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    Final Farewell

    It does not matter how much you tell yourself that there will be a final game at some point you are still not prepared. I can't believe 4 years can go by so fast. As I reflect this morning on the experience I read a letter that I wrote to my son back in November. I have debated putting it on a public forum because of it's private nature but feel it sums things up right now. As Kenny Chesney says: "Don't Blink" because it is all over so fast. Letter to My Son To most, this was another day with a moderate change of routine for your teammates, coaches, and close friends. The “signing†was not long and everyone hugged, congratulated, shook hands, took pictures, and went about their way. As I went back to my office and began working again I could not stop thinking about this journey we have been on as a family. It took roughly 17 seconds for you to sign your name on a piece of paper today. What no one saw or realized is it took 17 years to get to that moment in time. When you were 10 months old you would wake up in the middle of the night and we would sit in the kitchen and throw a ball back and forth. I suppose that is the first time we really played catch. I can’t count the hours and days that we have played catch since, but I do remember and cherish every moment of them. That is one thing I will miss the most I guess as you move on. That has been our time and sometimes really has nothing to do with baseball as we would talk about life. Sometimes we would say nothing and merely enjoy sharing time together doing something that we both love so much. When you were 4 you started signing baseballs. When asked why you simply said you were practicing. I always found it amazing that at 4 years old you knew exactly what you wanted to do in life. Many thought it was just a phase or “cuteâ€, maybe even me at the time, but you have never wavered on your dream of playing baseball. At the age of 11 your competitive side really came out. After losing a game on a bad call your coach had to go get you off an empty soccer field as you walked around in frustration. Even to this day when someone that was there says, “that was a foul ball†everyone cringes because they know what follows is a 20 minute rant on how that umpire missed the call and we should have won the game. At age 12 we went to Coopers Town. You and I standing in front of Nolan Ryan’s 7 no hitter hats with our arms around each other and tears rolling down our faces are priceless memories. A father and son’s shameless love of the game and more important love of each other. As you moved into your teenage years you never lost sight of the goal you set at 4 years old. You were willing to sacrifice many things in your life to focus on baseball. I never had to push you son because you took care of that yourself. You often pushed through pain and heartache to stay the course. This has been an amazing journey with you son. I am sure you don’t realize it but you have taught me many things along the way. We have laughed and we have cried. We have learned how to fail and succeed. We have learned how to be patient and endure. We have been humbled, angered and joyful. We have learned lessons that have made us closer, wiser, and stronger. Through it all – I would not change one thing son. I am excited that you can continue to play the sport that you (we) love so much. I can’t believe the 4 years of high school have flown by so fast. I will cherish every moment of your senior season this spring. We are very blessed that there will be more springs that will allow us to continue this journey. I could not be more proud today. Not just because you have reached one of your goals that you have worked so hard for, but because of the man you are becoming. Even if you never play another inning, we have been blessed to have the experiences baseball has given us through people, places, and each other. Most people believe that baseball is just a game. To us baseball is family. Thank you son for who you are and more important for who you will become in this journey we are taking together from a 10 month old in the kitchen to becoming a man!! Never stop chasing your dreams!! Love, Dad
  2. And just for the record - the umpire at one of our games was confused about simple rules - like substitutions. That is pretty disturbing when every game means so much at this point in the season.
  3. I would like to include my opinion - notice I say my opinion. Before everyone jumps on me about - YOU MUST HAVE LOST - let me say that 2 games we did and 2 games we did not. The overall umpiring in a STATE EVENT was very dissapointing in 2 of the four games - one we won and one we lost - it was about as bad as I have seen in high school. I would have expected umpires in the state tournament to have a much better understanding of the rules of the game. I would also expect a more consistent command of the plate - be bad or good but just be consistent. I get that it is "just a part of the game" but in an event that is as big as this I would expect a much more competent crew working these games. It is dissapointing that in the entire state we can't find better umpires that do not influence games and become part of the headlines. For what it is worth - I was NOT at the game that started this but in talking with many people that were and had no skin in the game they all said it was clearly a foul ball. Not that it would have mattered as all have said both pitchers were amazing - just pointing out a different opinion of many that have no dog in the fight and stating the argument that TSSAA should have a better review system for umpires allowed to participate at this level. Would we have won anyway - who knows - but I would have much rather our kids decide that and not the umpires.
  4. This is a fantastic hire of a great coach! Congratulations to Coach Bartlett. Well deserved! I agree: great news for Stewarts Creek program, big loss for Siegel.
