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  1. Meigs by whatever they want. Rockwood rb got hurt last night
  2. Better off eating in Crossville before heading up 127 north to Jamestown
  3. I agree... I was a little surprised Kingston was tied 22-22 in the 4th Qrt last night. Rockwood needs to find offense. Only scored 31 points in 3 games. Kingston my pick right now 28-14
  4. South Doyle is loaded this year so I wouldn't take that loss to seriously. This should be a good game. I can see a 28-21 type game either way
  5. It does not help most schools are charging $8 now for a football game
  6. They play Cumberland County week 2
  7. 1. Meigs Co. 2. Oneida 3. Rockwood 4. Wartburg 5. Cumberland Gap Rockwood- Oneida winner will be 2nd
  8. One year you have 6 home games. Make it happen
  9. Trousdale would be a good pick on 10-25
  10. Agree..... I could be wrong but Scott coached them to the semifinals one year
  11. Scott Meadows did a very good job in his 2 years there in the late 90's
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