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  1. Collinwood should be the team to beat . They have almost everyone back. Montgomery was district MVP last year and with W. Pigg, T. Roberson, P. Risner, K. Ray, A. Littlejohn and others they should be very hard to beat. Wayne County has S. Ray, K. Kelly, J.Bevis (returning starters) with I. Powell, C. Camfield, T. Brown, and they will have several younger guys play as well. Freshman B. Bevis, Preston Rice (starter in camp) and D. Mathis will play big parts this year. WC could add big man Daniel Devers to the team who has moved back to town. Stown has several players back as well. They have Luke Scott (All District) T. McGill (injured last year) Perry and a few other players (guard) that their names are not coming to mind. Stown should be better as well.
  2. Wayne County has gotten better each week after the BIG Flop in C'wood. WC is 4-3 but a couple of plays away from being 6-1. Had they played just a sloppy game against C'wood they would be 5-2 but they played the worst game that I have ever seen and lost by 6 inches. That dropped TD pass in the endzone against Riverside plays heavy too. Our coaches have done a great job of player asscessment and trying to get the players into position to win some games. Looking down at the teams CA has played and looking at the teams WC has played and this should be a really good game. I really believe with WC's progress that the Wildcats come away the the win.
  3. Jacob Farrar will be the man for Richland in this game. He can shoot the 3 ball and handles the ball extremely well. He has been quite for the most part but will be big tomorrow. Good luck Richland Raiders!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Make Region 6 proud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. They only beat Wayne County by 1. Have a nice trip home!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. I haven't seen GCA play but that does not matter. I think that Richland will take this game by 10. Close game but Richland will push it to 10 late by hitting their free throws. Richland likes the three ball as well and if Cody Jordon (no relation to Mike) gets a hot streak going like he did against Wayne County, then GCA will get beat by more. Good Luck Richland from Region 6 (D12).
  6. Congrats from Wayne County!!!!!!!!!! Would love to see another rematch between Richland & MTP in the Championship..... Go Region 6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. I watched both games last night and either game could have turned out differently than it did. From what I saw, I feel that MTP has the inside game and that Richland has the outside game. Both teams are completely different with completely different type of athletes as well. I think that if Richland can keep MTP out of the paint and force them to shoot the outside shot then Richland will win this game but if not then MTP will win. This is going to be a game of athletes vs shooters. I would like to see Richland pull it out.
  8. I will have to say that it was two good games. Both D12 teams came up a little short but fought hard until the end. Good luck D11 teams make Region 6A proud. I will say congrads to the Wayne County team for coming along way from the first of the season. You guys fought hard until the end.
  9. I understand that, but by splitting boys & girls (sometimes you have too) you split the fans as well. Someone needs to figure out a way to cut down on the travel expenses too. In the District 12A tourney this year (Hosted by Perry County) both of the Perry County teams were put out early, and the other schools had to travel a long way to play. We had Summertown/Collinwood & Loretto/ Wayne County girls and Collinwood/Wayne County & Loretto/Stown boys traveling several miles to Perry County each night to play. In such cases as this why not move the tourney to a more local gym to finish. I really think that more people would have attended the finals had the games been closer. By splitting the boys & girls and having to travel so far it really cut the crowd down. I guess that there isn't an easy way to do it but some adjustments could be made in order to help out the expense factor.
  10. I have not seen you guys play this year but I have kept up with your games and rankings. You all have had a good season so far and I've noticed that you have several scorers on your team. Look for WC to give you all a good game tonight but it will depend on which team shows up for WC.
  11. I doubt any of us will have anything to do with the outcome of the game. I just hope that you miss your predictions or at least the Richland & WC game. I think that the MTP & Cwood game will be a very good game with Cwood coming out on top. I think that if WC comes to play, that game too will be a good game but if WC comes out flat then it will be a long night for the Cats.
  12. I hope that your predictions are about like your spelling, a little off. Go Cats!!!!
  13. I like you. Great picks. If WC players will relax early then they will have a chance. What did Stown do to hang in with Richland? It looked like Boatwright (28 points) had a great game.
  14. If WC comes out firing like they did against Cully then it will be a very good game. If WC stalls around like they did against Cwood in championship then it will be bad for WC. Ray & Kelly had 8 treys between them with another by Keeton Kelly and Big Country had 15 points. Good Luck Wildcats don't let up now.
  15. I will go with this. WC played hard last night and had about 3 chances to put the game away but Didn't Finish. WC has not blown anybody out this year and I don't see it here either. Cwood has the depth and I think that they have the talent to finish in the top 2. 11A has the odds in their favor this year though.
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