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  1. According to the Tennessean, Brentwood advances to the Regional tournament as the regular season winner: "Fifth-seeded Independence (10-7-1) will play defending champion Ravenwood (13-2-4), a 2-0 winner over Franklin, in the championship at 7 p.m. today. The winner earns a Region 6-AAA berth. Brentwood is already in after winning the regular-season title."
  2. I'm curious. Are there any division 1 prospects on the CAK squad other than Ben Holt and Ryan Creel?
  3. The TSWA lists proves little other than the fact that the Tennessee Sports Writers know little and care even less about soccer. Not a single player from A-AA District 9. Really? Do you honestly believe that there are no players from CPA, Lipscomb, Hume Fogg or MLK that belong on this list? How many District 9 games do you think a writer from the Tennesean or Nashville City Paper attended? Any? Should the Sportswriters all-state list really be a product of coach lobbying? If the sportswriters in Tennessee are not going to do their jobs, then they shouldn't bother putting the list together at all.
  4. No worries. And good luck to CAK and Alcoa in the tourney. I saw Ben Holt and Austin Stone play when Alliance was still Little Brazil. Good to hear they are still going strong.
  5. I will take creative over dumb any day. I have looked for data to support my point and I cannot find hard numbers. I found only general statements to the effect that "redshirting kindergarteners" (google the term) seems to be more common among private school students because more affluent parents who send their kids to private school can more easily afford to keep them home and out of school for an extra year. These articles, however, were based on observation and interviews and were not supported by hard evidence. If middle school students are repeating grades to get the same advantage in other sports, then that undermines my opinion that the practice is more prevalent in private schools, but doesn't undermine the argument that the practice tends to give older players an advantage. Or that it also tends to give teams with older players an advantage. With respect to CAK, I can only say that I know of two sophomores at CAK who are the same age or even older (by a couple of months) than their club teammates who are juniors at other area schools including Alcoa, Hardin Valley, and West. All of the students to whom I am referring were born within a four or five month period in the same year. Am I saying that the parents of the sophomore players held them back so they would get a competitive advantage in soccer? No. Read my post. I never said that and I have no reason to believe it. Am I saying that CAK will have an advantage over Alcoa and other schools when these sophmores are 19 year old seniors? Absolutely. Reading Big G's post, it seems even he would agree with this -- at risk of being called dumb (twice) by Coach Logan -- but only if I could show that the seniors at the other schools were not also 19. Fair enough. I cannot show it, so both Coach Logan and Big G can go on believing that it is not the case. And they may be right. The two A-AA public school teams I am most familiar with are in middle Tennessee. Both of these schools have large junior classes. Neither has a single junior who will turn 19 before the end of his senior year. One has several juniors who will not turn 18 until after they graduate. Are they at a disadvantage playing 19 year olds when they are 17? Are their schools at a disadvantage because their parents started them on schedule rather than holding them back a year? I think they are so I will stick to my guns, dumb or creative though they may be. I also never intended to suggest that any age advantage that may exist is the only reason that the private schools have an advantage in soccer. The more obvious reason is that soccer is a sport for the upper middle class, which (in urban areas) is the same group that sends their kids to private schools. I was merely suggesting another factor that I believe may differentiate the publics from the privates. EOM
  6. You are absolutely right. It is a parent's decision, and many parents make the decision to hold their sons (in particular) back a year to give them an advantage in athletics. If you haven't heard this before, then you haven't been listening. My anecdotal observation suggests that this is far more prevalent in private than in public schools, though it is not exclusive to the privates. This is supported by the fact that many private schools have a birthday cutoff that is months earlier than their public counterparts, your 11 year olds notwithstanding. Do you seriously dispute that your typical 19 year old will have a maturity advantage over your typical 17 year old?
  7. Any idea how old the two freshmen were? Private school players of the same grade tend to be older than their public school peers. It is not always the case, but it is often times true. Ben Holt is an example. He is a sophomore, but turned 16 months ago. He is months older than many juniors on public school teams. This is not unusual. David Lipscomb has a junior who will be 19 in the early fall. He will be two years older, and more physically mature, next year than some of the seniors he will face from public schools in the district. Across the board, the privates, on average, have older players than their public counter-parts. Ben would be a quality striker if he were a junior, but I suggest that the tendency of private school parents to start their kids later gives the private schools an advantage and is part of the reason why the private schools will once again be over-represented at the state A-AA tournament.
  8. There are a lot of unaccounted for goals in the Tennessean's compilation. It would be helpful to get an accurate tally.
  9. The Tennessean shows the following for 9A/AA: Steven Severino (Hume Fogg, Sophomore) 14 Goals, 5 Assists Will Cross (MLK, Sophomore) 11 Goals, 4 Assists Logan Waugh (David Lipscomb, Senior) 11 Goals, 0 Assists Richard Haggard (CPA, Senior) 10 Goals, 1 Assist Austin Vogel (Hume Fogg, Senior) 10 Goals, 1 Assist For a lot of games, the Tennessean runs a score, but doesn't give the stats, so this listing is incomplete, though Severino seems to be the clear leader. Does anyone know who is responsible for reporting the stats to the paper?
  10. zizoufan

    All Star Game

    Given the stated membership requirements, will we have any players from any region other than the East? Is this game announced anywhere other than this Board? Seems that to be a high school "All-Star" the only criteria should be the player's performance on the field. If it is, fine, just seems that, given the talent in other parts of the state, the All-State team was a tad lopsided in favor of the East over the Middle and Western divisions of the state.
  11. Hume Fogg 1-0 over Goodpasture. PK shootout.
  12. zizoufan

    best juniors

    Not challenging the talent. Just seems wierd they'd put him in back if he can finish. MLK is not exactly tearing it up this year. Taafe is a beast at CPA.
  13. zizoufan

    best juniors

    Why is Johnson playing sweeper if he is an exceptional forward? You appear to have a strong sophomore class and a couple of good seniors, not familiar with your juniors.
  14. I was not complaining, and am sorry my post was taken that way. I did not attack MJ's rankings. My sole disagreement was the absence of Ravenwood from Week 5, which I doubt was a purposeful omission. I for one am terribly sorry to hear that MJ now has a life, and hope he will not use that as an excuse to discontinue his efforts. My only point was that ranking teams early in the season is a pretty hopeless task, especially when many don't play each other or even have common opponents. You are bound to get some pretty dramatic movement from week to week as a result. Nonetheless, I think all of us enjoy the list, especially those who find fault in it. In the meantime, I would like to know the identity of the missing #13 in A/AA.
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