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  1. FRHSIrishVol

    2019 Johnny Drennan Invitational Preview

    Semi-Finals at 145 : Jacourey Miller (Father Ryan) over Cole Klingensmith (Summit ) (Dec 6-1)
  2. Awesome! That’s great news! Thanks for the update and broadcasting the Finals. Finals are set for 3:00 PM CST.
  3. FRHSIrishVol

    TN 8th grader wins NCAA college open

    Thanks for the update! Very impressive! Will he be able to wrestle for McCallie again this year in the post season?
  4. Results from Trackwrestling: 106 Brooks McAfee (Father Ryan) over Ethan Wilson (Bradley Central) (Dec 3-1) 113 Calvin Eason (Father Ryan) over Glen O`Daniel (Bradley Central) (Dec 8-2) 120 Wesley DeVaney (Bradley Central) over Paul Killian (Father Ryan) (Dec 4-1) 126 Griffin Habacker (Father Ryan) over Daniel Mroz (Bradley Central) (Fall 0:49) 132 Gavin Hughes (Bradley Central) over Sean Pitts (Father Ryan) (Dec 10-7) 138 Sebastian Hernandez (Bradley Central) over Benjamin Marchetti (Father Ryan) (Dec 8-1) 145 JaCorey Miller (Father Ryan) over Parker Falls (Bradley Central) (Fall 0:36) 152 Lawrence Madson (Father Ryan) over Seth Gerena (Bradley Central) (TF 17-2 4:16) 160 Andrew Nelson (Father Ryan) over Skyler Bradley (Bradley Central) (Fall 2:48) 170 Parker Peterson (Father Ryan) over Tyrone McDonald (Bradley Central) (Fall 2:21) 182 Larry Johnson (Bradley Central) over Henry Hagey (Father Ryan) (Fall 1:27) 195 Gabriel Holmes (Father Ryan) over Luke Pace (Bradley Central) (Fall 1:32) 220 Elijah Wilson (Father Ryan) over Gavin Sewell (Bradley Central) (Dec 11-8) 285 Felix Wilson (Father Ryan) over Austin McClure (Bradley Central) (Fall 3:30)
  5. FRHSIrishVol

    2019 Johnny Drennan Invitational Preview

    50 teams will be competing in this year's tournament. They are: 1 Arkansas Catholic 2 Athens, AL 3 Battle Ground Academy 4 Beech Senior 5 Bradley Central 6 Brentwood Academy 7 Brentwood High 8 Briarcrest 9 Caldwell County, KY 10 Cane Ridge 11 Cheatham Co 12 Christian County, KY 13 Clarksville Academy 14 Clarksville High 15 East Side, SC 16 Ensworth 17 Fairview 18 Father Ryan 19 Fenton, IL 20 Fort Campbell, KY 21 Franklin Road Academy 22 Franklin 23 Glencliff 24 Grace Academy, TN 25 Hendersonville 26 Hillsboro 27 Hillwood 28 Hopkinsville, KY 29 Houston High School, TN 30 Kingsbury, TN 31 Lawrence County, TN 32 Lebanon, TN 33 McCracken County, KY 34 Montgomery Bell Academy 35 Mt. Juliet 36 Mt. Paran Christian, GA 37 Nashville Christian, TN 38 Notre Dame 39 Overton 40 Pope John II 41 Ravenwood 42 Smyrna 43 Springfield 44 St. George, TN 45 Stratford 46 Summit 47 Trigg Couinty, KY 48 Union County, KY 49 West Creek, TN 50 White Station, TN
  6. FRHSIrishVol

    2019 Johnny Drennan Invitational Preview

    You can follow live updates on the Father Ryan Wrestling Twitter Page. @WrestlingRyan https://twitter.com/WrestlingRyan
  7. FRHSIrishVol

