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  1. I think that men's high school volleyball has gained a small foot hold in the southern states. The Florida State High School Association has added boys' volleyball to their list of sanctioned sports in the spring. They have played for two or three years but with only one division across the state since it is still in the developing stage. Hopefully Florida has set a precedent for other states to follow!
  2. All games and times are listed in the order of the tournament format for other match-up possibilities. First Round (Saturday 2/22 at Hutchison) ECS/Bye TRA/St. Agnes - 12:00 Hutchison/Lausanne - 1:30 Bishop Byrne/IC - 3:00 SBEC/Bye Harding/St. Mary's - 4:30 FACS/St. Benedict - 6:00 Briarcrest/Catholic - 7:30 Quarterfinals (Monday 2/24 at MUS) Game #1 - 3:00 Game #2 - 4:30 Game #3 - 6:00 Game #4 - 7:30 Semifinals (Wedenesday 2/26 at MUS) Game #1 - 6:00 Game #2 - 7:30 Finals (Saturday 3/1 at MUS) Chanpionship Game - 6:00 Final three predictions to advance to sectionals: 1. ECS 2. Briarcrest 3. SBEC (dark horse)
  3. Even though this game didn't make "The Big Ones" list, it is huge in West TN. Great rivalry and intensity. ECS won the last meeting at B'crest 41-38. If ECS wins, they will be two games up in the region. If B'crest wins, it's a two-way tie for first. With the game being played at ECS and on a Friday night, does it get any better? You pick 'em and why!
  4. When FRHS played ECS she was on crutches with an ankle wrap and did not play. I don't know the extent of the injury or the time factor. Right now it's a big set back for FRHS. Hope she gets back soon.
  5. Correction. ECS beat Father Ryan WITH Pilkerton playing. She was held to only five points by an outstanding ECS defense. It was Archie who was out with a bum ankle.
  6. Now that most teams have plunged 6 or 7 games into their respective schedules, have their been any surprises or changes in mind for D-II girls basktetball? How about these predictions: Middle: Father Ryan (how long will Archie be out?) BGA Harpeth Hall East: GPS Baylor West: ECS Briarcrest ? [Edited by BaldEagle on 12-16-02 1:43P]
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