  5. Like the runner out by 3 steps at 1st? - sure would have been nice to get that call right. lol I would have to say there were plenty of calls that went both ways. That was a fun series to watch and what impressed me the most was how much respect the players had for each other. Honestly I have not seen that in a Smyrna Riverdale series in 4 years. Both teams competed well and played the game the right way. Proud of the kids on both teams. Parents and fans are usually the ones that get in the way of great competition and sportsmanship. This is going to be a wild district year!! Every game will be a nail bitter. Good luck everyone.
  6. I predicted at the start of the year that 10 - 5 could win the district this year. I believe that even more after day 1. It is going to be a wide open district with lot's of ups and downs. In the 4 years of high school this is the most parity I have seen. There is no week or even game that you can take off. Things may start to shake out a little as the season progresses but if day 1 is anything like the season it will be a lot of fun to watch.
  7. Practice has been in full swing for a few weeks and everyone should have a couple of scrimmages behind them now. Now that you have gotten to see the teams in action how are they shaping up? I still think it will be a wide open district. Does anyone think there is a clear favorite starting to surface? Opening day less than 1 week away. Looking forward to a great spring.
  8. National Championship Game Football - Check Old Timers Banquet - Check Super Bowl - Check Groundhop Luncheon - Check Baseball is just around the corner. Finally!!!! It is going to be a great year. Hard to say if there is a clear favorite as years past. I think there are some really good teams this year in the district and more evenly matched than years past. Hard not to say Oakland will not be good with how they plaed last year and all the people they have returning. They will be strong. Yes, siegel has had a couple of key injuries but they have a lot of depth. I am sure some of the young guys will step up and they will be as competitive as always. Riverdale will have many spots to fill with new faces. Have to be patient this year at first with so many spots to replace from last year but they will be very competitive. Blackman will be good just not sure of their depth. Smyrna and LaVergne probably have the least amount of depth and biggest questions marks. Trying to put all of these in order is anyones guess and we would all be bias and put our own at top so let's just say it is going to be a more balanced district than the past few years. For what it is worth here is another opinion. Can't wait for the season to get here. Going to be an emotional one as it will be our last high school season. How did that happen???? Good luck everyone.
  9. govols10


    Good question came up today. With the new schools open in 7AAA what are the big rivalries in Rutherford County? I know that those native to Rutherford County still see Riverdale and Oakland as the biggest rivals. I would be interested to hear peoples thoughts on who the biggest rivals in the county are.
  10. BTW - Coach McGuire was the right choice for MTSU and could not have gone to a more deserving and hard working person!!!
  11. We played Hit after HIt and MTSU was there - I spoke to them after the game. We played after Hit after Hit at least twice this summer and MTSU was at both those games, yours and ours, different coaches each time. I watched Hit after Hit play another team this summer and MTSU coaches were at that game as well. Since you play most all of your games in local tournaments - including one that is ON CAMPUS AT MTSU - I gurantee they were at many of your games. Your comments are completely inaccurate and ignorant - just stating facts!!!!
  12. I don't usually get on here to debate games or respond to rants over umpires etc. but this time I am making an exception. Let me provide some insight as to what may have attributed to your high walk count: 1st = 2 Walks and 1 HBP 2nd = 1 Walk 5th = 2 Walks 8th = 1 Walk 1 HBP 1 Intentional Walk 9th = 1 Walk 10th = 1 Intentional Walk 1 HBP and 3 Walks The leadoff hitter was intentionally walked twice. I am guessing that the 3 hit batters jumped in front of strikes. Ask the kid with his eye swollen shut about "very good control". The umpires missed calls on both sides. You have a great team but lost. It is unfortunate anyone had to lose because it was one of the best high school games I have watched. Good luck with Walker Valley and win the most important one.
  13. Did I miss something and this thread get changed to Chattanooga area? I believe that 7AAA is the only district that had the 3 game series which would mean that other people have not been through a season to experience this before. Most of us could care less what other people think about it - people that live in this district and attend games here love the excitement and strategy that it generates. Of course everyone is welcome to their opinion but making judgements' on something you have no knowledge about or have never experienced gives it very little merit.
  14. I agree - 2 games is not a series and requires much less strategy. You may be on to something with the new high school. Just play 4 innings, clear the board and play 3 more. The next year is swaps and you play 3 innings clear the board and then play 4.
  15. This has to be one of the most dissapointing decisions in years. This moves the district back not forward and makes it no more interesting than the rest of the state. Everyone that I speak with outside of 7-AAA envy the 3 game format. That change in itself is bad enough but to also make the regular season basically mean nothing takes us from a district that others admired to one that makes them laugh. Here is an idea - how about giving the 5th and 6th seeds the first round bye in the tournament to further handicap the league. Sounds to me like many people have goals to win games and pad schedules instead of winning championships.
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