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  1. Great Success?? Some Success Yes, but our middle school has lost to T.A.Dugger for the past 3 yrs. This does not look good for us against our biggest rival. You can bleed the colors but got to have the results. Look at Fulmer.
  2. Well we are certainly glad you took him off our hands. Now we just need to a get a good one to coach. Any news on who the replacement will be? I know it was Smitty, and Simmons who got a good look last time. I have heard King mentioned as well from some of the girls at softball.
  3. I can not believe that he is back with girls. I thought we have done some crazy things in Erwin but that takes the cake. Well Chambers at HV would be a good fit.
  4. Betsy has already stirred the pot once this year. They need to leave Dugger with the boys and a hire a girls coach. Campbell at Boone would be good choice or try to get one of the assistants from Science Hill or Tenn. High. They have successful programs year after year.
  5. Ill say this about the middle school coach. He has had one good season with a lot of talent. You need someone who has been at the high school level for a few years. If Betsy was smart they would go after head coaches or asst. from around here. Boone's coach would be a good choice as would Chambers. Maybe they go the way we did and get someone from out of the area.
  6. Is there any talk of who the coach will be next season? I heard the Wilson was only doing till the end of the season and I have also heard that he is going to do it from now on? Wonder which one is true? Any possible replacements?
  7. We 3 main pieces..King, Edwards, and Bennett. Edwards was a junior as was Gardner. I did think the Freshman played well.
  8. What a sad way to end the season! Our girls had not fight. It seemed like some of them didnt want it bad enough. I dont know if they were jealous of each other or what but that was disgraceful! Coach should have done a better job preparing those girls. We may never see a sub state game in my lifetime now.
  9. I have heard that some assistant coaches at some of the bigger schools are interested. Any truth?
  10. South Greene just beat the #9 ranked AAA team over Christmas...so they are playing better.
  11. Here I thought things were crazy in Blue Devil Land. Who is the "key player" that quit? It sounds like people in Eliz. are as bad as the ones over here with complaining. Why not just let the people do their job and parents do their job? Parents = Cheer Players = Perform Coaches= X's and O's.
  12. I think our girls will take it from betsy this year and next. We have lots of young girls and I know we had some good MS games. HV looks good as well. I think they get a top tier win this year.
  13. Pesonally I think that is Science Hill and then everyone else. I watch THS and MW and then SH and MW. There is no comparasion who the better team is. TH will still get their W's but not against SH. SH played all their kids in a game that was not close on Saturday. TH had to really scrap to get their W. DB got a good win against Central. so they may be in the mix with TH just not sure. IMO
  14. Great Games last night. How does Region 1 stack up against Region 2?
  15. I do not have a dog in the race but i can give my opinion. I think District 1 will have Science Hill, Tenn. High, Dobyns-Bennett, and Volunteer. I think Volunteer won at Central. In District Two- The top two seeds will move on and the 3-6 matup is a toss up and the same with the 4-5. IMO
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