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  1. If anyone is interested in a play day or middle school baseball tournament, please email me at [email protected]
  2. she could have been the first person to ever score 2000 at 2 schools!!!
  3. what happened to LAs assistant coach...heard he was fired the sat before the tournament....any truth?
  4. There you go playing the race card...like always. No one has bashed your son on this board. The other ost were about him and his ability at the next level...THEIR OPINIONS! IN MY opinion, he is very athletic and talented. He will have to get mentally tougher. NO ONE is on here dogging your son or calling him out because he is black...you get out of the 60s and blaming everything on race....seriously
  5. Mason will make an immediate impact at UT....would give them some toughness in basketball as well
  6. What's the lineup today? what happened to LA vs. CHS? they beat the at LA
  7. Very impressed with the Lady Dawgs. I believe they can finish third easy and maybe challenge jc for 2nd
  8. I don't see you saying the rivalrys dead when Clarkrange beats the crap out of the girls about every time they play....Clay is definitely better than PC, but they are not playing that well. They only scored 49 against a team that you say is terrible or has NO raw talent. PC had a ton of open looks early in the game and couldn't make any. PC will get better and will beat one of the better teams in the district. Like the earlier post said Clay should/will win the district easy and probably the region, but probably won't make the state....I hope they do, but I doubt it.
  9. This is really some funny posts that I have read. 7A, you do know PC basketball and the history. You sit on here and tell what every player does good and what they do bad...are you at practice? The coach starts who is the most deserving. NO ONE wants to win more than the coach. Best comment made on here was that Phil Jackson couldn't win at PC this year...just a down year. They will continue to get better as the year goes on and mark my word they will make it to the Region and that will be a tremendous year to make the Region. The craziest comment I have read is that Pharris is the backbone of PC basketball...now that's funny I don't care who you are!!!! He teaches one thing and that's to play hard...not smart. He does not teach the basic fundamentals of basketball. when the high school coaches get these players they have to break all kinds of bad habits and usually BAD attitudes as well. Just like the last couple of years...with a bad junior high program...you spend the first two years of high school teaching the basics, and breaking bad habits..the players are not ready to play. These players got to play last year in games, they were not very good against other teams backups. They also played a full jv schedule. Please stay off the boards giving you NEGATIVE opinions about players....I am sure you were not very good sometimes either
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