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  1. Knoxville Lady Eagles will be holding tryouts Saturday August 10 @ 4:00 PM at Alcoa High School. This team will play College Showcase and ASA.. For more information please call Mike 865-567-5278 or email [email protected]
  2. Knoxville Lady Eagles will be holding tryouts Saturday August 10 @ 1:00 PM at Alcoa High School. This is a new team forming. Coaches will be: Allison Barbee, Carolyn Williamson and Bethany Oglesby. All three coaches plays college softball and played for Knoxville Lady Eagles. For more information please call Allison Barbee 865-951-8593 or email [email protected]
  3. Knoxville Lady Eagles will hold tryouts Saturday August 10 @ 10:15 AM at Alcoa High School. This is a new team forming. Coaches will be: Emily Renner, Amanda Snow and Alecia Rhinehart. All three coaches are college players and played for the Knox Eagles. .For more information please call: Emily Reener 423-329-6865 or Alecia Rhinehart 828-564-6641 or. email [email protected]
  4. Knoxville Lady Eagles will be having tryouts for 18U A. Sunday August 19 at Alcoa High School at 2:30pm. If interested and want more info: 865-567-5278 or [email protected] Thanks
  5. I think you would have to put Allison Barbee from Maryville High School on this list, not sure why you would leave her off... you named every pitcher from the Maryville area...and Morgan Meadows from Alcoa is also a very good pitcher....
  6. Email me [email protected] We may be looking for one more player, not sure yet.
  7. TNT

    2-0 in district

    Alcoa is 2-0 also in the District beat Loudon 12-2 and Stone 9-3.....
  8. 18s-Chattanooga Force and a group of Eagles, not sure from where, were unbeaten going into Sunday and were to play right away. Force had to score 2 in the last inning to beat the Crusaders in a really good game. The Cruisers also played some good ball Saturday. I was glad to see Sunni and Skye Jackson playing well for them as they previously attended school here before heading to Lavergne a few seasons back. They beat the team with Soddy-Daisy's Buckner, former GPS pitcher Megan Wagner, other good players, 3-1, I can't remember their team name The group of Eagles is from the Knoxville area. 1st Chatt Force 2nd Knox Lady Eagles 3rd Elite Diamonds
  9. The Knoxville Lady Eagles 18"A" will be holding tryouts August 9, 2009 at Alcoa High School at 1:30 PM. We play only ASA and College Showcase Tournaments. For more information contact Mike @ 865-567-5278 or Darrell @ 865-850-4005
  10. The Knoxville Lady Eagles 18A has played all the teams listed above except Jones Thunder.. I think The Fury is the best team.IMO. The Fury beat us last fall 3-2..(Waters Pitchedfor Fury & Kara pitched for Eagles) Eagles have beat the Magic,White lighting & Sams Thunder we have only played each team one time.....Dont say alot account teams change from year to year....and all the teams above on any givin day could beat one another....Its not about the name of a team IMO its about the girls getting seen and having a chance to play in College....Also and alot of people on here is going to disagree with me now but their is not a true GOLD team in East Tennessee..egos are to big to put together a gold team.....With that said Kara could be one of the best pitchers to play in the State if she keeps improving She very good now as a upcoming SO.
  11. The Knoxville Lady Eagles Will be haveing tryouts Aug. 10 at Alcoa high School. 2pm We play ASA and Showcase tournaments. We qualified for the 18 U ASA nationals this year and didnt get to go. If you make the team it is required that you are going to ASA Nationals if we qualify in 09. for more info you can e-mail us @ [email protected]
  12. TNT

    Carter vs Alcoa

    Senior night for Softball is tomorrow night at 5:00 pm. But baseball lost to Webb on Sr. night.
  13. TNT


    Dont know who threw first game for L. Eagles or who they played in first game (TN Fury?)but pitchers from the fall were: Freshman- Kara Woods- Unicoi County Sophmore- Rachel Cogdill- Knox Central Junior- Miranda Rayburn-Heritage Junior-Kim Hall-Oliver Springs--Kim is now palying for the White Lighting
  14. TNT


    I agree she is playing in a weak district, but she is going to be a very strong pitcher. She cant help that she lives in the Coalfield area She is only 8th grader and she is throwing upper 50's now.
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