don't try dribbling through a press, making crazy passes, etc-you chill and milk a little clock! Had they done that, there wouldn't have been an OT! So your saying it's the refs fault, I'm saying it's Humboldts fault! HUMBOLDT — With 4:18 left, the Humboldt boys basketball team was cruising toward a berth into the Class A state tournament. "We got careless with the ball there, but when you are in a game like this, you have to stay on point every single second," Humboldt coahc Ron Abernathy said. "With a team as good as they are, you have to. They were well prepared, and I expected that."
  7. You can't teach size! Have to game plan around that type of size though! I'm sure Humboldt's staff will have a strategy, but that's some size for a Single A school
  8. BooYah3x, I'm a Viking alum and don't believe in talking smack! yall have a great team, but what happened on the FT's was the young man shot the 1st one long, then did so on the 2nd and you could tell his mind was ok this is long, let me go get the rebound! For yall it's unfortunate, but it was clearly a lane violation. Had it been called earlier in the game, you guys would not be as upset (which I understand), but it was clearly a lane violation. Actually thought, the Humboldt blew that lead for no reason! We're up 10 with 3 min left, but didn't run any clock! I'm not sure why we didn't take a little air out the ball, then I don't believe it would've ever come to an OT. Anyway yall have a great team and had a great season!
  9. mboro


    Wow! Yea my Vikings got careless and darn near loss the game! Up 10 with 2:15 and instead of running some clock, they turned the ball over time after time! Great job by Middleton! Congrats to the Vikings!
  10. mboro


    No disrespect to Greenfield, but their gym is like extra small! At least humboldt has decent seating.
  11. mboro


    Common sense! Lol! Dude there's no way you'll get me to believe if UC was hosting the regional tournament that you would say, hey lets have the tournament at Bethel! No way!
  12. mboro


    Why is this a big deal just because it's Humboldt? Thats the rule for the entire state, it's not just for this region. I'm confused! Was it not in south fulton or some other smaller gym a couple of years ago?
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