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  1. I did not see this game, but after watching the Cleveland and Central game, there is no doubt in the mind that calls more than likely went in Columbia's favor. Columbia should be sitting at home right now. They were thoroughly outplayed in their first round game, and were out gained in every statistic category possible. If this game was bad, get the "Cleveland v. Columbia" game film. To me that would be he prequel to this game. Several holdings that were never called, and untimely penalties on touchdowns that did not even exist. I can not tell you how many times I rewinded the film on two of the penalties that cost Cleveland touchdowns to find that the penalty was non-existant. Columbia is either getting very lucky with the calls or they have some deep wallets. *These referees need to be held accountable by the T$$AA, they've taken away playoff games from two clearly better teams. AND If anyone wants the game film from the Columbia/Cleveland just PM me, It would be my pleasure.
  2. I know I'm a Cleveland fan, but this was the WORST officiating crew I have ever seen. Not only did they handle the ejections poorly, they were awful with everything! This crew was an embarassment to the TSSAA and ANY football officiating crew. The officials allowed this game to get out of hand easily, by allowing a couple late hits at the beginning of the game without penalties. As far as the fight goes, McMinn started it with another late hit, Davis got into it with the kid and both were ejected. The other three were a mystery! Parks was held back by a player and never even made contact with a kid, I didn't even see #15 out there, and #65 was out there but he did not do anything. How did the ejections go Mcminn = 1, Cleveland = 4??? Never seen that ever in a football game! It is usually ___ player and ___ player get into scuffle and both are gone... Not only that, the officiating crew SUCKED (did i mention that?)! During one extra point attempt in the game the head official had to pause the game to tell the other officials to get under the freaking goal posts! The officials were helping each other figure out where to go ALL game; all I can say is wow, very impressive! Not only that, it took them forever to call a penalty. At one point in the game, one of the offensive tackles committed a false start, however it took 3 kick steps and 5 seconds before the official decided to call it. They also almost allowed another late hit in the second half to occur with out penalty. The officials allowed this game to get, so out of hand! If they would have took control at the beginning, this could have been avoided. HMMM.... MAYBE IF THEY HAD PAYED MORE ATTENTION TO THE GAME FIELD, THEN GIVING OUT SO MANY FREAKING SIDELINE WARNINGS TO BOTH TEAMS THAT WOULD OF HELPED! /eND of RAnt
  3. Cleveland 28, Bradley 7 I think Cleveland will have the penalties straightened out and after watching the film from last week's game, i'm sure they've adjusted to fix their weaknesses. Cleveland's defense was very strong last week, so I see them playing pretty good against Bradley. Cleveland's O struggled, but I think they'll have some new wrinkles to throw at the Bears. One of the best rivalries in this area, and i'm excited! Should be a good game.
  4. Talk about a true toss-up. I do believe if Bradley works out some of their mistakes from this past week that they could claim their first victory this year. Coffee Co. by 3.
  5. I've only seen Cleveland this year in the jamboree and I have yet to see McMinn Central. As far as the game goes from Cleveland's standpoint, I think it'll be interesting to see what they do. From what I here this week will be the first week that they will have every varsity player healthy, which is important considering Cleveland's lack of depth. Led by a offensive line full of seniors and three senior play-makers in the slots, I think Cleveland's offense will be very explosive this year. In all honesty the rush off of the ends in the scrimmage against Howard seemed more like missed assignments by the tackles, than being whipped. It'll be interesting to see what a Blue Raider football game looks like with Coach Slaughter at the helm. I'm going with Cleveland on this one (of course, ) 35-21.
  6. I sure do hope we get a pretty darn good coach. Slaughter, eh, that doesn't sound like a bad choice; hes definately an up and comin coach in the area.
  7. Yes, that is true the rules don't state anything about not using them against opponents outside district and tournament play.
  8. So TSSAA has banned the use of artificial noisemakers in indoor sports, but so they are ok at outdoor sports?
  9. I've been to a couple of games this year and was wondering are air horns, cowbells, or those Thundersticks allowed to be used at high school games according to TSSAA rules?
  10. I have to second the notion on Walker Valley's gym. It's big and seems to have a good set up, but when you cram up all those people in there, there really isn't alot of space. The visitors' side is very small and you could tell because I believe Cleveland's student section just seemed to pour out onto the court. For a school as big as Walker Valley you would think they would have alot of space or at least the space would be very well organized.
  11. Well about 24 hours to kickoff, and I kind of feel like a little kid anxious on Christmas Eve. This should be a great game and from the standpoint of a Cleveland fan; I'm excited just for the reason that this is a measuring stick to see how our Cleveland Program stacks up with the Best Program in the State. Like I said, it should be a classic 1st Round Game in the TSSAA playoffs. Good Luck to both teams.
  12. Rhea Co. struggled in Cleveland two weeks ago, but I believe they are a pretty solid team and their record shows it. The Golden Eagles win this game by 17.
  13. I saw Parks play twice in 8th grade (unfortunately I didn't see the Maryville game because I believe it was away) and he definately put on a show when he touched the ball. It'll be interesting to see what he can do, he hasn't gotten much playing time at QB during any games this year and I'm not for sure how many reps he gets during practice.
  14. I agree that Tipton has been a joy to watch since he's played from the time he was a freshman. Not having him, I feel will be obviously be a disadvantage to Cleveland, considering he plays at two other key spots outside QB (safety and punter). I think this Friday, all the Raider Faithful (if there are any left) will get to see a glimpse of what is to come next year and hopefully for the next couple Fridays after this week. Now for Parks, I believe he will do a fine job; I even think the TimesFreePress had an article on him, as being one of the most coveted backup quarterbacks, in waiting, in the area. I hope Cleveland can pull this out and maybe they'll play a solid game with few mistakes because they will have to if they want to beat the Rebels.
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