    Brentwood vs Father Ryan

    138 Sean Pitts (Father Ryan) over Cooper Finch (Brentwood) (Dec 4-2) 145 Houston Crouch (Father Ryan) over Cy Howalt (Brentwood) (Fall 2:31) 152 JaCorey Miller (Father Ryan) over Garner Jones (Brentwood) (Fall 0:31) 160 Lawrence Madson (Father Ryan) over Unknown (For.) 170 Parker Peterson (Father Ryan) over Hutson Staggs (Brentwood) (Fall 1:29) 182 Johnny Feldhacker (Brentwood) over Henry Hagey (Father Ryan) (Fall 1:51) 195 Kane Kleoudis (Father Ryan) over Drake Cunningham (Brentwood) (Fall 3:55) 220 Skylar Coffey (Brentwood) over Gabriel Holmes (Father Ryan) (Fall 1:12) 285 Felix Wilson (Father Ryan) over Sidney Starr (Brentwood) (Fall 3:01) 106 Brooks McAfee (Father Ryan) over Zach Ordonez (Brentwood) (Fall 1:24) 113 Calvin Eason (Father Ryan) over Ian Jennings (Brentwood) (Fall 4:43) 120 Paul Killian (Father Ryan) over Alex Young (Brentwood) (Fall 0:51) 126 Brennan Jennings (Brentwood) over Thomas Wesnofske (Father Ryan) (Fall 3:41) 132 Griffin Habacker (Father Ryan) over Griffin Peal (Brentwood) (MD 13-5)
  8. FRHSIrishVol

    Brentwood vs Father Ryan

    Final Score: Father Ryan 61 Brentwood 18
  9. FRHSIrishVol

    Cleveland Duals Updates

    Round 1: Father Ryan 57 Carrollton 19 Round 2: Father Ryan 62 Pope 11 Round 3: Father Ryan 51 Vestavia Hills 27 Semi-Finals: Cleveland 51 Father Ryan 12 Consolation Finals: Father Ryan 42 McCallie 26
  10. FRHSIrishVol

    D2 significant matches week 1

  11. FRHSIrishVol

    TN Coach's Poll for 3 December

    Take a deep breath. I think my response was taken out of context, which happens quite often on message boards. I agree 110% it only matters who is at the podium at the end of the season, but like lost fans of sports enjoy following the polls through out the year. It typically brings out great conversation from fans all over the State of Tennessee. I was posting the score in case those that are in charge of this particular poll did not see that Father Ryan and Wilson Central wrestled last Thursday. That’s it. Nothing more. Good luck to you and your team in 2018-19. God Bless you and your family during this Christmas and Holiday season.
  12. FRHSIrishVol

    TN Coach's Poll for 3 December

    AGREED 110%. I just didn’t know if they had that score to review before releasing. Always fun to follow.
  13. FRHSIrishVol

    TN Coach's Poll for 3 December

    Last Thursday: Father Ryan 43 Wilson Central 31
  14. Not 100% on each of the wrestlers, but this off Track and then emailed to a group from someone in attendance who switched a couple of names to improve accuracy. (If you see any errors, please post and I can edit)106Brooks McAfee (Father Ryan) over Michael Mercante (Wilson Central) (MD 13-3)113Calvin Eason (Father Ryan) over Unknown (For.)120Thomas Borders (Wilson Central) over Paul Killian (Father Ryan) (MD 12-4)126Steven Fisak (Wilson Central) over Thomas Wesnofske (Father Ryan) (Fall 0:00)132Griffin Habacker (Father Ryan) over Thomas Oakley (Wilson Central) (Fall 0:00)138Sean Pitts (Father Ryan) over Prentice Belcher (Wilson Central) (Dec 5-3)145Alan Fort (Wilson Central) over Houston Crouch (Father Ryan) (Fall 0:00)152Alex Pergande (Wilson Central) over Ben Marchetti (Father Ryan) (Fall 0:00)160Levi Stone (Wilson Central) over Lawrence Madson (Father Ryan) (Dec 7-2)170Jack Laden (Father Ryan) over Brady Jarvis (Wilson Central) (Fall 0:00)182Parker Peterson (Father Ryan) over Matthew Hills (Wilson Central) (Fall 0:00)195Henry Hagey (Father Ryan) over Tyler Rose (Wilson Central) (Fall 0:00)220Kane Kleoudis (Father Ryan) over Cade Carson (Wilson Central) (Fall 0:00)285Michael Kramer (Wilson Central) over Brock Carlson (Father Ryan) (Fall 0:00)
  15. Final: Father Ryan 43 Wilson Central 31