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  1. Good point, but the parents haven't keep their noses out of athletics in OC in years. Maybe that is why there football program is where it is today. It is not only the parents who don't have a clue about athletics (which seems to be most of them), but it is parents who are look very highly looked up to. Preachers, administrators, old retire coaches (who really never was a real coach more of a manger in the 70's), oh and did I mention a preacher.
  2. Did Obion look better than JSS. It sounds like they did not. What about the running game everyone was talking about. People need to get off the coaches at OCCHS (Bowling, Driggers, and now Jackson) all three have won a lot in different programs. Maybe it is not the coaches that all it blamed, maybe it is the parents and players!!!!! That is the biggest problem in the county.
  3. South Side dominated the WHOLE game. OC is improved, but South Side dropped three touchdown passes. It could have gotten worse than it was.
  4. What about this game? I think Obion will upset South Side. Coach Jackson is a guru on the spread and Coach Driggers showed his coaching ability last year at Obion by going 0-10.
  5. Who are some teams to look out for after watching the F.C.A. 7 on 7 at USJ?
  6. obionpower1


    I heard the choice was Jim Glover.
  8. Any word on wheter the new coach will be an outsider? I probably should know this, but why did Coach Driggers leave in the first place? Would he have been an asset or would he had hurt the program that is already having difficulty?
  9. Any rumors on the new coaching prospect? You can go ahead and rule out a local candidate for the position. The Huss and Powell are against it for some reason.
  10. Any news on the new head coach? Rumor has Decker, Kendall, Gurschick, and a guy from out of state. I heard the guy from out of state is the first choice of the system wide A.D., but he is getting heat about hiring from within the county. Any truth in this?
  11. I agree. I don't think Kendall or Decker would be a bad choice. Also, I agree with how they treated Decker. Coach Driggers offered him to stay, but by that time the school system had already made the cut to deep. They are both good guys and hopefully one of the two will get the job. I just hope the system wide A.D. doesn't screw this hire up!!!!!!!
  12. Again, that is your choice. You deserve an award for that!!!!!!
  13. Just because our feeder school couldn't beat UC middle school, doesn't mean that they don't have some good players. I understand where you are coming from in regards to going to whatever school you want to coming out of middle school, but out of high school, I don't agree. But, you are right, it is none of my business. My kids would stay!
  14. I agree. You have to go with Decker or Kendell. They are both "home town" boys and they love the program. They know how the system works. Nothing against Hill, but he has NEVER stayed anywhere very long. This program needs stability! I think those two would be fine choses. However, I am telling you that Coach Gurshcik is a good coach (assistant under Driggers). I don't know that he will get a good shot. I do know that he has been interviewed for the job. Again, no disrespect to Coach Hill, he is a great coach, but we need someone in here who is going to ride out the storm the next two years. The freshman class has a chance to be very decent, if they stick together.
  15. I am glad your kids went to OC it is a great school and Obion is a great county. I am just sick and tired of people not being loyal! People act like they are division 1 prospect choosing where they want to go to college. It is not right! They need to go to school where they DECIDED to go in the first place. Sure, if there are special cucumstances I understand that, but just to transfer, it's not right. Plus, what are you telling your kids, when things aren't going well go somewhere else? Or you could tell them "What are YOU going to do to make it a positive difference"? And by the way, I DO KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON IN OCCHS!!!!!!!!!!!
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