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  1. mrh11

    Rankings Week 7/8

    ECS beat Memphis Central tonight 3-1 to remain undefeated. Big game from Emmanuel Wilson, who had a goal and 2 assists. Also a big one for defender Matt Kessler. Kessler has a massive throw-in, and on the first goal he threw one near post, where Wilson flicked it on and Chandler Gagnon headed it in from about 6 yards out. Central equalized a few minutes later with a chip from the midfield that found an onside forward who was left for offside, and he finished the one-on-one. Halftime was 1-1, and there weren't many close goal chances and possession was about even. In the second half, Kessler had a throw from the left side, and this time he launched it to the back post, where it beat the keeper and Wilson got the slightest touch to allow the goal. From there, ECS dominated the rest of the game as Central pushed 3 forward to try to equalize. After some nice team passing down the left a little later, Wilson put in a perfect cross and Andrew Van de Voort finished with his head from close range Van de Voort now has about 35 goals on the year and has been phenomenal all-around. Central's center midfielder is very talented, and they also have about 2 really strong and faster defenders who put in some excellent tackles.
  2. mrh11

    4/29 Game of the Day: Kingsbury vs ECS

    Big game! I wish I could make it out, but it's exam week and there not enough time in the day. I predict ECS wins 2-1, but it should be a good one.
  3. mrh11

    So, is it a goal???

    I'm a Liverpool fan, so I'm going to just go ahead and change the subject. It's been a rough season for us Reds fans. Just saw this MLS miss yesterday. Incredible: http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/sp ... ntury.html
  4. mrh11

    Memphis Commercial Appeal Dandy Dozen 4/15

    I missed the game, but just heard ECS beat Christian Brothers 2-1 tonight. That's a huge win. Despite tying 2 games and having several weaker teams on the schedule, ECS still hasn't lost a game has beaten CBHS and St. George's.
  5. mrh11

    DII Soccer

    Massive game tonight: St. George's at ECS, 7:00. Should be a good one.
  6. mrh11

    Memphis Commercial Appeal Dandy Dozen 3/31

    FINAL: ECS 3, White Station 3. This was a really entertaining game. 0-0 at half, and WS had the edge. WS came out and scored within a minute in the 2nd half, and then put in another in about 5 minutes. They made it 3-0 a bit later and the game looked over, but ECS went with 3 strikers and bounced back. Van der Voort flicked in a nice goal from about 12 out, and Gagnon ripped one a little later from about 20 out to make it 3-2. ECS kept pressing, and Van der Voort finally tied it up with less than 5 to play when he out-muscled 2 defenders and finished nicely into the corner. White Station is really tough and will do well this year. ECS started slow, but they looked really dangerous in attack once they decided to turn it on.
  7. mrh11

    Memphis Commercial Appeal Dandy Dozen 3/31

    ECS takes on White Station this Thursday at Mike Rose. It will be a good game and we should start to be able to see how well these 2 could do this year.
  8. mrh11

    Knoxville News Sentinel Soccer Preview

    G, way to schedule Farragut for Senior Night. I like it; win or lose, your seniors will finish up with a big crowd, fantastic atmosphere, and a hard-fought game. What a way to go out!
  9. mrh11

    Graduated Seniors

    kerr from mccallie is going to king
  10. mrh11

    Division I Championship

    Congrats to the Catholic Boys!!! You did what my Irish teams couldn't do (as Hoya knows) in finishing the job and getting a state title. You should be proud to be the first soccer champion and hopefully there will be another next year! The alumni are all very proud!
  11. mrh11

    Bearden v Farragut State Finals

    Thanks for the link... The back heel goal was really nice, and wow that free kick was a rip! Tarr's 2nd goal in the other game wasn't bad either.
  12. mrh11

    CAK vs Hume Fogg predictions

    G, I know you will not take them for granted, that's why I think it will be a 3-0 win for you.
  13. With 2 goals, sounds like he did just that, huh?
  14. mrh11

    CAK vs Hume Fogg predictions

    Let's be honest, Hume Fogg basically has no chance. CAK 3-0
  15. mrh11

    Notre Dame vs. Catholic

    Catholic will win 2-0