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  1. Where did I say cheating sir??? I am not for any team.... stop trying to tie me to a specific team.... and its seems you got OWNED seeing that you are big mad > Enjoy your work day buddy because it's don't look productive at all. The way you talking i'm sure you suiting up Friday night. What's your jersey number bud?
  2. lol Im sure y'all too grown folks will still be mad later on!!! This was comical at best!!!! Be safe out there with Covid-19 running crazy. Mask up and stop trying to live through these kids that playing.
  3. Owned by who? Not you Bud!!! Get some work done Buddy, cause you way too invested.
  4. Did i say cheating? Did i say a waiting list or tuition was illegal? Did i say I'm mad cause they do all this? Calling me a loser or a sissy won't get under my skin tuff guy.... The fact that I have you alcoan's that angry is hilarious!!! You people take this way too serious and you not even on the field playing. let them kids play and enjoy the game. This is hilarious ...oh and enjoy your day buddy...
  5. Aggressive much!! What is my school? I have no specific school i'm for . lol lol you so mad you posted a jumbled mess of misspelled words!! You can't make me mad I am not bias towards any team playing. Bye!
  6. I am not for any team playing i'm stating my opinion and y'all seem a bit mad lol. of course the names are not listed geniuses. I said they have a waiting list and tuition fee for non residents of $1000 dollars. IT"S NOT LINE!! google it.
  7. Lies they have a waiting list and an out of zone tuition fee for kids that don't live there. What do you mean I know what's coming Friday. I don't have a dog in that fight. Im just stating my opinion.
  8. Smart one its online that they have a long waiting list to get in. And if you could dominate a region each and every year.... why move up??? They can just stay in 3A and win a million champions !!!
  9. Where did I say "scared"??? If you have a waiting list of about 300 or 400 trying to attend , then yes you can control the numbers.
  10. Red Bank will be 4A next year sooooo, I guess it doesn't matter going forward. Why would Alcoa move up from a region they feel like they dominate yearly? They will stay in 3A til they are forced to move up,butttt that won't happen because they will keep that enrollment under.
  11. It will definitely be a disagree. I didn't say it was about ratios. I was pointing out that y'all only got 4 calls in the negative. I was there and never seen any questionable spots near the first down markers. Y'all may even got one that was short. That is neither here nor there sir. The delay of game was correct. Enjoy your Sunday.
  12. loudon penalties 5-30 Red Bank Penalties 14-153 I don't know what game you were watching. the refs gave RB almost 60 yards in crazy penalties at the end to get Loudon that last TD.
  13. Brainerd would be better team if they were more discipline. They had kids that would go over to red bank's sideline talking crap, when they should have been in the huddle. They spend more time doing things, and that should have been stopped. Brainerd has real talent and would be a force to be reckoned with if they were more polished off.
  14. Going with the Lions on this game. They just have to many playmakers. They have the ability to make big plays on both sides of the ball. Loudon is good but Red Bank just has the edge on them this year.
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