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  1. 5A- 150/160 6A- 110/160 Total- 260/320 End of Round One I still have 7/8 Semifinalist left 5A- Title Game Total Points- 45 6A- Title Game Total Points- 28
  2. 5A Quad 1: 1st Round: Tennessee, Daniel Boone, Knox Catholic, Sullivan South 2nd Round: Tennessee and Sullivan South Quaterfinals: Tennessee Quad 2: 1st Round: Columbia, Hillsboro, Anderson Co., Clinton 2nd Round: Columbia and Clinton Quaterfinals: Columbia Quad 3: 1st Round: Henry County, Gallatin, Hendersonville, Beech 2nd Round: Henry County and Hendersonville Quaterfinals: Henry County Quad 4: 1st Round: Lawrence Co., Mitchell, Hardin Co., Melrore 2nd Round: Mitchell and Hardin Co. Quaterfinals: Mitchell Quad 1/2 Semi: Tennessee Quad 3/4 Semi: Henry Co. State Champion: Henry County 6A Quad 1: 1st Round: Bearden, Ootlewah, McMinn Co., Maryville 2nd Round: Ootlewah and Maryville Quaterfinals: Maryville Quad 2: 1st Round: Blackmon, Riverdale, Cookeville, Mount Juliet 2nd Round: Riverdale and Mount Juliet Quaterfinals: Riverdale Quad 3: 1st Round: Independence, Overton, Hunter Lane, Brentwood 2nd Round: Overton and Brentwood Quaterfinals: Brentwood Quad 4: 1st Round: Germantown, Wooddale, Brighton, and White Station 2nd Round: Germantown and White Station Quaterfinals: Germantown Quad 1/2 Semi: Riverdale Quad 3/4 Semi: Brentwood State Champion: Riverdale
  3. does anyone have pictures of the stadium?
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