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  1. Not sure what the field dimensions are but Dyer's 12 homer's did not all come at Sequoyah.
  2. Continue with your name calling (Ignorant) if you want but you were not there nor were you involved in any of this nor do you have a clue about signing, drafting, or OFFER’S. It’s not hard to figure out who I am if you want to call me ignorant to my face and then it won’t burn you up by getting it off your chest.
  3. This kid is like my second son and I know for fact what was offered to him as I played a part (Dad) in his decision making. You have no ideal what your talking about you just have a hate for Chief fans. That's ok we don't hate you but some might say otherwise. I'm Proud of him and hope the best for him!!!!
  4. I wish Polk County the best. Hope they bring home the hardware. Good Wildcats and congrat's on your accomplishments.
  5. I don't disagree with that and the competition in Monroe County is not that great. Maybe I should have just put DISTRICT CHAMPS and you may think that's hilarious too since Cobb County GA. is not in our district but regardless you can't take away the fact that is was a good year for the Chiefs. Their Basketball record 25 - 5, Baseball 26 – 6, and Football I don't have a clue what their record was nor do I care...just stating facts. I'm glad I could make someone laugh today!!!!
  6. As a parent of a Chief baseball player I will have to say I'm proud of the success of the Chief's athletics’ this year, Football runners up in the district and county champs, Basketball district & county champs, and Baseball district & county champs. You can call me loser and I don't have a problem with it but as for the Chief's I don't think they are losers especially the baseball team with a 26 - 6 record. Calling them losers would only come out of the mouth of an idiot.
  7. Canadian thanks for clearing that up and I totally agree that Allen can play at the next level if he continues to work hard. He did get an offer from a minor league team and it was a WISE decision not to take that offer. He is not ready for that level athletic wise or mature enough to move off to the west coast and defend for himself. Smokinote as far as I'm concerned your screen name should be idiot but as long as you can hide on here I guess you can call yourself whatever you want. Canadian good luck to all of you and I wish your family the best of success...an awesome family.
  8. Allen had several opportunities at different colleges and a couple of options for minor league but mad a wise choice in staying local and going to a junior college and this decision was made by Allen for reason's that are very important to his life. I have always been proud of you and your brothers for the accomplishments you guy's have made, as a matter of fact I told your mom a couple of weeks back what fine young men all of you are and I wish you great success. While being proud of these guy's, please help me in being proud of them as well instead of making gestures at them or him or fans. Thanks,
  9. He will be playing for Coach Poly @ Cleveland State along with teammate Randall Coley and 2 more from district 5 Polk County Michael Hardgrove & Tyler Lee I think.
  10. it is completely unnecessary to get on this forum and make derogatory statements about the Cyclones...Amen
  11. I've been to their tournaments for 4 seasons...$9 per day or $15 for weekend pass. This is cheap for the fields the players get to play on.
  12. randyc1


    Sweetwater by 1 run. Play @ Meigs tonight.
  13. randyc1

    Garrett Baugh

    We are praying for you Garrett...take care and if there is anything we can do, please let us know. Best wishes; The Coley Family
  14. randyc1


    Sequoyah looses to Central 7 - 1. Heard a comment from a fan that said they thought they had come to a baseball game but felt like they were at a funeral. The Chiefs didn't act like they wanted to be there. Seemed has though they were never in the game. Come on Chiefs pick it up and play like you've been taught to play. Your fans are still behind you and know you can do better than this.
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