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  1. Trousdale would be a good pick on 10-25
  2. Agree..... I could be wrong but Scott coached them to the semifinals one year
  3. Scott Meadows did a very good job in his 2 years there in the late 90's
  4. Not playing Stone Memorial I saw there schedule
  5. If York goes to 2A they will go East with Onieda, Wartburg and Rockwood
  6. Brian Pence Resigns at East Hickman replaced by..... Ken Johnson Resigns at Cumberland County replaced by..... AIvin Palmer Retires at Fayetteville replaced by..... John Mullinax Retired at Tellico Plains replaced by..... Ethan Edmiston Resigns at Sweetwater replaced by MIKE MARTIN Interim Kevin Orr-Rodriguez to be replaced at Boyd Buchanan by..... Thomas McPhail resigned at Hunters Lane replaced by..... Jerry Lowery has Resigns at White County replaced by MARK FRAZIER Trey Cantrell has resigned at Westview replaced by..... Lorenzo Barnes has resigned at Hillcrest replaced by..... Vic Wharton's tenure as Interim at Carter is over replaced by SCOTT MEADOWS Mike Dickerson has resigned at Smith County replaced by..... Glen Ryan has resigned at Walker Valley replaced by..... Kris Frady's tenure as Interim at Bledsoe County is over replaced by..... Jeff Robertson's tenure as Interim at Scott's Hill is over replaced by RENNARD WOODMORE Vernon Wright resigns at Clarksville Northwest replaced by NEIL FURNISH Scott Tillman resigns at Lipscomb Academy replaced by..... Sam Henderson's tenure as Interim at Melrose is over replaced by..... Rockvale High School will open in 2019 and there first Head Football Coach is..... Robin Jacobs Resigns at Brighton replaced by..... Mark Taylor is out at Jellico replaced by..... BRENT PEEL Mark Williams resigns at Gallatin replaced by..... Tim Haney resigns at Bartlett replaced by..... Mike Head resigns at Antioch replaced by.....
  7. Rhea County High School is looking for two home games for the 2019 season and have the following weeks open: Weeks 1, 4, 10. If you are interested, please contact Head Football Coach, Mark Pemberton: [email protected]
  8. Nope they did a private school game this year
  9. Well the weather was a major factor in the upper East Tennessee area. Hampton and Cloudland games look like mud bowls
  10. Was that the one who use call Wartburg... Fartburg or did I get him mixed up with someone else
  11. Yes it could with the right coach. Larry Kerr took over Union County 2 years ago when they was talking about shutting the program down and got to a winning season in year 2. Someone needs to come in and change the attitude in the school because it's not been the same since Stone Memorial opened
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