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  1. yall got one of the best running backs in the area to go along with Tipton, and other two.......hopefully he can stay healthy. Golden ball is sps to lose.
  2. has been history with the family. Look at the older male.
  3. both pillage talent from surrounding areas.
  4. These two schools have a lot in common huh bass?
  5. Proving your worth with this statement. Why would they be scared of whitwell. This year Marion would have gotten spanked. Last year likely, jasper would have won that one. In fact, in order to dodge whitwell they schedule a state power at the time coalfield and 5a Rhea.....lol
  6. do any whitwell people know why the coach goes for two at odd times? I understand the sp game it was cold, but it almost cost the Tigers the game last week had they not hit the halfback pass. I hope this low scoring game doesnt come down to this.
  7. If this is the case then I expect Peabody to bring back another title. Those boys were very fast and physical 5 years ago.
  8. is This Peabody team as good or better than the one that played Mc in the finals 5 or so years ago?
  9. Whitwell played way better than they did last week. When ashworth went out we figured that it would be tough because the tigers would be one dimensional. Didnt matter though. Great game tigers, bring the 10th title to the valley
  10. even if ashworth comes back, he wont be mobile. he was limping pretty badly.
  11. rain is in Memphis, should be good until the ride home
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