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  1. Now that each team has played a good portion of their games, what are the records looking like?
  2. How about Ben Wallace cap. /laugh.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":lol:" border="0" alt="laugh.gif" />
  3. Where are the district and region games being played this year?
  4. I just saw where burns was stepping down as tournament director of the Arby's. Anyone know why? or who is going to be in charge of it from now on? Because if its the THS athletic director thats going to be in charge now then its all pretty much going to go down hill in my opinion.
  5. The losing team is always the team that cries about the refs. Thats all we have been hearing lately is about the refs. Now your saying Tennessee High hasnt had a good team since Spings, Sproles, and Wilson? Are you crazy? The team last year was good. They also had a team go to state a few years ago. So how can you say they havent had a good team since those guys played? For the record it shouldnt matter how bad the refs are if a team is up by 20, If the refs are as bad as you say, then why wouldnt the courgars just hold the ball. Apparently they werent as bad as your saying, otherwise your cougars would never have had a 20 point lead in the first place
  6. So are you saying if you say that someone needs to grow a sack, then they apparently dont go to church lol? if thats what your saying, that is stupid, do yourself a favor and dont respond to anyone's comments on this board. I personally think that is pretty funny myself and im sure a lot more people thought so as well.
  7. didnt that official propose to one of the coaches sisters from SH? or is that a different official?
  8. I agree cap. That was probably the funniest thing to happen at halftime in a while. I just cant believe they school administrators or administrator, because it just looked like one guy was making everyone stop, wouldnt let the students and fans get into the game. Just seemed like good clean entertainment to me. Seemed like it was a different guy doing all the pesteroing last year wasnt it?
  9. Heres an idea, why argue about stats, instead just do a little research and compare the playing time between the players he mentioned to the ones on the team this year? then either yours or his point will be proven
  10. Oh no you got me cap lol. Guess again
  11. Well I guess we all know who your the #1 fan of. So your saying you want Canty out past the 3 point line guarding Snapp? Isnt canty a post player? He would get handled if he tried that. If anything Play a box and 1 with Young on Snapp because that is more than likely your best defender.
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