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  1. glock22


    Dang, this used to be such a big rivalry. Now, not so much.
  2. glock22

    Top teams in Class A 2018

    Good call!
  3. glock22

    2018 Sequatchie Wood Bat Tournament

    Truthfully, what is the percentage of HS players that will ever HAVE to play with wood? Probably less than 1%. So, why learn to hit with wood? What's the point? Just saying....
  4. glock22

    2018 Sequatchie Wood Bat Tournament

    Yeah....no. They're not playing with wood, why practice with wood?
  5. glock22

    2018 Sequatchie Wood Bat Tournament

    What's the point/reason of having a wood bat tournament? Just something different? Just wondering.
  6. glock22

    Sequoyah @ Hixson

    I think Hixson breaks into the win column this week. The teams they have played so far this year have a combined 15-3 record. This might be hopeful thinking, though.
  7. glock22

    Worst Hixson team in school history?

    Hixson is a little down this year. Football kind of runs in cycles, Hixson will be fine.
  8. Hixson's got a bunch of big lineman and several good skill players. New QB is their starting catcher on the baseball team, he's got a gun! I'm not saying they'll beat Marion, but I don't think it'll be a blowout either. But, that's why they play the games!
  9. No way, a lot closer than that.
  10. glock22

    Pitching Rules No more revert

    If that's true, why haven't they done that in the past?
  11. glock22

    Pitching Rules No more revert

    What about warm up pitches in the bullpen and the 8 pitches the pitcher gets when coming into the game? Those should be counted too if we are truly concerned with arm safety.
  12. glock22

    Baserunning 101 - Go to the next base

    David, They appealed the touch at 3rd base (judgement call). The umpires ruled on the touch appeal. Should be end of story.
  13. glock22

    Baserunning 101 - Go to the next base

    Judgement calls are not supposed to be protestable.
  14. glock22

    Baserunning 101 - Go to the next base

    Wrong. Missing a base is absolutely appealable. If you call a runner out, what is the reasoning? Because you appeal that he missed a base. The runners have the responsibility to run/touch the bases in proper order, failing to do that and the defensive appealing that the runner failed to do that, happens in the form of an appeal.
  15. glock22

    Best High School Baseball Field in State

    "Playing service"? Get off of the baseball field and back in English class.