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  1. Signal lost to Notre Dame 3-1 Notre Dame played poorly against CAK in the earlybird but CAK didn't seem very impressive. ND playes Catholic next week. It should be a good contest. ND's got talent but depth is an issue. ND split with South I think, preseason.
  2. Anyone have any thoughts after the Red Bank / Ooltewah play day. GPS play day is this Sat. Season is about to launch!
  3. The new CCS head coach is something else.
  4. Congrats Men. Bears, Wildcats, Cleveland and EFT. The sport that separates Wrestlers from the other athletes crowns team champions again. EFT fought hard yet came up short for the 4 peet. We are still proud of the class our young men win and lose with. While I was clapping for the champions from Hixson and the accomplishment of Coach Garrick Hall I was let down again by Hixson. Just 12 months ago a mom from Hixson WHINED "why dont ya'll go back to the private school div. where you belong" I've known her from "way" back, back when she was actually hot, before she had a son, and I know for a fact if the fine young man's dad had a say, the fine young man would be in the GREEN of EFT. but I digress. tonight after winning the final, Hixson has to throw an old ND tee shirt out and stomp it. Class? True Champions are Honored to be able to compete with the best competition. win or lose. Hixson Won the Gold in Clarksville tonight. good for them. EFT has won and lost with class all year and will continue to do so cause thats how we do it on Vermont st. We are proud of our Irish wrestlers. very proud.
  5. LoL Buck, have you seen my Hairline? Lol. Goldenhammer is easier to spell than ?shelaylay....? Spellin aint my strong point. I know who the Vatican pulls for..EFT 3 years of underdogs= 3 years of champs, maybe 4 for 4. ^ bead time in clarksville..
  6. EFT has been climbing the mtn, the hard way this year. They dont even have a full lineup, Starting in a 0-18 or 0-12 makes it hard to win against them boys from the Nation or Hixson. Them boys from the sticks are dirty mean & nasty, and I didn't think Alabama teams could wrestle up here in TN state dual tourney? The coaching staff better bring good videos for motivation RUDY , 300, ROCKY, GLADIATOR, may offer some help. Its time men.. you know what time I'm talking about, its time to look up at where EFT has been the last 3 glorious years, FRA spanked......Seymore spoiled.....Hixson skinned......who's next...... the the underdog is coming back! IRISH its time ....^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ PEAK.
  7. Gotta give big props to EFT's Brenden Dusevic. Great tourny for him. The Blackman staff was 1st class after the match too. Had to loose some respect for a "certain boys dad" who said crying from your back when you are STUCK I mean STUCK. was a "smart thing to do"? I remember a EFT kid last year in same situation as the Blackman kid and he did not cry. "Win with class..lose with dignity" you know better "DAD" c-ya in Clarksville TN
  8. In all sports where strength, leverage, and conditioning affect who wins. Kids have worked to get bigger and smaller. The best way to combat the improper weightloss methods used in the best sport for youngsters is the matside weigh-in. On the scale ready to wrestle, shoes,headgear, and whatever else you use on the mat. No recouperation time. We all know pigs with wings will thankfully come first. Should we check cholesterol levels for "O"Linemen as well? GH
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