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  1. Smashmouth, Tell him to keep working hard and he is doing good! I feel your pain! You couldn't even imagine what we have been through playing sports here! Especially Michael's senior year!
  2. What's up Phoenix? Long time my man! Hope you are doing well! Weaker schedule, but I see some improvement. Just heard we lost to Trousdale Co.? WTH? We've beat them twice already this year?
  3. Much respect to you bigmoney128! Stated your opinion and was proven wrong and admitted it! Most posters on here would still argue! Dooley is doing a fine job @ Tennessee IMO, but should have offered Cody! That's water under the bridge now! I'm a lifelong Vol fan, but I have two more teams to root for and go watch now! Lindsey Wilson Blue Raiders and Duke Blue Devils! So proud of these two young men and it's been a blessing to watch them progress over the years. Main thing is, these two schools are hard to get into and they have made the grades and a degree from them will boost thier futures! Work & play hard and good things will happen!
  4. Sounds promising! Keep the faith and encourage all our young men to work hard and support them! Got to keep building! GO PIONEERS!
  5. I've had to eat crow a time or two, but not like bigmoney128 now! I think he's going to get a major dose of food poisoning! Congrats to Cody & Michael and several other Pioneers should sign soon.
  6. If you want to play street ball, yeah we don't have the athletes. Teams with discipline and that play in control give them fits. The boys play hard and try their best for the style they are asked to play. Wild play causes turnovers and turnovers causes losses!
  7. Good to hear the team is working hard! Heard they dropped Lincoln Co. from schedule. Sad! Good pick up with Smith Co. though. Very good program. Soddy Daisy will probably take the place of Rhea Co.? Anyone know why only two coaches (Johnson & Evans) showed up @ the banquet this year? Disturbing!
  8. Truly one of the greatest high school football coaches ever! Wish Coach Thompson all the best and he is a true legend! Good Luck on your future plans from Warren County!
  9. Since you like to down this Senior class and the parents so much, why don't you let us know who you are so we can talk about it? I'm a senior parent and everyone including you know who I am and would love to talk to you (in person), if you are an adult. I don't know of anyone who said we would win the state championship. I did believe we would make the playoffs.
  10. The coaches have made several changes since our season started. Enlighten us on what you would do.
  11. To beat Cookeville, you have to play 4 quarters (special teams included) & limit your turnovers. Coach Joslin is one of the best coaches in the state and gets the most out of his players. Last year we dominated the game with over 300 yards of offense, but special teams cost us! Defense gave up 1 scoring drive. A bad snap recovered by the Cavaliers in the endzone and a kickoff return for a TD proved to decide the game. Go Pioneers!
  12. Yeah, the Jets were chanting stuff walking into the locker room at the half and when they came out, but they quickly got quiet when 2nd half play resumed.
  13. Close pick. Except Jets had 21 and the Pioneers had 43. Way to go Pioneers!
  14. Agree! Falcons schedule is one of the toughest, if not the toughest in the state! A few breaks here and there and they could've had a few wins! Good luck to Coach Thompson & the Falcons!
  15. Very classy post! This is why I can't get on here much anymore. Players are talked about like dogs. Northcutt has fumbled a few times the last few games (which has never been an issue with him), and no one feels worst about it than him and he has given his all to the program and has taken shots most players his size would make quit, a freshmen steps in as QB, throws some picks, but throws a TD and makes several good runs and all people want to talk about is the picks, a JR defends a girl from a abusive boyfriend and a few more have gotten into some trouble which they done thier best to make right and we still beat then down. We are getting drilled by teams we drilled last year and had only a few seniors (5 or 6) to graduate last year. Blame this year on the seniors all you want, I myself am very proud of them and the rest of the Pioneers over the years who have stuck it out and played thier heart out on Friday nights for us TRUE fans! And one more thing, Pioneer football players; we love you & wish you the best! Keep fighting hard!
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