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  1. What high school does Hilton wrestle in Tennessee? Thought he was in PA? Paradice has yet to wrestle for a high school in Tennessee, correct?
  2. If Baylor continues to take high school state champions from other states and 4-5 transfers from out of state each year, I would expect the, “Tennessee ranked wrestlers #,” to continue to increase too. Did any of Baylor’s wrestlers represent the State of Tennessee this off season (other than Mason?) or did they all go back home and wrestle for the states that they were from?
  3. For those of us who missed the match, will Rofkin be posting a link to re-watch? Thanks for all of the coverage!
  4. From the Chattanoogan: https://www.chattanoogan.com/2022/4/15/447338/Tennessee-Puts-Wrestling-Nation-On.aspx
  5. Well deserved for him and his team. Thanks for the update for those of us who were not in attendance at the event.
  6. Kudos to all of the kids. I respect every wrestler on that list (and any kid who chooses the sport) and anyone who spends time on rankings, because it makes for a fun conversation on this board and all of our communities. I was just surprised a couple of kids didn’t make it based on head to head match ups and state tournament results.
  7. At 120, Calvin Eason from Father Ryan beat Jarvis Little 8-4 in the Finals of the Johnny Drennan Invitational and won a State Championship on one leg after not practicing for a month. At 220, Gabe Fisher from MBA won his second state championship and just finished 5th at National Preps. Did he and Noah Todd wrestle at any point this season?
  8. Freshman Brody Gobbell from Father Ryan beat Owen Gobel 10-4 in the Finals of the Johnny Drennan Invitational and finished 2nd in the State in a tough match against a four time state champ and West Point commitment.
  9. Thanks! I just saw the participants listed in the article: 106 4-Jacob Bond (Baylor) FR 5-Joseph Calvin (Father Ryan) SO Cole Gumlick (Lakeway Christian Academy) FR 113 2-Cooper Hilton (Wyoming Seminary) FR 9-Brody Gobbell (Father Ryan) FR 12-Alex Ropski (Christian Brothers) JR 120 11-Cameron Helton (Lakeway Christian Academy) FR 12-Judson Jarrett (Baylor) SO 126 3-Casen Roark (Father Ryan) FR 4-Jackson Bond (Baylor) SR 145 5-Brayden Ivy (Lakeway Christian Academy) SR 13-Mac Russ (Montgomery Bell) 160 9-Colby Dalon (Lakeway Christian Academy) SR 10-Mason Alley (Baylor) SR 170 4-Aiden Bowers 182 4-Gervacio Gonzalez (Christian Brothers) SR 5-Omaury Alvarez (Baylor) JR 195 Johnothon Moore (Montgomery Bell) JR Caden Cavens (Christian Brothers) SR 220 4-Gabe Fisher (Montgomery Bell) JR Timbrook Hodges (Christian Brothers) SR HWT 2-James Howard (McCallie) JR 6-Dion Stutts (Memphis University)
  10. Great info! Thanks for sharing! Good luck to wrestlers from Tennessee! *Edited because I confused the Tourney for a team event.*
  11. https://www.mainstreetpreps.com/county/davidson/tssaa-wrestling-guide-to-this-weekend-s-division-ii-championships/article_111eb9f2-9046-11ec-87b2-df4200047e06.html
  12. Baylor has done a really good job of getting wrestlers from out of the state over the years. They had some out of state hammers again this year!
  13. The growth of the Nolensville is remarkable in that area of Williamson County. There will be a lot of kids in their feeder program soon. What is the make up of the Knights roster? When Ryan wrestled them at Nolensville the final score was 72-9 (and the Ryan 145 state finalist did not wrestle, which would have more than likely been 6 more). Did they have guys out or are now healthy and peaking at the right time? Should be a fun day at the cow palace this weekend! Best of luck to all of the teams on the Mat!
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