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  1. What transfers have Baylor and McCallie added this off-season?
  2. Father Ryan’s Parker Peterson finished 7th Place at the NHSCA Nationals and earned All American!
  3. https://www.nhsca.com/page/2019NHSCAEvents
  4. Good luck to Father Ryan’s, Trey Chalifoux at 125 for Army! https://goarmywestpoint.com/roster.aspx?rp_id=13910
  5. https://www.flowrestling.org/results/6365431-2019-national-prep-championships/25891 Semifinal Matchups 106: #15-Danny Wask (Blair) vs Jackson Bond (Baylor) 126: Noah Horst (Baylor) vs Skylar Smith (Liberty Christian) 145: Connor Kievman (Wyoming Seminary) vs Andew Pace (Baylor) 152: #14-Nico Incontrera (Blair) vs Alex Whitworth (McCallie) 170: #8-Mason Reiniche (Baylor) vs Luca Pontone (Belmont Hill) 182: #6-Jackson Turley (St. Christopher's) vs Connor Duffy (Baylor) Lost in the Quarterfinals: 120: Lachlan Mcneil (Wyoming Seminary) F Emory Taylor (McCallie School), 5:10 120: Trevor Mastrogiovanni (Blair Academy) TF Aiden Bowers (Christian Brothers), 15-0 4:18 132: Beau Bartlett (Wyoming Seminary) MD Nathan Wysong (McCallie School), 15-5 132: Shayne Vanness Blairstown, NJ (Blair Academy) F Garrison Dendy (Baylor School), 4:13 138: Jonathan Miers (Wyoming Seminary) DEC Garrett Bowers (Christian Brothers), 9-4 152: Nick Incontera Blairstown, NJ (Blair Academy) TF Lawrence Madson (Father Ryan), 16-0 2:44 160: Nicholas Feldman (Malvern Prep) MD Gavin Cagle (Christian Academy Of Knoxville), 15-4 170: Dominic Solis (Mcdonogh School) DEC Parker Peterson (Father Ryan), 5-3 182: Connor Duffy (Baylor School) F Thomas Sell (McCallie School), 2:41 195: Nicholas Florschutz (Malvern Prep) DEC David Harper (Baylor School), 4-1
  6. Thanks for the update!! Since the original post, I also saw where Parker Petersen (Father Ryan) upset the #4 seed from Wyoming Seminary, PA 3-2.
  7. Thanks for the post! Congrats to Mason and the Reiniche family on an outstanding career! Best of luck at the next level representing the State of Tennessee!
  8. I remember that match very well and also remember the Ryan staff repainting two bathroom stalls after the racist comments and drawings were made by a Baylor fan or wrestler after the match. It was not a good moment for the school or the sport of wrestling in the State of Tennessee, but a lot of teaching moments off the mat on issues that we face in society by a small population of ignorant people.
  9. Bates (Did not wrestle) Bowers Horst Miller Pace Wysong Any others? I mis-read, I thought it said Harper transferred from a HS in Georgia, but he is only a freshman.
  10. Great recap! Some really fun matches! Like every other wrestling fan in the state of Tennessee it would be nice to see all of the AAA and DII winners battle it out on the mats for the right to be #1! On a side note, I don’t think I realized how many transfers were in DII this season. More than normal or what we should all expect moving forward?
  11. Absolutely no problem! Great family and happy too see the success they are having in the sport in West Tennessee!
  12. Brandon is the news anchor, but left to pursue another opportunity and his young boys wrestle at ECS. https://www.bizjournals.com/memphis/news/2018/02/07/nonprofit-hires-former-news-anchor-as-executive.html
  13. Brandon Artiles won state at 189 in 2001 for Coach Pat Simpson at Father Ryan, but that is not his son it is his nephew.
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