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  1. Last week, TISCA announced state would get moved back to Nashville. I think its the right decision. UT can't hold such a big meet unless the new pool is going to be ready. Besides, Nashville is the perfect location. Great pool (crappy scoreboard), centrally located, etc. Comments?
  2. Even though I'm an MBA fan, I definitely agree that that the refs were terrible last night. I don't see why there were so many penalties before the teams were even lined up. For both teams, there would be illegal procedure penalties before the center even had his hand on the ball. Yes, BA got the worst end of this crew, but MBA also had it pretty bad. You'd think that the best refs would be officiating the championship game.
  3. definitely dan mcgugin, mba. suddenly mba is a contender for the state title (still undefeated), despite an abysmal season last year
  4. Why the random comment with random numbers? It means nothing that MBA has a gay person, or that Enworth (geez, I really hate to bring this up, and I cannot be held liable for by next statement becasue the person has not been convicted or anything... well, you get the point) has a supposed child rapist on campus. You can't bring in the student body during a football game discussion board post. Please don't comment furthur on the whole rape issue, because it just isn't worth it.
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