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  1. BarcaFan

    Bad Publicity

    Coaches are the first line of defense with sportsmanship. If players aren't led by example, not drilled on the importance of it and the privilege they have in being able to play, anything can happen. You have to be willing as a coach to address any team problem and any player no matter how important that player may be to your program. Great coaches head off potential problems in constructive ways and don't let them linger.
  2. BarcaFan

    A trend in high school soccer

    Overton has been strong for a few years now and Antioch has some great talent. Cane Ridge seems like the biggest surprise to me this year.
  3. BarcaFan

    AAA this season

    Thanks Willie! It seems this has become a secondary posting board with Eurosportscoreboard taking the principal role but still updating scores seems fragmented at best.
  4. BarcaFan

    AAA this season

    What is going on with Tennessee HS? I see 2 game scores for them this season.
  5. BarcaFan

    AAA this season

    What is going on with Tennessee HS? I see 2 game scores for them this season.
  6. BarcaFan

    Bearden Tournament results

    CAK vs Hendersonville - 2-1. Great game and effort by both teams. Hendersonville controlled possession but had limited offensive opportunities as CAK defenders were always where they were supposed to be. CAK in the attacking third was beautiful swift, thought out, and clean. Only lack of possession by CAK and tremendous effort by the Hendersonville defense and keeper prevented more scoring.
  7. BarcaFan


    What teams are participating?
  8. BarcaFan

    AAA this season

    I have seen a number of scrimmages in the mid-state and most teams looked pretty rusty so far with the exception of Father Ryan. They looked real good in the attacking third.
  9. BarcaFan

    Playoffs to Regions

    I heard Brentwood/Ravenwood tied 2-2 but no update on the final score.
  10. BarcaFan

    AAA rankings are updated

    Fab 50 National Rankings as of May 12th. Hardin Valley - 6 McCallie School - 14 Science Hill - 21 Houston - 22 Christian Brothers - 23 Farragut - 34 MBA - 37 Oak Ridge - 45
  11. BarcaFan

    Playoffs to Regions

    Tks PJM! I would love to have been at that game.
  12. BarcaFan

    Playoffs to Regions

    Thanks PJM. Any word on Ravenwood/Antioch?
  13. BarcaFan

    Playoffs to Regions

  14. BarcaFan

    Playoffs to Regions

    Anyone know the results of region 6 AAA matches?
  15. BarcaFan

    Playoffs to Regions

    Seems we don't have a good thread for playoff conversations. I keep bouncing around to find anything out. East, Mid, and West please put your playoff conversations here.