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  1. Unicoi seems like a very good team this year that deserves respect across the area no matter the classification. I also think they might have the best coach in the area, Coach English seems like a guy players would love to play for and would hustle their butts off for.
  2. Dare I say that your post just proved our dominance as a student section. You referred to the C-C-C ou cheer that we have made famous through out the years. When it all comes down to it,the good teams usually have some of the loudest student sections. East has a loud student section THIS year,however,I think that is just the product of having a good team for the first time in a while. Central has had a solid student section for about 4 years now. Either way,good teams get the job done no matter the student section,tonight,we will see who can get it done because Tenn High and Central both need this game tonight.
  3. Johnson Country will not challenge for the conference title next year. They will be solid,but they are just too small. I know Greeneville had small def tackles,but Johnson County's are really smal,like what seem to be 150 lb smalll. Tenn High and South will be able to run over them. Especially with the loss of Leonard,he brought a physical mentality to their team this year,someone is going to have to fill that role. It will be Tennessee High and South again for the conference title. Elizabethton and East will both be solid,and I think next year Central turns the corner and wins about 4 games. The athletes,coaches,and teams overall in the Mountain Lakes seem to get better by the year.
  4. This year Central has the type of team and PG to beat Tenn High. Our PG this year likes to drive and kick,which helps get better shots for the wings against that zone. It comes down to rebounds,free throws, and turnovers. Tn High isn't going to turn it over very much,so Central is going to have to limit theirs. Central is going to have to hold Tn High to one shot about 80% of the time to win. I feel like this game is a 5 point game that could go either way. But because its at Central,I'll give those 5 points to the Cougars. SCHS-55 THS-50
  5. Size wise Central's crowd will probably be pretty large again. However the goal is to remove some vulgarity and add a little wit.It will still be a great home court advantage.
  6. Maybe the problem is he is 6'9 and hasn't seen the floor for 2 years. And if he shoots better than 37% from 3 this year,since he has an outside game,I will take back every statement I have ever made. I just don't see it. He is 6'9,has soft touch around the goal,the kid should dominate. And I may want to change players around. But that's the point of these things,you gotta get your feet wet and know what to expect a little from each school. So, if he does as good as you say,I will be eating some crow, I know that. Thats a big if though. /thumb[1].gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":thumb:" border="0" alt="thumb[1].gif" />
  7. All I am saying is he shot good when I saw him play. And,I couldn't think of anyone else to put. There may be others,but I don't know them off the top of my head. I am sure there are some from the IMAC or Knoxville area that can shoot great too,but all I know is Big 9. Agree to Disagree ya know.
  8. I guess we can only wait to see them play. I am looking forward to being proven right here though.
  9. Maybe he was just on when I watched him. He made us pay for leaving him open though.
  10. Albright will surprise you. And I would put Adams in there,but he plays more of the 3 man I always thought,thats why I left him off the list. And I forgot Turnbull too. But Albright will surprise people,and I will never jump on the Flack bandwagon.
  11. 1. Isaac Snapp, can shoot off the dribble, off a screen, and with a defender on him. And then, in no particular order. Jason Rock- Interesting shot,but if he gets his feet set, I always expect it to go in. McConnel- Did see the game where he hit 8 three's. Still wanna see how confident he is in a varsity game though. Keith Cradic-Streaky shooter,seems to make everything in the 4th quarter. Corey Young-Don't leave him open,makes TN High go. I know my choices are big 9 Bias. But those are the only guys I see. I am sure there are other great shooters out there,but that is my top 5.
  12. Jordan Edwards-DB Kyle Barnes-Sullivan East Patrick Albright-Sullivan Central Dionte Gray-Science Hill Not necessarily in that order,but I would guess those are the 4 that will be on first and second team all conference at the end of the year.
  13. Jason Rock from Central shoots the 3. If he hits a couple in a row you better make sure someone is in his face the rest of the night,or he will send you home crying. Also. I am not a hater. But those 2 db guys you mentioned,that only played JV last year. Do they have nerves of steel,because I think I have seen Charlie Morgan psyche some people out. Like get them thinking if they miss a shot they are coming out of the game,that may affect some of these guys with no varsity experience. I am just curious to your opinions on that or if that has any truth to it at all. Go Cougars!
  14. Science Hill will probably move Chris Smith to the 2 guard and start that Danny Avery guy at the 3 spot.
  15. I would still take Edwards. I like how you quoted me saying finishing with contact like it wasn't a good thing. I would love to have a post player who constantly gets And 1's. I won't disagree that DB has other talented post players,an early poster said Flack may be POTY in the conference though. And I find that hard to believe when I don't think he is even the best post player on his team. Certain teams will just push him around. I also forgot about Barnes from East and a sleeper is Albright,a junior from Central,as far as best all around post players in the conference. And I don't know much about Maryville,but I do know they had a guy who was going to UT on a football scholarship. And that is what I said,this area(Big 9,IMAC) does not have the Athletes to compete with Memphis teams. I guess when I said East TN I should have been more focused on those 2 conferences. Frankly,I can't believe we are even talking about state when a regular season game hasn't been played,thats another story though. Anybody got any players we should expect break out years from?
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