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  1. From what I understand, the 2 MJ players not playing next year are Nolan Chowbay and Zac Anderson...just from what I heard. I don't know the reasons why they're not playing.
  2. Good comments from all...just really hate it for the Siegel kid after such a good season and career. And second year in a row that this has happened before this game...makes one wonder if God plays favorites. But I commend everybody on their faith...so much stronger than mine. Good luck to all involved this Friday.
  3. It's always good when injuries are not severe, and glad the Maryville player's prayers were answered. But it's unfortunate that the Siegel QB's prayers were not answered. Where was God for him? As if Maryville needed any more breaks. It would've been nice to at least see a competitive game.
  4. What and where was this camp for middle schoolers that just finished?
  5. Does anybody have any suggestions for some good basketball camps in the Middle TN area to help a 13-yr-old boy to improve his skills this summer? Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  6. What will the new stadium look like? Will it be larger than the old one, and will the stands still just be on one side?
  7. Who are some of the promising new faces from spring practice expected to help next year?
  8. I assume that Hillsboro, being the great program that they are, will be good for years to come. What players do they have returning next year, and who do they lose off this year's team?
  9. Who does Hillsboro lose this year, and who do they have coming back year? What class is the Defensive MVP of the game today in (Bryant)?
  10. Hillsboro, Congratulations on your win today! Great game! What players do you lose this year, and who do you have coming back next year? What kind of team does Hillsboro expect to have next year?
  11. Who are the Maryville quarterbacks in the upcoming senior, junior, sophomore, and freshman classes? Who projects to be the upcoming standouts at the position, and what are each qb's positive attributes?
  12. Is the Clinton QB transferring to Maryville as was mentioned in an earlier post? Who else is transferring to Maryville?
  13. Does anyone have any suggestions or recommendations for any good basketball camps or clinics for an 11-year old boy to attend in Middle or East Tennessee during the summer? I'm looking for some that give good individualized instruction. Any suggestions would be welcomed. Thanks.
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