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  1. This should be a dandy. Brothers from the east and the west of Linden taking on each other. Good luck to both teams this year! I gotta go with the Hole in the Wall in this one 21-18.
  2. Depth could be an issue with the Vikings. Saw on the roster they only have 25 players. Now that could be mainly because of a new coach. But there's over 50 kids in the junior pro program so hopefully the future will get brighter. For this season, hopefully they can win more than 1 or 2 games.
  3. Perry County brings back some good talent in their QB, RB, and some good receivers. Lost some talent in the trenches but should be better than last year. The Vikings are on their third head coach this decade with Calvin Zemer after Billy Sawyer had 6 years and a 8-52 record. East Hickman is coming off a 0-10 season but they were in a lot of games last year. How do yall see this playing out?
  4. Week 1 Schedule Perry County @ East Hickman Middleton @ Collinwood West Carroll @ Bruceton Houston County @ McEwen Wayne County @ Loretto Huntingdon @ McKenzie Here are my picks for Week 1. Good Luck to everyone this week.
  5. From 2001-02 season to the 2013-14 season, Coach Helton went 213-152 at Lewis County. Went to the Class AA state tournament in 2009-10. Before Lewis County, he was a head coach at Forrest and then an assistant at Mt. Juliet. He has 485 wins in his career. The last five years he has been the coach of the Franklin County Rebelettes and went 65-83. Went to the Region tournament every year but of course went up against the Murfreesboro teams of Riverdale, Blackman, Oakland, and Stewarts Creek. Should be a good hire for the Vikings and the future of this proud and historic program.
  6. Former Head Coach and now State Representative Kirk Haston has stepped down as Head Coach of the Vikings. He has been replaced by long time head girls coach of the Lewis County Panthers as well as Franklin County girls coach Larry Helton. Coach Helton said he admired the history of Perry County Basketball (Linden) and is looking forward to getting the team back to Murfreesboro. Coach Helton also said it was a dream come true to be the head coach at PCHS. More on this later.
  7. Been a while since I've been on here. I'm going to do my best to be on here a lot more this season as long as my job allows it. Missed you guys and gals.
  8. Perry County has a pretty good squad coming back. It's good to see that the future looks bright as the Junior Pro program restarted last year and played really well today at the Jamboree in Waverly. As for the High School team, new head coach Calvin Zemer replaces Billy Sawyer who went (8-52) in his 6 seasons. Coach Zemer has been the Offensive Coordinator for the Vikings for several years and is the OC for the middle school as well. We'll see how things go for the Vikings who are looking to try and win more than 1 game in a season for the first time since 2016 when they won 2. They haven't won more than 2 since 2012 when they went (3-7). Having said all that, all those kids from that time didn't play junior pro so hopefully the experience factor will be better for the future.
  9. Going by what I seen Monday against Loretto, Huntingdon is not better than Summertown. Yes they have height but their shooters missed a ton of shots and they turned the ball over a lot. I feel like if Summertown continues to shoot as good as they do they should have no problem with them. But it's a Region Championship game and anything could happen but if I had to pick i'd say Summertown by 15.
  10. The officials called 20 fouls on the Lady Vikings to the Lady Rebels 10. PC was up by 12 the entire game but the Lady Rebels made a lot of shots that a lot of people say they don't normally make. Still the Girls made big free throws when they needed to. I'm nervous about tomorrow's game but all in all just happy they made it to Lawrenceburg.
  11. You bet. I'll be there even after tomorrow's game against Summertown. People may not remember but the Lady Vikings were up 31-22 on the Lady Eagles at Summertown and leading 46-44 going to the fourth period but unfortunately the Lady Eagles are that good and knocked down a ton of shots and won 67-58. Hate to say it but we will have to have the help from God all mighty to beat Summertown at Lawrenceburg tomorrow night. I hope we make it a game but I do know this, that Lady Vikings will give it there all.
  12. Region 6A Schedule for Friday/ Saturday Collinwood (18-8) @ McKenzie (23-7), Saturday at 7 p.m. West Carroll (13-14) @ #8 Summertown (22-5) Friday at 7:30 Clarksburg (9-19) @ #9 Loretto (22-5) Friday at 7:30 Wayne County (20-8) @ Huntingdon (18-7) Saturday at 7 p.m.
  13. Tomorrow's Region 6A Schedule Collinwood Trojanettes (14-13) @ #2 Huntingdon Fillies (22-1) Clarksburg Lady Rockets (13-14) @ Loretto Lady Mustangs (19-8) West Carroll Lady War Eagles (5-25) @ #1 Summertown Lady Eagles (27-1) Perry County Lady Vikings (17-12) @ McKenzie Lady Rebels (16-13)
  14. Bracket is set to start on Tuesday night at 6 p.m. #5 Perry County @ #4 Collinwood #6 Frank Hughes @ #3 Summertown PC/CW winner vs. #1 Loretto, Friday at 5 p.m. at Wayne County FH/ST winner vs. #2 Wayne County, Friday at 8 p.m. at Wayne County Consolation Game, Saturday at 4:30 p.m. at Wayne County Championship Game, Saturday at 7:30 p.m. at Wayne County
  15. Bracket is set, starting Monday at 6 pm. #5 Wayne County @ #4 Collinwood #6 Frank Hughes @ #3 Perry County WC/CW winner vs. #1 Summertown, Friday at 3:30 FH/PC winner vs. #2 Loretto, Friday at 6:30 Consolation Game, Saturday at 3 p.m. Championship Game, Saturday at 6 p.m.
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