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  1. PCsupporter4life

    Summertown v Huntingtondon

    Going by what I seen Monday against Loretto, Huntingdon is not better than Summertown. Yes they have height but their shooters missed a ton of shots and they turned the ball over a lot. I feel like if Summertown continues to shoot as good as they do they should have no problem with them. But it's a Region Championship game and anything could happen but if I had to pick i'd say Summertown by 15.
  2. PCsupporter4life

    Who wins new region 6 A

    The officials called 20 fouls on the Lady Vikings to the Lady Rebels 10. PC was up by 12 the entire game but the Lady Rebels made a lot of shots that a lot of people say they don't normally make. Still the Girls made big free throws when they needed to. I'm nervous about tomorrow's game but all in all just happy they made it to Lawrenceburg.
  3. PCsupporter4life

    Who wins new region 6 A

    You bet. I'll be there even after tomorrow's game against Summertown. People may not remember but the Lady Vikings were up 31-22 on the Lady Eagles at Summertown and leading 46-44 going to the fourth period but unfortunately the Lady Eagles are that good and knocked down a ton of shots and won 67-58. Hate to say it but we will have to have the help from God all mighty to beat Summertown at Lawrenceburg tomorrow night. I hope we make it a game but I do know this, that Lady Vikings will give it there all.
  4. PCsupporter4life

    District 12A

    Region 6A Schedule for Friday/ Saturday Collinwood (18-8) @ McKenzie (23-7), Saturday at 7 p.m. West Carroll (13-14) @ #8 Summertown (22-5) Friday at 7:30 Clarksburg (9-19) @ #9 Loretto (22-5) Friday at 7:30 Wayne County (20-8) @ Huntingdon (18-7) Saturday at 7 p.m.
  5. PCsupporter4life

    Who wins new region 6 A

    Tomorrow's Region 6A Schedule Collinwood Trojanettes (14-13) @ #2 Huntingdon Fillies (22-1) Clarksburg Lady Rockets (13-14) @ Loretto Lady Mustangs (19-8) West Carroll Lady War Eagles (5-25) @ #1 Summertown Lady Eagles (27-1) Perry County Lady Vikings (17-12) @ McKenzie Lady Rebels (16-13)
  6. PCsupporter4life

    District 12A

    Bracket is set to start on Tuesday night at 6 p.m. #5 Perry County @ #4 Collinwood #6 Frank Hughes @ #3 Summertown PC/CW winner vs. #1 Loretto, Friday at 5 p.m. at Wayne County FH/ST winner vs. #2 Wayne County, Friday at 8 p.m. at Wayne County Consolation Game, Saturday at 4:30 p.m. at Wayne County Championship Game, Saturday at 7:30 p.m. at Wayne County
  7. PCsupporter4life

    District 12A

    Bracket is set, starting Monday at 6 pm. #5 Wayne County @ #4 Collinwood #6 Frank Hughes @ #3 Perry County WC/CW winner vs. #1 Summertown, Friday at 3:30 FH/PC winner vs. #2 Loretto, Friday at 6:30 Consolation Game, Saturday at 3 p.m. Championship Game, Saturday at 6 p.m.
  8. Boys District 12A Tournament @ Wayne County Tuesday, Feb. 13th- #5 Perry County @ #4 Collinwood/ 6 p.m. @ Higher Seed Tuesday, Feb. 13th- #6 Frank Hughes @ #3 Summertown/ 6 p.m. @ Higher Seed Friday, Feb. 16th- PC/CW winner vs. #1 Loretto/ 5 p.m. @ Wayne County Friday, Feb. 16th- FH/ST winner vs. #2 Wayne County/ 8 p.m. @ Wayne County Saturday, Feb. 17th- Consolation Game/ 4:30 p.m. @ Wayne County Saturday, Feb. 17th- Championship Game/ 7:30 p.m. @ Wayne County
  9. Girls District 12A Tournament @ Wayne County Monday, Feb. 12th- #6 Frank Hughes @ #3 Perry County/ 6 p.m. @ Higher Seed Monday, Feb. 12th- #5 Wayne County @ #4 Collinwood/ 6 p.m. @ Higher Seed Friday. Feb. 16th- FH/PC winner vs. #2 Loretto/ 6:30 p.m. @ Wayne County Friday. Feb. 16th- WC/CW winner vs. #1 Summertown/ 3:30 p.m. @ Wayne County Saturday, Feb. 17th- Consolation Game/ 3:30 p.m. @ Wayne County Saturday, Feb. 17th- Championship Game/ 6 p.m. @ Wayne County
  10. PCsupporter4life

    District 10A Tournament

    If the school wants to be Division I, just let them. Not like they're winning state every single year like the teams in Memphis who has 80+ schools in their system and just for example: the best player from Memphis East could easily move to MAHS and play 1A ball. No one wants to talk about that. For what it's worth, CA will never go Division II unless something drastic happens.
  11. PCsupporter4life

    District 12A

    Only way the Lady Vikings can make it back to state is if they can beat Loretto AND Summertown. Can they do it? Yes but their big three #3, #14, and #40 have to have big games and really they've been playing better of late.
  12. PCsupporter4life

    Class A Miss Baketball

    Freed-Hardeman University signee Chynia Brooks (5'8) PG from Perry County- 21 games played this season: 20.2 PPG./ 10.6 RPG./ 3.6 APG
  13. PCsupporter4life

    District 12A

    Seems like even back when I played we never played good against Wayne County. We always "seemed" to have a better team but we never could get it going. This year is different. Wayne County is clearly the better team and when the Vikings box out and don't give up second, third, fourth chance points, they are a good team as well. But the thing is with the Vikings, they are like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get. One night they look like a top four team, the next they look like the bottom two. Three games in the district left and it looks like the 4/ 5 game Is going to be Collinwood and Perry County unless Summertown and Loretto start fading which the way Loretto played the last two nights that won't happen.
  14. PCsupporter4life

    District 12A

    Loretto went 11/ 19 from three, 2 fouls called the entire game (not joking, have the book beside me.) and Weathers had 29 and went 7/ 10 from three by himself, as well as the Vikings went 27% from the field. Just an ugly game
  15. PCsupporter4life

    District 12A

    Lady Vikings just can't get over the hump with the Lady Mustangs as Loretto won 59-40 last nigh at the barn and 49-39 in Linden. Lady Mustangs can't miss from three. They combined for a two day total of 22 three point makes. Lady Vikings made 8. Lady Vikings have to win out to get third place. Two games with Wayne County and a trip to Clifton.