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  1. Pickett Co. is still looking for a coach. Several have applied, but I think they are looking for the right fit and so far haven't found one. Joseph Amonett is taking the kids to camp the next two weeks but is only filling in for camps. This is still a premier job, so someone is gonna land in a gold mine, of a coaching job with all of the talent PC will have the next couple of years. As someone else said, Bibb isn't looking for coaching jobs, he is big into this "Zija" stuff and decided to pursue it instead of coaching and teaching.
  2. I give you this. JC has the best pitcher in the district, they have the best team, and they have a lot of really good players. But when its hard to tell the best player on your team, its hard to say he deserves it over Key. Evan has 8 home runs, I mis-stated that the other day, 4 at home, 4 on the road. So he has spread his around, they didn't just come at home. Don't try to down grade this kids ability by "cheapening" his home runs, I'm guessing some of you never hit one. I hit one, the hardest thing I have ever done, and couldn't tell someone how to hit a homerun, but this kid has done it game in and game out this year, and three of those homeruns have come on a bad hamstring, so don't try to take that away from him. These kids at JC have great stats too, I agree and I am not taking anything away from JC's kids, I'm just making the case for Key. He leads in HR's (8) I'm guessing, has a .475 avg 25 RBI's 19 runs and a .563 OBP. MVP is an individual award, it doesn't matter where your team finishes. Yes, a lot of the time, the MVP comes from the best teams, but not always, as swanson stated. Sometimes the best team has a lot of really good players, but not a player who "sticks" out. JC has that with Collier, but he's gonna get Pitcher of the Year, so he won't be elligible for this award. I believe that coaches will ultimately vote for Evan on Monday, cause offensively he is the "complete package" and defensively he has helped his team as well. Anyway that is just my opinion.
  3. The 10+ K's every night is what will get him Pitcher of the Year in district 7a, I have no argument there. He is the best pitcher in 7a. But this is something several have talked about on here. Unless there has been a rule change, Collier can not win both Pitcher or the year and Player of the year. When I played in '05 that was the rule, things change but I'm not aware if that rule has changed. If the rule is the same, then I believe Collier will undoubtedly will be Pitcher of the year. PC's is 295 down the left field line, 310 in center, and 305 down the RF line. I agree not the largest field. But Evan has been hitting the road with every homer at home this year, which is 320-325 in left center. Those would be homers anywhere including Jackson Co and Monterey. What I am saying is he isn't hitting cheap little homers (as you are suggesting), I believe he has 4 homers at home, and 3 on the road, including one at Jackson Co. The kid is hitting .456 and played 4 games with a hamstring so bad he could barely walk, and was still hitting home runs. What a MVP is, is the best Player on the team. I think Collier is the best player in the district, but because he will win Pitcher of the Year, he won't be eligible for Player of the year, so for that sake, you go around the rest of the teams and get their best player and you figure in Jackson Co's 2nd best player, and you choose from that group. I believe Evan will have better numbers and have meant more to his team than any of the rest of those players (not to take away from their seasons). I also take into account his defense, pitching, and leadership. He is just a solid all around player.
  4. Most Valuable Player, if the meaning is the same as the voting. No one has been more valuable to their team than Evan Key of Pickett Co. .459 average to this point, 7 HR, and 25 RBI's. To put it in perspective, No one else on his team has an average over .320, no one has more than 9 RBI's and no one else has more than one HR. So he is definately the MVP of his team, and should definitely be considered for MVP of the district. I think Collier get Pitcher of the year, but I'm like Swanson, I don't believe he can get both, or atleast that was the rule when I played.
  5. 7asuperfan

    District 7a

    PC and Monterey split their two district games Monday and Tuesday, Monterey winning @ Monterey 12-2 in six innings, PC winning @ PC 20-10 in five. Monterey is hitting like Monterey always does, but after their #1 pitcher, their is a significant drop off. PC is starting to show what they are capable of after a slow start (0-3).
  6. Come on Bobcats.....
  7. You're funny...You know what else is funny? That no one in that district could play a top 10 single a team and come with in 10 or 15 points of them. Whoever does end up playing in Substate will go down and get it handed them. Whoever wins the region may, and that's stretching it out there a bit, go to state, but will get beat badly much like Jackson County did a few years back! I would love to see a team like CCHS and PC were 4 or 5 years back when they could give most teams in Single A a great game, but those days are over and the fact is that the district is just weak! The district championship this year would finish around 3rd or 4th in the way the district used to be! Hit the nail on the head swanson. I think I would rather hear nails on a chalkboard than watch PC play this year, very frustrating, one game is awesome, next is plum pathetic. This district is very, very even, top to bottom. I have only see us play JC, so I'll just say this, Cross and Dowdy are the only two from PC who belong in the top ten. 4 and 5 years ago, even three with Wright, Logan, and Capps was fun to watch, but this district isn't even worthy of being called a shell of its old shelf. Maybe PC gets back on track next year with Hughes and Garrett coming up the ranks, but I think thats a lot of pressure to be putting on freshman. Maybe in two or three years this district comes back around, but right now, its just not very impressive basketball. But I still go to the games and pay my five dollars, cause what else is their to do?
