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  1. I am not sure the coaching list at the moment, but in May, Damon Smith and Josh Peck were helping and a number of the kids went to Fargo to compete this summer.
  2. Thanks for sharing! That is a great showing for the State of Tennessee! Great work to all of the wrestlers, coaches, parents, etc... Wish we could have seen Parker Peterson at 285 and how he would have done at National Preps!
  3. Hate to hear that on Howard!! He is a beast! Enjoyed watching him wrestle and play football at McCallie! Will he back in February and match up against Peterson at HWT? (That seems unrealistic based on the October surgery, but you never know with athletes anymore the days!)
  4. Final: Cleveland 52 - Bradley Central 9
  5. What a match! Incredible! Why didn’t they put Tennessee on the lineup card?
  6. Great for wrestling in the state of Tennessee! How did he end up at Cleveland and not back at McCallie? Chittum is fun to watch and would have added a potential great match up or two with rival Baylor!
  7. Baylor is an incredible school and wrestling program. I can see why kids want to wrestle there. A number of out of state kids have had successful careers over the past few seasons. Based on Track, it listed where most of the kids started, but not sure how accurate and I would defer to @durdon who follows the area more closely. 106: Corday - Georgia 113: Bond - Alabama 120: Hartline - Soddy Daisy 126: Tisdale - East Ridge 132: Horst - Gallatin 138: Dendy - Chattanooga 145: Radpour - Chattanooga 152: Mannella - Georgia 160: Alvarez - Georgia 170: Garriques - Illinois 182: Duffy - Chattanooga 195: Harper - Georgia 220: Chambers - Soddy Daisy 285: Christensen - ?
  8. In their only match-up at 170, Miller defeated Cagle in a great match 3-1 in OT at the State Duals two weeks ago. In their only match-up at 152, Madson defeated Manella in a great match 3-1 at Ryan in the Dual.
  9. There are three senior wrestlers in the starting line up (Madson, Miller & Wright) and one is a first year wrestler at 220. IMO, a young lineup with a strong group of NCW kids coming up the ranks. Baylor is absolutely loaded with all of the talent they have brought in the last couple of years and it feels like everyone will be wrestling for second place for the next few years in DII.
  10. Not sure the final score, but Baylor rolled. McCallie beat MBA (37-33) and Ryan (43-33).
  11. Fun match to watch between Harper and Petersen! Two great wrestlers!! Rematch will be a battle in the Cow Palace! Unfortunately a couple of very questionable calls had a direct affect on the outcome. (Hands to the face on Petersen, locked hands on Petersen and stalling on Harper) Would like to have seen two officials on the mat this evening at Ryan, because the second official would have helped on the Harper locked hands debate and been able to give input, which could have changed the match and how both guys wrestled in the final 1:00 in a close match. It’s a tough job as an official especially when it comes to a call similar to that at the end of a high profile match between two of the State’s best! Congrats to Baylor! They are loaded!
  12. IMO, no one in the State of Tennessee is beating Baylor in 2019-20.
  13. Huge win for the Irish! Thomas Wesnofske is still out for Ryan at 132.
  14. It’s going to be a great weekend of wrestling at Father Ryan! Can we get a breakdown from some of the top wrestlers at the Tournament from @durdon??
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