  8. As senator said...this is a district that basically doesn't have a favorite. I think PC has been playing awful since they beat Jackson Co. They did not play very well against clarkrange and played awful offensively against FCS. I think PC is a team who is going to be in every game they play at home this year, and not play very well away from home. Jackson Co. is a tough place for us to play, Clay isn't that easy either, but clarkrange isn't, we just laid an egg that game. I still think this district will go to PC or JC or CC. This district doesn't have a dominant team, and doesn't have a dominant player either.
  9. Yeah some fans just can't accept transfers. I embrace it. I have no problem with Heady going to Clarkrange, no problem with Leonard going to JC. But Terrah went to Clinton Co. for one season because of the coaching situation, i think. That doesn't make her a transfer to me really. Gibson went to Clinton Co for a while in elementary school when her parents were teaching over there, don't consider that a transfer either. Fact is, this is the best team we've had in at least ten years, maybe longer. Everyone gets transfers, last year PC doesn't make it to state without Megan White, and where was she from? Livingston. Clarkrange will always get good players from York and Monterey, JC will get players for RBS and Macon Co., and PC will always get some transfers from LA and Clinton co. Thats just part of it. PC probably doesn't have that first state title without Melton and Meadows coming to PC instead of going to LA. Sorry to you folks you have to deal with these PC fans that think PC has never accepted a transfer....
  10. never? you mean as never in ever? Yeah, I said that ten years ago about PC was never going to lose to LA again, and that has happened. Now PC won't beat LA this season, they won't beat them next or the seasons to follow, but never? PC will get one again eventually. PC could get back to their glory days again, it may be ten years, but it'll happen. Never say never.
  11. First of all....some of these fans are crazy....they think the first game of the season will tell how the whole season will go. Is PC back to where they where 5 years ago? 10 years ago? Not even close, but this team is greatly improved from last year. Every team lays an egg now and then. RBS beat Clay a couple of years ago when Clay was supposedly great. I don't bank any kind of money on one single game until January comes. PC played LA really really well. PC losing by 18 or 20 to LA was better than anyone thought it would be. With about 5 mins left in that game PC had cut the lead to single digits. Now we all knew LA was going to win that game, but PC played pretty well that game. PC has 200 students, JC has like 500, LA has over a thousand folks, its harder to fill the gaps when you have less students to choose from. This particular team plays to its competition. If they play a good team, they play well...a bad team, they play poorly. I think it is funny how JC people talk about us struggling to be competitive in class a, when JC is so big that they should be classified as class aa. Right now PC is down, their is no doubt about that, but lets not say they are down for good. PC has got some players coming. It may be two or three years, but this program will be back competing for district and region championships before long. PC will play with JC and Clay Co. this season, trust me.
  12. Yeah cause you can just tell so much in preseason games and an alumni game with women who've got two and three kids. PC hasn't looked great in any game I've seen them play this season. They have beaten teams they should have beaten. But they got beat by LA pretty bad, and looked really bad in that game. I can't gauge this team yet, its too early. Tomorrow night will say a lot about PC when they play York.
  13. Papers tend to only know teams in their area. That's why I don't put much faith in the polls around the state. If you're talking about the Herald-Citizen or something, then I definitely won't put much faith in that. They only cover the upper-cumberland. LA won tonight, but I won't say that either team played very well. I've never seen a LA girls team shoot free throws so poorly. I mean they were simply awful. How much more rope is LA going to give their head coach? She's gonna be gone before long right? I mean they have gradually gotten worse every year she has been there.
  14. not a true shooter or ball handler? have you seen them play? you might oughta go watch... rich is one of the best pure shooters around here and garret can handle the ball like no other.. First of all, I don't watch jr. high b-ball, haven't went to a game since my brother played and I could barely stand to go then. I'm not trying to put down garrett or rich at all. I guess when I say the words pure shooter and pure point guard I'm thinking along the lines of Nathan Aaron/Jo Bailey and Tim Reagan/Andy Asberry/ John Crouch. Maybe Garrett could get to the level Andy and Tim where but when I say pure ball handler and pure shooters, I'm thinking of players like that. Garrett and Rich may get their, but at this point its still up in the air. Those 8th graders are large boys, they need to drop some weight (which they have already dropped some from last year) to continue to compete at a high level in high school. They will have to get some speed. Good kids though.
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